Luciferian symbology

London Zion 2012 (Part 1) by Rik Clay  13: Chakras in the UK Passport - Sealed with Pentagrams

NOTE. This blog does not insinuate the spiritual chakra system is Satanic, but it does reveal that the chakra system hidden from view in the UK passport is sealed with the sign of Satan.

To further my investigation into British Royalty and the symbolism of the New World Order, I would like to draw your attention to this image.

Found in the UK Passport issued in 1998, on a page entitled "This page is reserved for official observations, if any" followed by the French equivalent and "(11)"

This image means nothing to joe public, but the designers surely meant something by this

Now for the interesting part... I'm sure you're all familiar with the spiritual chakra system:

Look at the descending order of the chakras and remember the specific locations of the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra. Observe this:

The heart and solar plexus, are perfectly defined with a heart shape and a bright star, as are the remaining 5 chakra's of the body.

Remember that 11:11x11:11 = 1234321. Why is there a random number 11 on this page?

And to complete the design, we have not one, but two 5 sided pentagonal flowers. In between the flower petals are 5 angular points... join the dots and you have two pentagrams - the seal of Satan!

So as a full image interpretation, you have a human chakra system on an observations page in the UK Passport containing the number 11, sealed by two pentagrams, the sign of Satan. This design can also be found on the passport photo, as the hologram, where the seal of Satan sits appropriately on your third eye chakra.

If you have read my previous post deciphering the British Coat Of Arms (found on the front of the UK Passport) you may be starting to wake up! Since when did the UKGovernment and Monarchy acknowledge the chakra system in the first place? Never..