Prince Andrew

Part 50 - The Sodomite Gateway - Princess Beatrice's Royal Wedding Hat - Isis and the "On Ya" Chakra

[2012 Sept] Names of the powerful often misrepresent their real progeny  I always thought Euan resembled Cherie's lover Derry Irvine more than he ever did her husband.  Very few photos of him reach the media, which is odd for someone so famous and about to become a public figure.....Some sources say that Blair's own progeny is connected to another well-known line.  He is never allowed to appear in public alongside Prince Andrew for some reason.  As they smile they look like twins.  Andrew is not a full brother of the others, according to many sources.

Prince Andrew's billionaire paedophile friend given permission to land private jet at RAF base for visit Sandringham

Look alikes  Blair, Tony , Prince Andrew and Prince Charles

Epstein, Jeffrey

Prince Andrew (left) and Azerbaijan president Ilham Aliyev (right) during a meeting in 2009