Solving 9/11 to End the Zionist War Plan for Iran

by Christopher Bollyn

November 8, 2011

That's the game. Burn the place down for the insurance. They're just fixing the flames to reach the lobby building, sprinkling thermite dust along the covered way... They've used thermite bombs in each of the cabins. Better than petrol. Less bulky and they leave no traces for the insurance sleuths.
- James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me by Ian Fleming, 1962

'Do you really think that criminals are clever, good people, Thrasymachus?'
'Yes, if their criminality is able to manifest in a perfect form and they are capable of dominating countries and nations.'
- Plato's Republic, ca. 380 B.C.

Ultimately this is a fight over the Israeli nuclear monopoly in the region.
-Avner Cohen, Expert on Israel's nuclear arsenal, The Guardian, 7 November 2011

There are two essential requirements to prevent a third World War in our time and to end the crimocracy that dominates Washington, D.C., London, and Jerusalem.  First, there must be an independent, rigorous, and thorough forensic investigation of 9/11, followed by criminal prosecution of all those involved in the terror atrocity - and the cover-up.  Secondly, there must be a return to hand-counted paper ballots in every polling place in the United States.  These two essential demands should be at the top of the anti-war protest movement's list of demands if the American people are to succeed in removing the criminal regime that controls the U.S. government.  The same criminal network that is behind 9/11 is now planning to drag the nation into war with Iran - and possibly World War III.

I have used the word "crimocracy" since late 2000 to describe the U.S. government after having discovered how electronic voting machines were being used in Chicago's Cook County to steal the election.  After receiving a thinly-veiled threat from Alex Kantarovich, the man from Minsk, Byelorussia, who provided the control cards for the voting machines, if I went ahead with my Election Day story, there was no question that the people behind ES&S were organized criminals.  Visits to the Chicago and Omaha offices of ES&S only confirmed to me that this was a very secretive criminal outfit that was engaged in rigging elections across the United States.  The democratic franchise in America was meaningless. 

Christopher Bollyn (back to camera) interviewing the CFO of Election Systems & Software (ES&S), Mr. Tom O'Brien, in August 2004 at the company's Omaha headquarters on John Galt Blvd. The CEO was unavailable for comment and the company that counts millions of American votes was unable to answer any questions or provide any press releases or information about itself.

Criminals run electronic voting companies for only one reason - to steal elections.  By using computerized voting machines the public is cheated out of its right to observe the counting of the ballots, the fundamental sine qua non of a verifiable democratic election.  By pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people the criminals have been able to put criminals into positions of power.  This is how the U.S. government has become a crimocracy, a government of criminals, led by people (e.g. the Clintons, the Bushes and Obama) who openly engage in criminal activities, such as illegal wars of aggression and targeted killings using drones around the world. 

With the world on the brink of war with Iran, it is high time and absolutely essential for the American protest movement to articulate these two fundamental demands.  These demands are necessary if we are to expose the Zionist crimocracy behind 9/11 and remove its members from all positions of power.

TROIKA OF TERROR - Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak, President Shimon Peres, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are pulling the United States into war with Iran.  These three men are architectural level planners of the 9/11 terror deception; they are Israel's "Troika of Terror". 

What needs to be understood is that 9/11 has not been properly investigated as a crime by forensic experts.  As I have pointed out in numerous articles about the destruction of the steel from the World Trade Center, the federal agency that should have led the investigation, the F.B.I., allowed the crucial evidence to be hastily removed and destroyed in Asian smelters.  This is clearly criminal and shows how the U.S. Department of Justice and the F.B.I. have become completely corrupt. 

The Obama administration has only continued the 9/11 cover up while increasing the war effort and targeted killings in Afghanistan and Pakistan, crimes in and of themselves.  Regardless of our political views, we can certainly all agree that 9/11 must be properly and rigorously investigated and the guilty parties prosecuted and punished.  9/11 was used to usher in the Zionist fraud known as the "War on Terror" and two illegal wars of occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq - on both sides of Iran.

The 9/11 investigation was hijacked by then Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff, the Israeli-American dual national who was responsible for the federal investigation and prosecution of the terror attacks, because a proper criminal investigation would have revealed that 9/11 was a false-flag terror atrocity carried out and covered-up by Israeli military intelligence and their "Fifth Column" (i.e. Zionist agents) in the United States.  The attacks were designed to be blamed on Arab Muslims (i.e. "false-flag") in order to get U.S. public opinion to support an open-ended war in the Islamic lands of the Middle East. 

The U.S. invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq are the realization of the "War on Terror", a Zionist war strategy pushed by Benjamin Netanyahu since the 1980s in books, speeches, and articles.  Like a chess game in which Iran is the ultimate target, the first move in the Zionist war plan was to bring U.S. forces into Afghanistan on the East, and then into Iraq on the West.  The massive U.S. military presence in the Persian Gulf on the South means Iran is surrounded on three sides.  A U.S. war against Iran is the end game of the terror masterminds behind 9/11.  

The Zionist warmongers plan for American and British troops to invade Iran.  The Zionist-controlled governments in Washington and London are not acting in the best interest of their nations.  The people must stop the criminals from waging another Zionist war.  Graphic - Daily Mail

The three highest political leaders of Israel are leading the effort to drag the United States into war with Iran:  Defense Minister Ehud Barak, President Shimon Peres, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  All three are architectural level planners of the false-flag terrorism of 9/11.  Barak was the first person, on 9/11, to call for the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.  On the day of the attacks, Netanyahu told the New York Times that the terror atrocity was "very good" for U.S.-Israel relations.  Barak was Netanyahu's commander in the Israeli special forces unit known as Sayeret Matkal.  Israeli president Shimon Peres is the third partner in this troika of Zionist terrorists.  "The possibility of a military attack against Iran is now closer to being applied than the application of a diplomatic option," Peres recently told the Israel Hayom newspaper.

We must do everything we can to prevent the Zionist warmongers from waging war against Iran.  Demanding a criminal investigation of 9/11 is where we should start.  It is the failure to investigate 9/11 which has allowed the criminals in high places to wage illegal wars and plunder our national wealth.  This simply cannot be allowed to continue.

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