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[vid 2016] CODE ORANGE! A Clockwork Ultra: CIA False Flag Agenda

Published on 17 Jun 2016

keep your ears to the ground... theres ALWAYS more to the story than the Royal Dutch House of Orange (windsors, saxo coburg gotha) are paying for you to see. the #PULSE night club was on #ORANGE avenue.. dead giveaway who was behind the shooting, ORANGE AND PURPLE is the CALLING CARD of the royal elitist ORANGE House of Death! the ORANGE WARNING, CODE ORANGE in the DHS state of emergency level terror threat. dont forget that the Bataclan Theater, Paris shooting massacre was ALSO ORANGE DISTRICT which was owned by two zionist jews who sold the place on SEPTEMBER 11 BEFORE THE ATTACKS! #Orlando, Florida is in ORANGE county! 


A little more than a week before the massacre, there was an online effort to highlight the widespread problem of gun violence noted with the hashtag #WearOrange, which was supported by "hundreds of thousands of Americans," including numerous celebrities, from R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe (sync "Orange Crush") to actress Susan Sarandon to Spike lee lighting up the EMPIRE State building ORANGE FOR GUN CONTROL!! There is this orange link to gun violence now."


In the United States, the Homeland Security Advisory System was a color-coded #terrorism threat advisory scale. The different levels triggered specific actions by federal agencies and state and local governments, and they affected the level of security at some airports and other public facilities. It was often called the "terror alert level" by the U.S. media. guess what color we're in.... ORANGE ALERT!

"There is also another notable ORANGE County - the one located in southern California and home of Anaheim and Disneyland, also known as the "Magic Kingdom," just as the other #Disney resort nicknamed "Magic Kingdom" is in ORANGE County, Florida.

The ska-punk-pop band No Doubt, led by Gwen Stefani, named their breakthrough 1995 album Tragic Kingdom, as a cynical play on the name "Magic Kingdom," while also including a cover image of the band in an ORANGE grove and Stefani holding a fly-ridden, rotten ORANGE. The band presents itself as a spoiled "product." The slogan "Bought and sold out in U.S.A." can be seen on the album cover as well. Syncing with No Doubt is the ska-punk band Save Ferris. This band was formed in 1995 when Tragic Kingdom was released - in ORANGE County, California, of course." 

One of the key (and great) songs on Tragic Kingdom (also the title of a Red Dirt Report column about this massacre by Scott J. Hamilton), is "Sunday Morning." The events at the Pulse nightclub in ORlando took place on Sunday morning, June 12, 2016. "

And make note that this is right when theyre pushing all the hype for the movie "The PURGE: Election Year"
which is propaganda for "chaos," (the antithesis of anarchy) which i remeber EXACTLY when the last movie of the series "the purge: anarchy" came out, social media was hashtagging "the #purge is happening etc etc" all spurred by #CIA's branch of Hollywood false flag propaganda to the point where police nationwide were on ORANGE ALERT issuing threats that if "anyone was caught on the streets" to "carry out the purge..."

police were so hightened by the trauma programming that something happened and an innocent black man was murdered by police on the streets and that was the initiation of the entire #Ferguson shooting protests and chaos. ALL CREATED AND STARTED BY HOLLYWOOD AND THE CIA'S CAREFUL PSY-OPS with first the movie "the purge" and then the blurring of social media with reality, making people think "the purge" was actually happening, which ITS NOT! ITS ALL HOLLYWOOD MK ULTRA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL. -____- 

AND THEN, coming up in august we need to be vigilant and sober for their next hightened terror programming which is the movie "Suicide Squad" which has MK Ultra trauma based terror written all over it.

see this documentary series by Christopher Lord for complete esoteric understanding of the calling cards.

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source videos: nicholson1968 "was all a psyop u c"

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