Stephen Ward

Astor, Lord William 3rd Viscount
Blunt, Anthony


Stephen Ward with Christine Keeler (top right).

The society osteopath and healer Stephen Ward, was a master occultist who at these orgies would conjure weird spirits to visibly appear, which sound identical to those at Bilderberg ceremonies. M.I.5 informant Stephen Ward treated Winston Churchill for alcoholism and depression, and got him painting for therapy, it was said to be what ward knew of Churchill that ensured his murder. Sir Anthony Blunt then bought up all Stephen Wards drawings of the royal family and destroyed them, so no links would be found of Satanism and perversion in any enquiry, between the royals and a black magician, but of course Blunt sent word first to his Soviet controllers. [2010] ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT COMING SOON by T. Stokes