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The Militarization of U.S. Police: Finally Dragged Into the Light by the Horrors of Ferguson

The sinister Marc Dutroux cover-up

[2015 June] Police 'complicit in radicalisation' of missing sisters, claim family lawyers

Police brutality compilation from Barton Moss (NEW)

[2013 feb] “100% certain”: 9/11 author was killed in black ops hit by Dr. Kevin Barrett   According to Madsen, all of Marshall’s neighbors believe it was a professional murder, not the murder-suicide claimed by corrupt local police, who have presumably been told what to do and say by higher authorities working on behalf of “national security.”....According to Madsen, Marshall had stated that he was holding explosive information that would be revealed in his next book. The repeated professional-clean-ups of Marshall’s house after the murder suggest that the killers, and the agency or agencies employing them, were looking for a specific piece of evidence or information. (Marshall’s computer mysteriously disappeared after the killings, and its whereabouts remain unknown.)

Cops conducting target practice on images of children and pregnant women

[2012 Nov] Award-winning journalist who helped expose the North Wales child abuse scandal calls for a proper police investigation   Like other residents, Steven described being abused by a senior police officer who often visited Bryn Estyn. He sometimes gave him money afterwards...... "In the home it was the standard abuse which was violent and sexual. Outside it was like you were sold, we were taken to the Crest Hotel in Wrexham, mainly on Sunday nights, where they would rent rooms.  "One particular night I always recall is when I was basically raped, tied down, and abused by nine different men."
....Victims say that a key figure in North Wales police was an abuser too and led a cover-up, while social services ignored complaints, victimised concerned staff, and aggressively suppressed 12 increasingly critical inquiry reports.  The outstandingly brave chairman of the council's social services committee, Labour councillor Malcolm King, was threatened by police, the council and their insurers with prison, bankruptcy, libel suits and forfeiting his home if he leaked the final devastating report by John Jillings to the Press.


Filkin report "The Ethical Issues Arising from the Relationship Between Police and Media" could also be applied to Whitehall and the Intelligence Agencies

[2011 Dec] Police Prepared To Murder To Conceal Corruption Says NOTW Journalist  my own attempts to expose institutionalised corruption inside Nottinghamshire ‘Police’ have convinced me that bent cops will do anything to conceal their crimes and that includes murder.  Trying to expose police corruption in Britain is a mammoth task. The press are not interested in exposing bent cops and News International have never been in that business. The Home Office are just as bad and always take the side of their police puppets. The IPCC has a proven track record as a professional whitewash brigade and the public can have no faith in that exoneration ‘service’

[2011 Dec] TRADING STANDARDS KNEW ABOUT POLICE CORRUPTION BUT REFUSED TO OPEN INVESTIGATION  Trading Standards in Nottinghamshire had inside information for a year that Notts Police officers were involved in a hardcore pornography racket but they refused to investigate.

[2011 Nov] ‘Operation Strikeback’ targets police, political and press corruption  In late 1999 and early 2000, 19 police officers were arrested in anti-corruption swoops and it was revealed one regional crime squad officer had been selling restricted police intelligence to drug-dealers in Eastwood. Armed with this information, one notorious dealer, emptied his safe of drugs, money and a firearm before he was raided early the next morning......Situated in London, I took dossiers of information to MI5 at Thames House detailing police corruption. There was no way on this earth Notts Police could be trusted to ‘investigate’, expose and eradicate corruption in their own ranks. But MI5 and the Home Office seemed content to leave the corrupt officers in situ and thought demoting Andrew Browning was sufficient. If the officers were left in situ to maintain a watching brief on their activities that is acceptable but if not what does that tell the public? I was offered no thanks for my work and more importantly no protection. MI5 refused to be drawn on the problem of police corruption and how to deal with it. I was warned by a police officer in January not to trust MI5 or the police. His opinion was that they were not interested in exposing another corruption scandal at Notts Police and I was not surprised.

[2011 Aug] Freemasons in the police leading the attack on David Cameron's riot response   The lodge is based at 10 Duke Street in central London, which is also the headquarters of the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree, one of the most important and mysterious bodies in international Masonic circles, which has an elite membership of only 75 people.  The building, known as Grand East by Masons, contains the "Black Room", the "Red Room" and a "Chamber of Death", used for Masonic rituals.


