[2016 April. Film] Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe

Vaxxed review

by Tim O'Shea, DC

Vaxxed. High expectations. Had to see it, but not yet scheduled in northern California. So Sunday morning I flew down to Burbank for its debut weekend in California. The indie theatre in downtown Pasadena - Playhouse 7 - a 200 seat venue, was packed.

There has never been another vaccine film that even comes close to the power and authority of Vaxxed. The audience was riveted to their seats from the very first scene. All the recent negative press trying to keep the public away from this movie has been focused on Wakefield.

But he's not even the main character in Vaxxed. That would be Brian Hooker, Wm Thompson, et al., with the real star being the data itself - the CDC data on MMR vaccines that was destroyed back in 2003. And now is brought into the light of day for the whole world to see.
Now it can never be suppressed again.

When you go to this movie, don't sit with whomever you came with. Sit by yourself so you don't miss a word. It goes by fast. The masterful editing process provides enough technical material to satisfy the doctors and professionals in the audience, woven in with enough tragic stories of ordinary people whose family lives were shredded by the autism epidemic, which are plainly obvious to all.

Del Bigtree, Andy Wakefield, and staff have wrought a provocative and unimaginably enlightening end result from the hundreds of hours of raw footage they must have shot in order to produce such a masterpiece. Attempts like Trace Amounts, or amateur outings like Doctored, etc. are quickly put into perspective, not even in the same league with Vaxxed. Many in the audience were sobbing through parts of it, with a standing ovation at the end.

When was the last time you went to a movie like that?

Brilliant as well the way they have framed the shocking confession of Thompson and this new proof, that shows undeniably the causal connection between vaccines and autism - just the way that story is put into the context of the pop media narrative, with all the mantras and scripted denials we know so well.

Drug industry frontmen like Paul Offit, Richard Pan, Colleen Boyle, Julie Gerberding, Sanjay Gupta, Frank DeStefano, etc. are all featured, rotely singing for their supper. Now their decades of lies are made public. No backtracking is possible.

Since the veil has now been pierced, only the militantly uninformed will still fall for the old lie. Vaxxed will soon bring the lowest common denominator of conventional wisdom about vaccine injuries up a couple of notches.

One of the discredited mantras will certainly be "there's no scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism." Ever hear that? Like every day? No more - here's the scientific evidence that proves the connection unequivocally, with a senior CDC scientist admitting his complicity when he was ordered to destroy the evidence 13 years go.

Luckily Thompson kept a hard copy locked away all these years, which he has now turned over to Congress. With a demand to Congress that he be deposed, and get his testimony on the record.

That was two years ago. Congress has studiously ignored him - not a word. The vaccine industry is frightened to death about the implications if this secret cover-up is outted. They have directed their main voice - pop media - not to go near the story.

And if not for Vaxxed, that silence would probably have lasted forever.

Vaxxed shows the hard evidence, taking us step by step through the buried data - how it was collected, what it means, who evaluated it, who decided to delete it from the study design, and who actually did bury it. All the pieces of the puzzle slowly and deliberately clunk into place, right in front of our eyes. And the viewer is left gasping, "No, they couldn't have done that!"

But they did.

There's never been a movie like this, with the power to shift the whole medlegal/ pharmaceutical /immunological paradigm. Definitely playing with live ammo here.

For starters, just consider some of the more obvious implications of this information becoming public knowledge. All the millions of parents of autistic children for the past 20 years who have been told "no possible connection" between the vaccines their child got and the permanent neurological damage to the child - they will now have a cause of action. If not against the vaccine manufacturers, then against the US government, for whom the CDC is responsible for national vaccine policy.

Think of the billions in potential liability, once competent representation figures out how to litigate these injury cases.

Next, consider the individual states who have recently passed draconian new laws outlawing vaccine exemptions, based on this discredited science. Now those irresponsible laws can easily be challenged.

The film offers spellbinding new data;

at present 1 child in 45 is autistic

if the current exponential increase continues, by 2032, HALF of all US children will be autistic

80% of boys will be autistic

We are not on schedule for such an eventuality, but AHEAD of schedule

After what went on with DeNiro last week, I thought Vaxxed might be silenced and quickly fade away, like all the other lesser vax films. But after seeing it, you realize its unimpeachable authority and credibility. And then seeing the sellout crowds and how the theatres are all doubling their show dates, it's obvious that the dozens of other cities who are demanding a showing - it's crystallizing nationwide.

The next step will be the multiplexes in every US city, with whom the promoter is already negotiating.

If that happens, this movie could possibly be the prybar that opens the whole Pandora's box of secrets by which the medical hegemony has enslaved the US, for the past century.

It's possible.

So do whatever you have to do to see this film at your earliest inconvenience! You'll learn that this review is underselling it.