The Orgonite Effect

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By Karen Sawyer and Pat Reynolds

I 'discovered' orgonite when a random series of events and synchronicities led me to meet one of my now very dear friends, Pat Reynolds. Pat had not long since moved into our neighbourhood in rural Wales. (To give you more of an idea we only had 7 neighbours; the chances of someone like Pat moving virtually next door were even more remote than the location.) Until then, I had never even heard of the stuff! But I had heard of scientist Wilhelm Reich and his Orgone energy Kate Bush once famously sang about his Cloudbusting machine, in which he used Orgone technology to make it rain. (Read about Wilhelm Reich on page 24.)
The evening before my first encounter with Orgonite, I was interviewing someone for a book I was writing (entitled Soul Companions) in which I spoke with 45 individuals from varying spiritual backgrounds to talk about their guides and allies. On this particular occasion, I had been physically sick during the telephone interview. It was very embarrassing but just as equally perplexing... I wasn't unwell beforehand, and I was perfectly fine afterwards. I couldn't explain it.
The following afternoon, I was pottering about in my driveway minding my own business when a car pulled up. A tall, smiley lady with a mass of unruly brown curls introduced herself as Pat, my new neighbour. We talked about all sorts of things and, inevitably, the conversation turned to my previous night's experience. Immediately, Pat went to her car and, after some rummaging around, appeared with my very first piece of Orgonite. "This is for you," she said, handing me a humble-looking brownish 'blob' while quickly explaining that, unlikely as it seemed, it was a negative-positive energy transformer. I didn't know what to think but, nevertheless, I kept that piece of Orgonite with me during all my subsequent interviews and never had any problems after that.
Orgonite, which is made from resin, crystals and metals, has the ability to take on the negative energy output of any device and transmute it into positive energy leaving us once again to experience life in an undisturbed environment. It is especially useful for combating 'electro smog', as it helps clear negative output from any human technological device this electrical interference permeates our surroundings at home and also in the environment, where we have an increasing array of pylons and towers (HAARP, Tetra, Wi-Fi, Microwaves, etc.) no matter where we go or where we live. Anything within a two mile radius of us is usually affecting us in some way.
After that, I suppose my family became Orgonite 'guinea-pigs'... you see, Pat actually makes Orgonite. She would experiment with new ingredients and leave these pieces with us. In the early days,we often had very intense emotional reactions in the week following the arrival of every new piece and it soon became evident that the level of 'clearing' was being 'amped-up' with each new addition. I noted that the neighbours (it was a semi-detached house) seemed to be similarly affected. It became quite intense, to the point when I became very nervous about Pat coming to visit! At the same time, it was very thrilling to experience how something so simple could have such a profound affect on its environment. (I once experienced first-hand the ability of Pat's Orgonite to completely silence a man who never shut up!) Orgonite is definitely something that needs to be experienced in order to be understood. It tackles many things on both the physical and the subtle levels.
Orgonite is made from a wide variety of ingredients and comes in many forms from beautiful spheres and cylinders to personal pieces for wearing, travelling with, or carrying in a pocket. For chemically and electrically sensitive people there is even a new range of Orgonite sealed in quartz crystal.
The Tree of Life clinic in Southampton run by Rosie Chapman has tested Orgonite on people and has proved that the moment they have a piece in their hands their life force increases and their energetic balance returns to normal. She has made a remedy from Orgonite to treat electrically sensitive people.
More and more people are experimenting the world over with Orgonite in many different ways from using it in their gardens and yielding wonderful plants and vegetables as a result, to space-clearing in the home. One person who was a total sceptic about Orgonite became convinced that it worked after seeing one gifted plant double in size compared to others planted at the same time. It is used outdoors 'Wilhelm Reich style' to remove chemtrails; these large pieces of Orgonite have copper pipes protruding from the top and are often called 'Chembusters'.
One of the loveliest things about Orgonite is that there is a huge 'gifting programme' Gifters simply give it away wherever it is needed. I have heard many funny tales of people sneaking around off-limits in order to bury or hide Orgonite in locations that require a burst of positive energy... especially alongside tetramasts and other disturbing energy fields and EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies). I like to imagine that Orgonite can powerfully transform that mobile phone mast into one pulsing vibration of positivity spreading the love instead of electromagnetism! Hmmm... perhaps that's why my mobile phone signal is so affected these days...?
Orgonite also seems able to speed processes up. This can be viewed as negative or as very positive.  We are often very embedded in our lives and, although we know we need to change things, we ramble on through the years putting up with things that have long since reached their sell-by date. Orgonite can be the rocket fuel that propels us into making changes right now instead of ten years down the line.
There are many strange tales among the Gifters of sudden changes and happenings around 'gifted' areas. Some report remarkable changes in people, where they suddenly seem to 'wake up' and totally change their lives for the better. One Gifter placed a piece of Orgonite down a pole on a street corner in London. Only five minutes later, there was a police car chase with sirens heard in the distance. The chase ended up with the car that was being chased ramming into that exact pole with the Orgonite!
Gifters have also reported that Orgonite helps those that are dying to move on and those that are dead to release their spirit into the light. Some Gifters have found that once their area where they live has been thoroughly gifted, they themselves have to move to another area almost as if they have no choice just so that another area in need is 'gifted' too.
Animals also benefit from Orgonite. A Gifter told the story of a farm near where they lived. The farm was not looking after its cows and as they were moved from one field along the lane and into another field, the motorists in the lane would have to watch the cows hobbling along, some painfully thin and others with bad foot infections. Gifters are always on the lookout for ways to help and this was a perfect opportunity. The farm was thoroughly 'gifted' one dark night and within weeks the cows started picking up. A few months later the cows were looking healthy and shiny with no hobbling, thinness or illness. 'Gifting' is done from the heart with the intention of helping all beings and the planet. A silent, secret gift that gives hope to many people.