Satanism (Newtown)

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   What is the Church of Satan and How Do I Get Involved?
   The Church of Satan was founded by Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, April 30th
   1966 c.e. It was the first church based on the celebration of carnal
   indulgences and pursuit of material happiness and success. (In
   contrast to "spiritual enlightenment" and union with "God"). It was
   literally meant as an eye-opener for those who would choose to cast
   out false morality and blind faith, so to see with their own eyes and
   think with their own minds, so that the human race could grow more
   aware of itself rather than being clouded in self-righteous,
   hypocritical deceit.
   Satanists are driven to be leaders;  they are strong and ambitious
   individuals who are masters of the world and of themselves.  Our
   movement will enlighten those who act as predators, seeking material
   rewards and victories as their needs meet.  Likewise, it will leave
   passive, non-thinkers to be enslaved in an increasingly demanding
   world that they would naturally have to face regardlessly.
   We do not favor trends or popular fanaticism because we can observe
   for ourselves how those who partake in such behaviors are constantly
   proven to fall into a mediocre category; always needing to be given
   detailed instructions on how they should conduct themselves and how to
   think.  Television is their God. Satanists are above that.  We
   represent the minority of free-thinkers and innovators who constantly
   pop-up in history as leaders, inventors, and "wise-men" of their time.
   Obviously there are many calling themselves Satanists these days who
   cannot and will not ever meet this standard.  Satanism is a religion
   enshrouded in mystery, and the arcane aspects of it are indeed to our
   advantage.  However, this sparks a temptation many times in the worst
   candidates for our elitist movement, a temptation to try joining our
   ranks and then consequently suffering their own folly while thinking
   that they are receiving worthwhile attention.  One of the most
   unmistakable ways to recognize a pseudo-Satanist is that they commonly
   make a self-initiated claim to the position of "Priest", "Magister" or
   "Magus" long before the subject is suited or capable of handling such
   a role.  These labels represent a high-rank within our meritocracy,
   and they cannot be misused. The pseudo-Satanist will aspire to this
   position usually without any experience, credentials, reputation or
   talent.  A real Satanist doesn't concern himself with becoming a
   Priest.  A real Satanist pursues happiness and success, and if they
   are fortunate enough to be ordained by the Church of Satan, then so be
   it.  Other wise, there are many other achievements to aspire to in
   life and Satanists in various occupations are just as respected for
   their own victories.
   The Church of Satan was, is, and will always be the first above-ground
   organization ever established in the name of a religion called
   Satanism.  It is advisable to check with any resources or persons what
   their feelings are for the Church of Satan and the work of Anton LaVey
   before accepting their authority.  There is more inaccurate
   information on the internet, and in other resources, about Satanism
   than there is accurate information, and that is probably going to
   remain a reality for a while, until real Satanists have achieved
   enough momentum to overpower the reign of falsities, as we most
   certainly will. Since we let everyone stand or fall on their own
   merit, we don't get directly in their way. However, we do not tolerate
   unqualified, self-ordained spokespersons and never will, so this
   information is an important way of filtering them out.  Real Satanists
   will never become the majority.  This is not a world with many leaders
   and only a couple of followers. Nature's ineffable logic has never
   made it that way for quite valid reasons.
   The principles of the Satanic Bible, and the Satanic movement of the
   Church of Satan DO NOT condone:  neo-nazism, racism, child sacrifice,
   animal sacrifice, child molestation, mandatory sex orgies, kidnapping,
   or illegal drugs. All of these things either consist of or are in
   themselves exemplatory of compulsive, irrational behavior which is not
   desirable for the healthy lifestyle of Satanism. Let Christians who
   don't know what to do with themselves out of abnormal self-denial and
   neurosis abuse their altar boys - we don't need them anymore!
   Church of Satan: PO Box 210666 San Francisco, CA 94121
   If you would like to recieve an official information packet on our
   Church of Satan outpost in Connecticut, (AKA Church of Tiamat) or if
   you have questions, write to:
    Curtis M. LeBlanc []
   PO Box 3184 Newtown, CT 06470