Religious belief

[Religion is based on belief, not knowing which is a true spiritual quality.]

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CHRISTIANS BELIEVE that there is one God who caused all creation to happen and who remains involved with the life of his world. We believe that the world was created good, and that evil and suffering have entered it because of humanity's tendency to turn away from God. We believe that, particularly through his calling of a Chosen People and the witness of many individuals, God continually tries to bring his world back to himself.  Christians believe that God became human in the person Jesus of Nazareth who is the best 'picture' of God we can get. Jesus was born to a Jewish family at the beginning of the first millennium. After what we presume was a normal childhood and the beginnings of a working career, he began a short but extraordinary ministry.  Jesus proclaimed that God's Kingdom has already arrived and is to be found in the way people lead their lives: in the qualities of love, compassion, and forgiveness in the way of sacrifice and self-offering. These are the hallmarks of God, and therefore of his Kingdom."--Hereford Cathedral leaflet (2011)

Even Richard Dawkins has no clue, only a 'belief', hence the word 'probably'.