Police and Vaccination
Police  Vaccination Racket

 I have been targeted and singled out by the Metropolitan Police because I have challenged the accuracy of Shaken Baby Syndrome. ~ Dr Waney Squier

[2016 Dec] Dr. Waney Squier Speaks out on Faulty Shaken Baby Science Used to Condemn the Innocent ''It was soon after I was reported in April 2010 that I realized what had been going on because the police who reported me, two of the policemen, the head of the Metropolitan Police Child Abuse Squad, went over to a big shaken baby convention in the United States and gave a lecture; he gave a detailed account of what he was doing in this country to increase rates of conviction. And essentially what he described was a campaign to get rid of defence experts who bring science into the courtroom because it confuses the juries, we would report them to their regulatory bodies, we would report them to the Human Tissue Authority. And he described that hed had meetings with several doctors and lawyers and so on and members of the Crown Prosecution Service and that they had made every attempt to get rid of defence experts in these cases.''    ~ Dr Waney Squier

POLICE SERGEANT CHRIS SAVAGE BLOWS LID ON VACCINE CRIMES IN AUSTRALIA!!   I was in the Queensland Police Service for 20 years and I saw first hand how the vaccines caused death and the police would investigate, and while supported by the medical system would prosecute the parents for the injuries and death caused by the vaccines. Chris Savage, Queensland Police officer (Jim Stone, Editor 5/2/2012)

[2016 Africa] Police sit on cases of vaccine-related deaths  MORE than 13 cases of deaths related to vaccines administered to children dating from 2007 which were submitted to the police for inquests, are yet to be investigated.

[2011] Met accused of 'campaign' against shaken baby witnesses