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24 March 2008


First of all lets address her forename of Gwen which is Welsh the land of the Gaelics and we know their links to this ancient religious knowledge especially their Druid Arya. Her name actually means white, fair & blessed, of course from these Blessed Isles of Albion. You'll understand the white as you go along. Now lets have a think about this, we see her trapped within the perfection cube cell. But wait folks what do we see in this picture above? She's holding onto Bakhau and Manu of Egypt. You'll be more familiar with the later Hebrew, Jachin & Boaz. These are the two main phallic pillars which represent Osiris and Set. Now the four pillars comes from heaven being held up by four pillars, heaven is square by the way, who is the square? El from Canaan, the Planet Saturn. So she's within the four pillars of Saturn, the square. Once again we see the root of five circle/female coming from the root of 2 square with this. We also notice she's wearing black and white once again duelism whilst the colours represent El (Saturn) and the Isis (Moon). Note the black male in the white female and whats his name? Akon, oh thats very fitting isn't it with AKhenatON maybe? We see emphasis a couple of times on her big bulky masonic Saturnalian black coloured ring with it's G on it. Please remember that the ring is a Yoni and the G is actually a 180 degree anti-clockwise Pei symbol which is hebrew. The Pei 'P' is a phallic symbol as is the e. We may also be seeing the familiar female between the phallic pillars with her right arm as we see two El's and one Isis in the middle. The arch is very important to Gwen in her videos as I'll show shortly. I should also point out that four pillars also represents the hour, day, month and year. You'll understand how this fits in with the Osiris and Isis along with the Mazzaroth of El, his heaven with nut at the realm. Remember that it's all a circle within this square haha. Of course by now you realise that the gold colouring is a representation of Osiris the Sun God. You'll notice she has her usual blonde hair this is symbolism for the Sun but also the phallic bell end thats always a flashing at the tip. You can bet the lighthouse is on a square foundation. It points to the heavens of nut wishing to impregnant her whilst being surrounded by the Isis's, rivers of life given by Tiamet. Made you wonder now about your tears haha. Note how the light gives knowledge to sailers in their Isis vessels. Lucifer is the light bringer, the giver of knowledge. We see she's down as theres no freedom which comes from Venusian Frija and the Dome together. Remember how a Mosque uses a Dome in the center whilst having four pillars on the square. This is once again the squaring of the female. So she's trapped, unhappy and once again locked to Saturn as once was in the celestrial heavens prior to the Great flood when something went on which caused Mars to move and destroy Tiamet. So freedoms gone, is this why she seems to like these chains as in the anklebracelets of subordination (un-free)? Notice how she just loves being within that square bed.

We then see these dumbells themselves a sexual union as you see the female yoni circle impregnanted by the Yod bar. Once again this is the Sol symbolism and we see this also referenced by this gold colouring again. You'll also note the reflection in this footage and throughout. Please remember how reflection is the cult of Isis coming from the reflection of the Moon's light on Water giving us this lunarisation, reverse symbolism. Simply Alice and the Looking glass linked also to the afterlife of Osiris and the soul. These dumbells may also be some kind of symbolism for currency which possibly links into the ancient stickman drawings and ultimately Luciferian.

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So we see her two annoying cell mates a few times in this video. We know that they seem to link to balls which I personally believe is another sexual phallic reference. You'll notice them with the golden balls (Sattire - Reminds me of Archbishop of NY with his golden testicles, President McCain and SIS John Edwards hoho). Well see them later with their big ball helmets on, walking up the side of the phallic shem skyscraper. Again we see Isisian reflection with this golden phallic building aiming into the female canopy of nut. Notice it's pyramid shape throughout reminding you of a Toblerone. They seem to be holding onto two rays of the sun coming from Gwens hair. We must remember that air is linked to Lucifer and knowledge through communication and using your thinking powers. But what do we see when they reach the top? They cut the hair with Golden Scissors. Is this a reference to a weakening of the Sun such as with Samson? Or if we look more from a sexual point of view is it a cutting of the umbilical cord? We should now note how the symbol for air is non other than the capstone pyramid haha. Now remember that scissors open up into an X which itself is Osiris. An X in Roman numerals is 10 linking into Atum Ra of course and Akhenaton. We also should not that it's a 66 or a 6666 from the v's in hebrew. But in Roman numerals two v's would equal Atum Ra once again with 10. Note how the X is important as the fertility of Mother Earth when Osiris impregants her before Set pushes him into the underworld. Also why Gwen and two others? Is this the penis and two testicles? We must remember that Osiris is the Doctrine.

