Saudi Arabia


King Fahd

Saudi Royal Family is Jewish! King and Prince are all Jew!

Is The ‘Saudi’ Royal Family Jewish?

The source of terrorism. Meet Saudi Arabia's Wahhabists  Meet the radical violent cult called Wahhabism.  It's the official state sponsored religion of Saudi Arabia, the US government's favorite fascists. Not only is this cult supported by the Saudis, they spend billions spreading it around the Middle East through publishing and schools.  How is this possible? Not one in 10,000 Americans can tell you the difference between the three branches of Islam. It's no mystery which branch is causing all the problems, what country funds them, and what the US does in response (nothing.)  Thank the news media which licks the boots of the House of Saud for this one.   They will never tell you the simple facts because they are paid off not to.

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Donald Marshall

Police   Saudi Arabian Police Badge  X sign  All seeing eye symbol   Rotary symbol  Laurel wreaths

Saudi Arabian Military Collar, a crown on top, and an open book with the All Seeing Eye placed on it.

military collar pin from the Saudi Military

Cube  Kaba in Mecca

In Freedom Tower I discuss how the Kaaba is the inversion of Reflecting Absence

[vid] The Sacrifices Part 1 (The Dajjal Palace)