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''Dr Gatti remarked on the researchers' finding that the animal vaccine (Feligen) was clean of any particulate matter, debris or other contaminants, saying, "It is evidently possible to produce a clean vaccine."  ~  Robert F. Kennedy Jr

[You get these 'contaminants' (see: State Abuse as obviously deliberate 1, animal vaccines tend to be clean) in vaccines: Glass, nickel, lead, Arsenic, uranium, aluminum, even if not declared, micro-, sub- micro- and nanosized, inorganic, foreign bodies (ranging from 100nm to about ten microns),  stainless steel,  Tungsten,  Cerium, Iron, Titanium, Nanobacteria, SV40, chicken viruses, acanthamoeba, Simian cytomegalovirus, RSV, Mycoplasma, enzyme inhibitors, Duck, dog, and rabbit viruses, Glyphosate/Roundup, & Parasites...... and God knows what, undetectable, else, on top of the poisons listed in the Package InsertsAnd all 'testing' is left to the makers! (see: Looking where it ain't). Then you may get one of their bioweapons, see: Vaccine attack, which isn't exactly a sign that you would trust them to test for contaminants, let alone trust them with your children's health, some of them (GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Genentech, Chiron/Biocine), were involved in horrific child abuse at Incarnation Children’s Center.  Of course, one way to never find contaminants is to never look for them, and the more science advances the more they find.    Read the quotes to get the sorry picture.]

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Blood supply

Nano particles

Smallpox vaccination  [Smallpox]
Lymph (Smallpox vax)

Erysipelas (vaccine damage)
Smallpox via vaccination
Syphilis (vaccine damage)
Tuberculosis (vaccine damage)

Hepatitis B vaccine & AIDS
Polio vaccines (SV40 & aids)
  CJD, BSE risk

Bird viruses
Graphene Oxide
Simian cytomegalovirus

[2017] Antonietta M Gatti, and Stefano Montanari. New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination, International Journal of  Vaccines & Vaccination, Research Article Volume 4 Issue 1 - 2017,

"The key word here is "detectable". You can only find what you have a test to identify. Fetal bovine serum, even batches previously passed by the FDA and WHO, has been repeatedly documented to be contaminated with several different viruses. And every year, new viruses come to the surface, and new tests have to be devised to test for them. The point is that there is absolutely no guarantee that these vaccines do not contain something that is unable to be detected at this time, but which more advanced testing might show up in the future. This is why the manufacturers cover themselves with the word ‘detectable’ – because they can only be held liable at any future date for those things which were able to be identified at the date of manufacture."--Hilary Butler   

1. ''I admit I have been nervous about announcing this on FB, but it is time people speak the truth they know. It is time to #BeBrave . Here is my small personal anecdote: My son is unvaccinated and when he was 3 the doctor suggested a blood test to check for anemia, lead, toxic metals. Okay. She returned with the results in her hands, and the Pediatrician's face was ghost white. She looked like she might faint. I was terrified and rushed to her saying, "What's wrong with my son?". She fluttered her eyes and shut her gaping open mouth trying to compose herself and whispered, "Nothing. Nothing. There is nothing wrong with him. His test is clear. No lead, nothing. I have never seen this before. He is like a miracle." Her eyes were darting back and forth like she was afraid someone would hear her and like she really wished she could talk to me further about this privately, but we were in a hallway. Whew. I couldn't leave fast enough because my heart was racing. My last visit a different pediatrician was there and he also referred to my son as "the miracle child". It disturbs me. He is no miracle... well no more miracle than any other child of God would be. In fact he has the MTHFR gene, so cannot detoxify as easily as other children that do not have that gene. He is just a child raised on organic foods and not vaccinated. Vaccines contain many heavy toxic metals is the bottomline. That pediatrician got a glimpse of seeing the truth in the light of day, and it upset her very much. I could see her mind questioning everything she had learned. It is just easier to call my unvaccinated son a "miracle" then to admit Vaccines are poisoning our children's blood.'' #Vaxxed #Science #Truth #PrayBig #WeAreVaxxed

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