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Television Mind Control Revealed III
Television Mind Control Revealed II
Television Mind Control IS Digital Solomon’s Key part I
[2014] Global Epidemic Exposed - Television Sigil Magik

Obama, Michelle Two fingers (Dragon symbol)   Lucifer/Illuminati Origins of Michelle Obama’s Hand Sign. What does it mean?  In original Jewish texts, which pre-dates the current Torah, Satan would hold up the exact hand sign which Michelle Obama is using in her speech to Veterans, to summon demons and direct them to posses a tribe, which would lead to war, chaos, child molestation, sodomy, gossip, murders, drunkenness and obsessive emotional issues.   King Solomon also used this Satanic hand command and it is a way of cursing the people who view you holding it up, even if their conscience mind doesn’t take it in because one can flash this particular hand sign for a quick second and the sub-conscience mind has already picked it up....In conclusion, what Michelle Obama is doing by holding up this hand sign is placing a curse on American Troops and their families.  This is something that is very real depending on whom does it and how much of original blood a person has, which can be traced back to Illuminati Rulers. ...according to Illuminati text and even the role that Satan plays in the Christian Bible, this sign is only of use as a way to petition Satan and his demon to posses the audience.

“Subliminal Messages Exposed”

[2012 feb] Are There Subliminals in Ron Paul Ads?

The Leaked Ad Training Document Part 1 The Great Subliminal Message Deception  I expose some of the leaked ad training manual. This includes color illustrations and photos detailing the HELL-SELL method of advertising. This explains some of the Satan/Death subliminal embeds in advertisements.

The Leaked Ad Training Document Part 2 The Great Subliminal Message Deception

10 Disturbing Trends in Subliminal Advertising By Martin Howard

[2005] Interview with Wilson Bryan Key

[2005] Danger: Mind Controllers At Work! by Joe Vialls  Essentially, while the conscious mind was viewing and inwardly digesting the main film or commercial content, the subconscious mind was picking up the low light subliminal messages, which fell just below the threshold of normal vision. Where the older tachistoscope was jerky and only partly efficient, the new 'low light' system proved to be a control revolution. The low light images were a complete 'film within a film' running at normal speed, and thus able to "properly educate" those citizens not entirely in accord with One World Government views.


Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Subliminal Messages by Nathan Bell
Gaddafi Subliminal Message: Kill! by Nathan Bell
Verizon Subliminal Messages Illuminati Satanic Sexual Droid by Nathan Bell

[Media 1979] Secret Voices: Messages that manipulate

[2010]  Study Answers Whats Up With The Subliminal Faces by Nathan Bell

NSA Mind Control and Psyops by Will Filer