[2011 June] Phone-hacking scandal: Jonathan Rees obtained information using dark arts   Freemason set up network of corrupt police, customs officials, taxmen and bank staff to gain valuable information.  Years ago, Jonathan Rees became a freemason. According to journalists and investigators who worked with him, he then exploited his link with the lodges to meet masonic police officers who illegally sold him information which he peddled to Fleet Street.  As one of Britain's most prolific merchants of secrets, Rees expanded his network of sources by recruiting as his business partner Sid Fillery, a detective sergeant from the Metropolitan Police. Fillery added more officers to their network. Rees also boasted of recruiting corrupt Customs officers, a corrupt VAT inspector and two corrupt bank employees.

[2011 Aug UK] THIS CASE NEEDS EXPOSURE TO HELP PROTECT  "Commonly know as Girlgye"

[Abuse of power] http://www.ianpuddick.com/

[2011 Dec] Barbara Farris | Family Courts Allow Sexual Abuse for Profit in PORN   The following summaries are a few selected samples of real California Family Law cases (catogorized by county), in which children are taken away from safe parents, and forced to live with abusive parents. Is this because the abuser is offered money to film his sexual abuse against the child so the judicial system gets a kick back. All involved would be local police, judges, children services, attorneys and even medical examinars.

[vid 2011. Aug] Savage cops, crooked DA In Fullerton, it takes six police officer savagely beating a harmless and unarmed man to death for no reason on camera and in full public view.

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[Aileen Wuornos] Aileen Wuornos 1  [whale]

[2009] G20 police 'used undercover men to incite crowds'

[2008] Satanic child abuse and the police

[2008] 'I have known about Jersey paedophiles for 15 years,' says award-winning journalist  He had uncovered a vicious child sex ring, with victims in both Britain and the Channel Islands, and he wanted me to get his information to police abuse specialists in London.  Incredibly, he claimed that his superiors had barred him from alerting them.

[1997] PUBLIC FIGURES NAMED IN PAEDOPHILE RING   Policemen, social workers and prominent public figures have been accused of belonging to a paedophile ring which indulged in a relentless campaign of physical and sexual abuse in children's homes in North Wales. The names of the alleged members of the ring have been given by witnesses in public sessions of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal, but they have been suppressed by the tribunal's chairman, Sir Ronald Waterhouse QC, who has threatened the media with High Court proceedings if they print them.


But let’s return to that awful 1995, when in August two more girls, 17-year-old An Marchal and 19-year-old Eefie Lambreckk, went missing during a vacation to seaside town Ostende. The police there treated the worried parents with scorn after they registered their disappearance and mockingly said the girls were probably out somewhere on an “adventure”.  They neglected to mention that two of their officers were part of that adventure. In 2004, Dutroux claimed in court that two police officers had assisted him with this kidnapping......Operation Othello, the watching of his house, had been called off by police officer Rene Michaux.   This man had been down to the dungeon himself and heard the screams of the two then-alive girls. He had ignored and even hushed up the screams, according to the locksmith who accompanied him. Years later in court, Michaux claimed that he thought the cries were coming from outside, in the street!  The face of this sinister police officer bears that strange flicker of evil that paedophiles are prone to exhibit. He played a central role in keeping attention away from Dutroux when the latter started abducting girls. By calling off the watching of his house, he kept up his good work by clearing the way for Dutroux to continue.    The sinister Marc Dutroux cover-up

The vast majority of Freemasons are not Satanists or child abusers, but there is a far greater ratio of them in secret societies like the Masons, than outside. How can you have confidence in justice therefore when, for instance, the Manor of St James’s Freemasonry Lodge, No 9179, consists of the leading operational police officers from all the major units of London’s Metropolitan Police, including the Anti-Terrorist Squad, Fraud Squad, and the Complaints Investigations Branch which is supposed to investigate allegations of police wrong-doing! The St James’s Lodge further includes senior figures from the Home Office, judiciary, and the Directorate of Public Prosecutions, which decides if a person will or will not be prosecuted. The whole system of investigation, prosecution, and trial, or the suppression of them, can be achieved by members of this one lodge working together. What chance has a child got against that? Chapter 15- Satan’s Children

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