Iran-Iraq war

[2012 Feb] Gen. McCaffrey privately briefs NBC execs on war with Iran

'TROIKA OF TERROR - Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak, President Shimon Peres, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are pulling the United States into war with Iran.  These three men are architectural level planners of the 9/11 terror deception; they are Israel's "Troika of Terror".'---[2011 Nov] Solving 9/11 to End the Zionist War Plan for Iran by Christopher Bollyn

[2012 Sept] WINEP’s “Near East Policy”: Silence the truthers, stage another 9/11!  According to Clawson, false-flag attacks and other orchestrated war-trigger events in which hundreds or thousands of Americans are murdered are “the traditional way [that] America gets to war is what would be best for US interests.” ....WINEP, like AIPAC, is a criminal organization – a viper’s nest of unregistered agents of a foreign power. Even if they weren’t advocating mass murder and high treason, and calling for the silencing of opposition to the 9/11 coup they and/or their fellow travelers helped orchestrate, they should all be arrested and sent to prison.  But when they cross the line and advocate the mass murder of Americans to trigger a war for Israel that could easily become World War Three…well, I’m not sure what method of execution could suffice.  They call it “Near East Policy.” I call it high treason and conspiracy to commit mass murder.

[2012 Sept vid] Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran Israel lobbyist Patrick Clawson, who is openly calling for the mass murder of Americans, along the lines of the USS Maine, Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, USS Liberty, and (by implication) 9/11 orchestrated war-trigger events.

"'Innocence of Muslims', the GOP and World War III"

Duff on Press TV – ‘Entire Iran nuclear issue, theatrical’

Steve Pieczenik: World War III starts 25 September 2012

Defence Minister: Clegg axed me because I won’t support attack on Iran

[2012 Sept] The American “Mossad,” Rule By Deception  This week, former presidential candidate John McCain criticized President Obama for failing to attack Iran.  To many in America who have no accurate information about McCain’s background, they are unaware that he is only out of prison because President Nixon issued him a pardon for crimes he committed during his time as a prisoner in North Vietnam.  Two high ranking officers, Colonel Earl Hopper and Colonel Ted Guy, both of unimpeachable reputation, accused McCain of dozens of counts of treason.  My own observations of his actions over the last few decades have proven him to obstruct attempts to repatriate American prisoners of war from Vietnam through having evidence of their existence classified and destroyed.....His current “task” is to provoke a conflict with Iran. He has spoken on news shows, been quoted in newspapers, it is as though his only reason to continue living is to start a war.

[2012 Aug] Netanyahu's Secret War Plan: Leaked Document Outlines Israel's "Shock and Awe" Plan to Attack Iran by Richard Silverstein

Veterans Today Nuclear Weapons Expert – No Iran Nukes

[2012 March] Debunking Anti-Iran Propaganda: The Myth of the "New Holocaust" By Benjamin Schett

[vid 2012 Jan] U.N. study is 'fabricated' pretext for war

[2012 Jan] War Plan Iran: The US Finally Admits Its Criminal Bankruptcy. By Finian Cunningham

[2011 Nov] Solving 9/11 to End the Zionist War Plan for Iran by Christopher Bollyn

Behind the Deepening Crisis with Iran: the Real Story Versus the Cover Story

[2012 Jan] Gossip and Interesting Intel from Gordon Duff, Veterans Today

[2011 Nov] Matthew Gould and the Plot to Attack Iran by Craig Murray  “British Ambassador Matthew Gould declared his commitment to Israel and the principles of Zionism on Thursday”.
The Hottest Potato

[vid] US businessman visits Iran

[vid 2011 Oct] To Isolate Iran, U.S. Presses Inspectors on Nuclear Data WASHINGTON — President Obama is pressing United Nations nuclear inspectors to release classified intelligence information showing that Iran is designing and experimenting with nuclear weapons technology. The president’s push is part of a larger American effort to further isolate and increase pressure on Iran after accusing it of a plot to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States. The Obama administration, since coming to office, has never publicly presented detailed evidence to back up its claim that Iran is driving toward a weapon or creating the technology to assemble one quickly, should it need it. But it has discussed the evidence widely with allies. New York Times: 

Two Presidents - Two Performing Fleas


[2011 Oct] The Death of The Merchant of War  his New York Times obituary, which had him working with the CIA. He never did. His case officers came from the Defense Intelligence Agency and White House. .....In one of his many moments of candor, he told me that no arms dealer can operate successfully without working with a major power. In Soghanalian’s case, it was largely the United States and France that backed his secret operations – rarely at the same time.  During the Iran-Iraq War, Israel supplied weapons to Iran as Sarkis and the United States supplied Iraq. They deliberately fueled a war that killed a million people and kept two dangerous countries busy killing each other for a decade.


[2010] The sign of sodomy or the KEY of illuminati  Sodomic mind control