United Nations (UN) quotes
United Nations (UN)

'When you hear the words "The United Nations said...."  hear "Communism and the NKVD/KGB/FSB said..."  Through intelligence eyes, the UN and the Red Cross are: "...the biggest bunch of intelligence sluts the world has ever seen". '---Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett p.474.

"The United Nations' goal is to reduce population selectively by encouraging abortion, forced sterilization, and control of human reproduction, and regards two-thirds of the human population as excess baggage, with 350,000 people to be eliminated per day."
- Jacques Cousteau, UNESCO Courier, Nov. 1991

“Diplomacy By Deception” tells us that the United Nations is a war-making body, not a peace-keeping organization, and how the Rockefellers and Alger Hiss, aided by the top Illuminati Dulles family, succeeded in planting the United Nations in New York in spite of constitutional provisions that bar U.S. membership of the UN. In fact and in law the U.S. is not now and can never be a member of the United Nations. Diplomacy By Deception by John Coleman

[2010] U.S./U.N. cover-up of Kagame’s genocide in Rwanda and Congo by Juan Carrero  The real news is something else: namely, that in a move that breaks the code of silence that has reigned within the U.N. for too many years, the High Commissioner for Human Rights reveals that the U.N. Security Council and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Kofi Annan before him – the same parties who less than a year ago accused some of us of financing the genocidaires – have actually spent more than a decade covering up the continuous genocide carried out by the RPF from Oct. 1, 1990, until today, which probably constitutes the largest one since the U.N. was founded!

I do not really trust the U.N. When Kagame killed people in Kibeho, 5000 U.N. soldiers were in the country. During 4 days—17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, of April 1995—he destroyed a refugee camp. Where were they? [2007]  THE GRINDING MACHINE: TERROR AND GENOCIDE IN RWANDA  keith harmon snow talks with Paul Rusesabagina, the ordinary man who inspired the film Hotel Rwanda.

The evidence that this is going on in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia is overwhelming and yet nothing has been done about it. Indeed, it has been alleged by survivors that UNITED NATIONS TROOPS have actually taken part in these rapes within the rape camps. This should give one pause for thought when you consider that United Nations forces may one day be conducting "Peace Enforcement" operations in America. I believe at the deepest darkest levels of the United Nations, tacit approval has been given to the Serbs to continue this atrocious policy of Genocidal Rape Warfare. I believe the reason for that is the United Nations are controlled by the same reptilian overlords that are responsible for the Rape-Death Camps in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia. UNDERSTANDING THE REPTILIAN MIND By James Bartley

Lesley Stahl: "I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. & — and you know, is the price worth it?"   Madeline Albright,   "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price — we think the price is worth it."----- Former U.N. Ambassador Madeline Albright, responding to reporter Lesley Stahl as to whether the over half a million Iraqi children killed by the UN sanctions against Iraq were "worth it." CBS May 11, 1996

Denis Halliday, who the previous year had resigned as assistant secretary general of the United Nations. He said: "We are waging a war through the United Nations on the people of Iraq. We're targeting civilians. Worse, we're targeting children. . . . What is this all about?".... he wrote, "because the policy of economic sanctions is . . . destroying an entire society. Five thousand children are dying every month. I don't want to administer a program that satisfies the definition of genocide."
    Halliday's successor, Hans von Sponeck, another assistant secretary general with more than 30 years' service, also resigned in protest. ......Von Sponeck's disclosure that the sanctions restricted Iraqis to living on little more than $100 a year was not reported. "Deliberate strangulation," he called it. Neither was the fact that, up to July 2002, more than $5 billion worth of humanitarian supplies, which had been approved by the UN sanctions committee and paid for by Iraq, were blocked by George W. Bush, with Tony Blair's backing. They included food products, medicines and medical equipment, as well as items vital for water and sanitation, agriculture and education.
    The cost in lives was staggering. Between 1991 and 1998, reported UNICEF, 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five died. "If you include adults," said Halliday, "the figure is now almost certainly well over a million." The Media Culpability for Iraq By John Pilger

Phil Schneider, for example, who knew the facts and had directly interviewed aliens himself in Area 51. He knew what was going on. He attended underground UN meetings - the real meetings are not held in New York at the UN Plaza. The policy-making meetings are held in the underground military bases (what he called the DUM [deep underground military) bases). They are all controlled and dictated to by the tall gray aliens. He personally attended two of these meetings and said, after the second one, he was working for the wrong people. That was why he quit his service as a geologist for the government.   He said it was run by aliens. He said that the aliens are in back of UN policy, and that they are in back of so many things that are happening on the Earth. He says that they are gradually taking over and are running, shall we say, "The New World Order."  Interviewed by Kenneth Burke at the Global Sciences Congress, Daytona Beach, Florida in August 1997

    The UN recommendations for Africa actually demand the opposite –“billions of dollars” taken out of “social funds, education and health projects, infrastructure [and] rural development” and “redirected” into sex education (UNAIDS, 1999). No clean water, but plenty of condoms.----The Hidden Face of HIV – Part 1 By Liam Scheff

At times when I was sent alone, he said the information he got was better than if he had gone himself, "because it is distilled," he explained. So he sent me to many locations as a "presidential model" to Presidents, and to many leaders at parties at the Rockefeller's and Bob's, and also sent me abroad. I knew whom I was to target, because Henry had shown me a picture before. I was sent to foreign embassies to entertain foreign ambassadors that were working for Henry. Often they worked for the United Nations in order to have some peace-loving humanitarian effort that justified the U.S. presence in a foreign country, and then Henry and the others would go about doing their real business. Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor