First results of vaccine investigations

Translated by Erwin Alber from the German original Erste Ergebnisse der Impfstoffuntersuchungen published in Hans Tolzin’s newsletter impf report

(ht) In 2016, several thousand euros were donated to the non-profit association AGBUG e. V. for the investigation of the contents of currently used vaccines. We would like to thank all those who have contributed to this.

Originally, it was intended to only test the vaccines for their mercury content. The association has then however extended the focus of the investigation to include all searchable elements.

AGBUG has now published the results of the first batch on its website, so far without any evaluation! All those of you who have are knowledgeable about the toxic effects of particular elements are invited to contribute their expertise. Please send your feedback by e-mail to  or post under this article as a comment.

Here are the English translations of some of the elements listed on the test result. I haven’t translated those whose English equivalents are easy to guess:

Essential trace elements
Eisen = Iron
Kupfer = Copper

Essential elements

Further trace elements

Potentially toxic elements
Nickel = Chrome
Quecksilber = Mercury
Silber = Silver
Zinn = Tin


Addendum on 8th Feb. 2017: All the results of the 16 vaccines investigated are summarized on one page

The first assessment on 8 Feb. 2017:

– All 16 vaccines tested contain mercury in small amounts.
– Eight of the 16 vaccines contain nickel in small amounts.
– Six of the 16 vaccines contain small amounts of arsenic.
– 15 of the 16 vaccines contain uranium in small traces.
– All 16 vaccines contain minor traces of aluminum, even if not declared.
– Gardasil, Gardasil 9 and Synflorix contain twice as much aluminum as indicated.
– The aluminum content in the so-called attenuated vaccines lies around one thousand to six thousand times above
the safety limit for drinking water!

The questions are now

(a) starting from what quantity can an injected substance cause an anaphylactic shock in an allergic person?

(b) how do the pathogenic effects of the substances in vaccines synergistically enhance each other?

(C) why are these pathogenic substances included in vaccines at all?

And another aspect: the aluminum in vaccines has an effect on the immune system similar to that of giving a beehive a hard kick. It is placed in an extreme alarm condition, causing it to attack everything it can at that moment, and that can also be other vaccine ingredients, even if they are only contained in trace amounts.

According to official expert opinion, the amounts of potentially pathogenic substances contained in the vaccines are simply too small to have a harmful effect. This may possibly be the case for healthy children who are not burdened with toxins. But, who is now completely healthy and unaffected? What if the organism is already maximally stressed and only one more drop is missing to cause the barrel to overflow?

To access the original German article click HERE


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