Varg Vikernes

Vikernes identified himself with the ancient Nordic Wolf God and even began to howl and growl like the wild deadly beast in his musical act. Vikernes was literally “the boy who cried wolf” in that he barked and howled like a real wolf.....There was a strong bonding between Varg and Euronymous, and the two introduced a Satanic cult into the Norwegian black metal scene. Much like Ricky Kasso and his cult, these two began to rob graves for remains to use in Luciferian ceremonies. Their major goal was to introduce a harsh brand of Satanism that was meant to evoke violent acts against Christianity. This belief found expression on June 6, 1992 when Varg and Euronymous took it upon themselves to raze the old wooden (stave) church in Fantoft, one of Norway’s oldest structures dating from the twelfth century. The duo did not stop there -- over the next year they would set fire to another seven stave churches.....Euronymous had second thoughts about the whole violent scheme and Varg took this as a betrayal and murdered his friend in 1993......Vikernes has spent his prison time producing black metal music CDs in which he claims Varg the Wolf God possesses him and actually does the singing and playing. Sometimes he identifies himself as Odin. [2006] Satanic Crime. A Threat in the New Millennium by William H. Kennedy