Now do we notice the golden Cokerel of Osiris representing sex for obvious phallic reasons in the name being cock of course. May it be noted that the cokeral mouths off when Horus the son of Osiris to Isis, rises. So now we see a clock which if we remove the 'l' we then get cock of course. Theres only two phallic hands on the clock which represent Horus/Sun and Isis/Moon, getting common isn't it? Now note the clock is reading possibly 10:10/11 or 10:05 we cannot be sure as it's a weird shape clock. Either way we have the obvious 11 twin phallics or 111 a sixth of the 666 Holy Crown of Sun Energy. Of course the other addition is 15 being the sacred number of Isis. A clock should be round and we see this clock with it's circular base positioned on squared book. We can also note that theres 15 full circles within the clock face showing. Now note the dog sitting there but hey whats happened to his left eye, oh thats very Osirian isn't it? He's gold also haha. Osiris had a child with Set's wife known as Nebethet. Now who was he? Yes Anubis the dog looking god of Egypt correctly a Jackal. So once again an Osirian symbol. This is why Set hates Osiris for getting his wife pregnant. We notice the use of the dog in the video and whats he doing? He's got a hold of the female egg attached to the phallic key. Gwen has a thing about keys in her videos. If we look closely we'll see the female symbol of Venus in the dogs chops also a sexual union in the bite. Theres a sexual union of the dogs phallic neck through the female chain. This dog is a bull mastif breed and we all know about Isis and her riding of the bull don't we and once again the sexual union. Take note of the 10 green steps on Molechs behind linking once again to Osiris. Did you notice her hair highlighted once again? This female just loves those phallic pillars haha. Please note that a dog is god lunarised but also a K9! Whats so special about this? Well a K is the 11th letter of the English alphabet so we have 119 which adds to 11 of God but if lunarised we get 911. Now remember that 9 in Binary is 1001 so lets remove the useless 0's and what do we get? What about the octal of 9 being 11? Those phallic pillars once again. Please remember that 11 is El or ll. Saturn is the God, Ninhursag of Sumer, is this where we get the NIN in nine? Remember the e is a Yod/male taped onto the end now lunarise a 9 and get a 6 and we see Saturn once again the 6th planet from the Sun etc.

We're made so see her two hands giving us 10 fingers. We've spoken about the Atum Ra earlier with this. Now lets note that whilst we have many g's we do not see a proper Hebrew Pei amonst them. We should also note that theres four phallics making the pillars of El once again.

So here we see the obvious reference to light at the omega point of control above the 14th level human conspiracy. The male pyramid phallic has entered the female neck of the jumper on the hanger and remember G is the phallic. Another sexual union yet again, see how it's all around you? Now note Gwen sitting on the Isis coloured furniture but wait whats in the background? The four golden pillars once again but wait what else? She's in between the Bakhau and Manu again whilst her seat is in an arch shape. Remember the female represents the arch, bridge of the Royal Arch of Freemasonry which is really linked to the Sun and his travels and troubles such as the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumninal Equinox. Lets note her legs being crossed, is this reference to what I spoke of before? Or is it a reference to a male pyramid below her yoni? I let you think what you wish. In the third picture from another video, Gwen's in between the arch and what is she doing? Throwing what looks like rose petals everywhere complaining about another Winter coming. Remember the rose is Luciferian and linked to the pentagram and the number 5 which makes the sacred 15. Notice she's wearing Isis white again? Theres Bakhau and Manu pillars again. Now the final picture looks maybe as if Isis is now in the underworld seeing as she's in black representing set and El. This must be the case as she should be lit up like a christmas tree if you look at the position of her. She's directly in the center of the arch, right under the lit up Summer Solstice. Notice those pesky randy pillars again?

So finally heres her key she seems to adore so much in some videos. Notice the two testicles upon the stem or phallic of Osiris which enters the female lock which gives life to something new. We see these light lamps pumping us with light whilst representing Sol the Sun/Osiris.

I hope this gave you some insight somewhere into parts of the occult. I hope you see possible connections I do. If you think you have something to add then please let me know.


Please notice the five pointed star fish. Where do we get these creatures from? The sea, that all important currency meaning energy. So theres the five pointed star of Lucifer in gold possibly now referencing the planet Sirius. Why? Because it's golden being on fire from Osiris and obviously the star. The blazing star always represents the constellation of Sirius where this all important Dog Star is. Take note how the starfish is upon the square so we have the female within the square again.

Notice how Gwen likes to grind it down infront of that phallic? Ooo ripples of orgasmic pleasure.[/b]