Renee Salt
Eye Witnesses

[2016 June] Holocaust Lies: Horror Fiction Presented as Fact (Part 2)  Here, finally, is Holocaust survivor Renee Salt (pictured), spinning a story so preposterous that one can’t help wondering how Tucker can have kept a straight face while relating it. Let’s cut to the chase and narrate the story briefly.

Renee finds herself in the Lodz ghetto with her father. The Nazis arrive. Renee’s father has a gold ring on his finger. It has been stuck fast to his finger for years. His finger has grown too fat and there’s no way the ring can be removed, even with soap. An SS soldier eyes the ring covetously and orders Renee’s father to hand it over.

Needless to say, it can’t be done. “Fetch me a knife!” growls the evil Nazi, grinding his teeth with rage. Mein Gott, what a beast!

And then, unbelievably, a miracle occurs in front of everyone’s eyes: the ring decides to take action!  It literally leaps off the finger, freeing itself from captivity, and rolls across the ground … coming to a halt just near the evil Nazi’s boot. Ach du meine Güte, talk about miracles never ceasing!

Let’s hear it in Renee’s own words:

“Now I didn’t see many miracles during the Holocaust, but as he finished saying these few words [‘Give me your ring!’] the ring on its own, without any prompting, rolled off the finger so loosely as though it would have been at least five sizes too big, and stopped at the SS man’s feet.”  (See here)

Renee Salt’s miraculous Holocaust story was brought to my attention by a trusted correspondent who claimed it had been plagiarized from a 62-minute Tom and Jerry cartoon, “The Magic Ring” (2002).

My correspondent writes:

“This Holocaust Survivor story is tailor-made for schoolchildren. It’s just the kind of fanciful fairy tale likely to appeal to a classroom of gullible kids.

All the main motifs of Renee Salt’s Holocaust story are to be found faithfully replicated in the Tom and Jerry cartoon: (1) a magic ring; (2) a finger on which the ring is stuck; (3) someone trying to steal the ring; (4) futile attempts to remove the ring from the finger; and finally (5) the ring succeeds in self-expanding and miraculously frees itself from the finger.

Here is the account in Wikipedia:

“Tom hears his master Chip coming and tries to get the ring off, but to no avail. Chip, believing that Tom attempted to steal his ring, chases after him out of the house, where the ring falls off Tom’s finger…”

I will leave it to the reader to decide if five such striking similarities between Renee Salt’s Holocaust story and the 62-minute Tom & Jerry Disney cartoon (see HERE) constitute plagiarism or are purely coincidental.