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[Just another Snake 'charity' to make money, collect infected blood, collect intelligence, and be a blood source for our vampires.]

See: Blood (Satanism)

[2015 june] After raising nearly half a billion dollars for emergency disaster relief after the 2010 Haitian earthquake - including $170 million earmarked for 'shelter relief' - the American Red Cross has built a grand total of six houses, according to a new report

[2011] Illuminati Set to Target High Profile Hollywood Actors with Red Cross Ritual!

Brasscheck TV: Red Cross scam in Haiti

[2005] The Red Cross Racket by Ken Adachi

Red Cross CEO Pulled Down $651,957 Salary - Bush Strafes New Orleans

Man Fired By American Red Cross For Not Celebrating Homosexuality By Lindsey Douthit

[2005] Don't Give Your Hurricane Donations to the American Red Cross by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

The American Red Cross Mission in Russia — 1917 by Anthony Sutton  In August 1917 the American Red Cross Mission to Russia had only a nominal relationship with the American Red Cross, and must truly have been the most unusual Red Cross Mission in history. All expenses, including those of the uniforms — the members were all colonels, majors, captains, or lieutenants — were paid out of the pocket of William Boyce Thompson......The majority of the mission, as seen from the table, was made up of lawyers, financiers, and their assistants, from the New York financial district.

Unused blood substitutes
[2006] Seawater – A Safe Blood Plasma Substitute? by Dianne Jacobs Thompson

Liquid chlorophyll virtually identical to human blood in its molecular structure.  Almost 20 years ago a Regional Director for The Red Cross in southern California came to my office to inquire about my services as a writer. Her job was to convince people to be blood donors. I smiled and told her she could never convince me to give blood. She smiled back and said, "Oh, you're a Jehovah's Witness." Members of that sect do not believe in blood transfusions for religious reasons. I told her that I was not a Jehovah's Witness and that my reasons were science based. I began to tell her about liquid chlorophyll that is from plants and is commonly available. I explained that numerous studies from decades before showed that liquid chlorophyll was virtually identical to human blood in its molecular structure. The Red Cross director interrupted me at that point, "Oh, we know all about chlorophyll."

'When you hear the words "The United Nations said...."  hear "Communism and the NKVD/KGB/FSB said..."  Through intelligence eyes, the UN and the Red Cross are: "...the biggest bunch of intelligence sluts the world has ever seen". '---Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett p.474.

''Now, my last rant will be on the Red Lost… I’m sorry the Red Cross. Because the Red Cross — if anybody wants to donate to the Red Cross, please call me. I beg you not to send them a penny. They are the most inept, unorganized organization that I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been in Kingwood fighting this thing and we have not seen one person — not a single person from the Red Lost, yet every time I turn on the TV they’re receiving multi, multi, hundreds of millions of dollars. What are you guys doing with it? How many contractors are you helping us with? So, to this day, many days after the hurricane hit, I have not seen a single person in Kingwood or Clear Lake that's a representative of the Red Cross. You know who opened our shelters? We did. You know who sent water and supplies? We did. People didn't have cots -- we got them blankets, we didn't get a darn thing from the Red Cross. So, if anyone wants to send them money, don’t waste your time, don’t waste your money. Send it to other causes.'' ~ Dave Martin. 2017 Houston

In places like Southern California I feel quite sure that about a quarter of the population is partly or purely predatory reptilians in human form. Al Bielek told us that in order to maintain a human form, purebred reptilians need to regularly drink human blood. Hence, I suppose, the incessant blood drives by the Masonic Red Cross, whose literature has claimed that it was started by Count Ste. Germaine. I read that in a promotional pamphlet from the International Red Cross Society that I found when we were living in Tonga in 1984. [2003]  The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft – Parts 61 – 70

The Red Cross has a long history of thieving and stealing cash donations intended for disaster relief. Even as far back as the Korean War the Red Cross was plundering soldiers' mail and care packages. Some veterans have informed us that they would buy cigarettes from the Red Cross and find a twenty dollar bill or a note from a soldier's mother tucked into the pack.

Maltese cross Sun, Sun Gods, Halo  X sign Red Cross Merit Order from Spain

Star and Medal of the Red Cross of Estonia 1st Class