"This movie could possibly be the prybar that opens the whole Pandora's box of secrets by which the medical hegemony has enslaved the US, for the past century.  It's possible.  So do whatever you have to do to see this film at your earliest inconvenience! You'll learn that this review is underselling it."  ~  Tim O'Shea

VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe (Film)



Luc Montagnier, Jim Sears,
Tommey, Polly
Mark Blaxill
Seneff, Stephanie

Directors, & written by:
Dr. Andy Wakefield
Del Bigtree

De Nero, Robert

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[2016 Aug] The film Vaxxed could be outlawed in California, if this bill passes

VAXXED Stories: Colton in Utah (HPV vax)

VaxXed Stories: Erik in Colorado

[2016 June] VaXxed Becomes a Cautionary Tale Of Vaccine Injury for All Americans to Hear By Anne Dachel

[2016 June]  ER Doc and MedWife on VaXxed after Seattle Showing By Anne Dachel

[vid 2016 June] Nurse at Vaxxed Reports Frequent Guillain-Barré Syndrome from Flu Shots

[2016 June] Anne Dachel Interviews Sheila Ealey on VaXxed The Movie   “I’ve used the word ‘holocaust’ to explain what is going on because one of the meanings of that word is ‘mass slaughter and reckless disregard of life.’ When you consider 340 percent causation rate of autism in African American boys if given [the MMR vaccine] before the age of three, when you consider a 700 percent causation rate of isolated autism in any typically developing, healthy child with no other co-morbid factors, you have to look at that and see it for what it is. It is reckless destruction of life, you are destroying these children before they even have a chance. The Nuremberg Code is based upon the fact that the Nazis did medical procedures without consent—informed consent. We don’t have informed consent. They took the right of our informed consent away when they lied and they hid the fact that they knew these things, they knew that that triple dose could do these things to our children. “So when you consider that, that’s a holocaust.

[vid 2016 May] VAXXED Documentary Explored with Filmmakers on Antidote

BREAKING: CDC WHISTLEBLOWER "DR. THOMPSON HAS BEEN HANDLED" SAYS DR. HOOKER AT MANHATTAN VAXXED Q&A  “One of the things I asked Dr. Thompson to do in September 2014 was to leave the CDC and bring this all to light so he could come forward, go public, talk to congress, talk to the press directly — he choose not to. Dr. Thompson has been handled and will most likely submit a revised version of his analysis and try to absolve the MMR vaccine in early May 2016. This is typical of what we’ve seen at the CDC. The CDC analyzes data and when they see an effect they don’t like, they reanalyze data and the effect goes away. The CDC has done this historically from Agent Orange to Thimerosal and now to MMR vaccine. I did not want this to come but certainly anticipated that while he was in the CDC it would come. In exchange for what Dr. Thompson is doing — and believe this [info] is a little bit shaky — I believe he will get his own autism research foundation. And so there has been some very, very dubious activities that went on because he stayed in the CDC. He also got a major cash reward from the CDC for maintaining his employment he said, until he qualifies for retirement. But there are a lot of things that happened since the last conversation I had with Dr. Thompson which was in September 2014. And I do want to warn you and I do want to anticipate this. But again, it’s the same thing we’ve heard and we’ve seen from an agency that’s been completely captured but the pharmaceutical industry. And it’s [CDC] there not to tell the truth but in order to manipulate the public. In order to do what they think the best thing to do is for society.”

[vid 2016 April] Bombshell: Top CDC Whistle Blower: We Were Ordered to Cover Up Vaccine-Autism Link

Vaxxed review by Tim O'Shea  this movie could possibly be the prybar that opens the whole Pandora's box of secrets by which the medical hegemony has enslaved the US, for the past century.  It's possible.  So do whatever you have to do to see this film at your earliest inconvenience! You'll learn that this review is underselling it.

[April 22, 2016]  Producer of VAXXED Speaks Out: “This is Bigger than Watergate” 

[2016 April] Huffington Post Pulls Veteran Columnist’s VAXXED Movie Review  It turns out that they pulled down the original piece, and when I tried to rewrite it, I was alerted that permission was denied to my account. I have made at least a half dozen attempts to reach someone at The Huffington Post to alert them that there was a malfunction, and over the course of the last two days, have not received one response. I even went so far as to e-mail Arianna herself.  It never crossed my mind that this might be some sort of censorship because it has never happened to me and the article, while provocative, is not beyond any bounds of journalistic or political propriety.

[April 14, 2016] Who should parents trust, Robert DeNiro or Dr. Ari Brown? (Because one of them has to be lying) BY JB HANDLEY  One of the most prominent studies ever cited to prove “vaccines do not cause autism,” and we have a sitting senior scientist turned whistleblower at the CDC who managed this very study referring to it as “the worst study ever”, “criminal”, and this same CDC whistleblower goes on to imply that the lead author of the study, Ian Lipkin — the same guy who Jane Rosenthal consulted before removing Vaxxed from the Tribeca film festival — mismanaged the funding of the study and made threats in order to get more funding. Incredible!

[2016 April 13] What’s with DeNiro’s Tribeca co-founder, Jane Rosenthal? BY JB HANDLEY

[vid April, 13, 2016 Robert De Niro speak candidly about "VAXXED" vaccine documentary, his son, autism - NBC 13-04-2016

[2016 April] Boom: Another Vaccine Whistleblower Steps Out Of The Shadows  More whistleblowers are going to come out of the closet. The strange notion of having an actual conscience is making a comeback.  Even media androids, whose job it is to spread disinformation, are going to realize they’re nothing more than dupes for the vaccine cartel. And some of them aren’t going to like the realization, especially when it interrupts their sleep at night.  Especially as they come to understand they’re aiding and abetting the lifelong infliction of brain damage on innocent children.  Not everyone can blithely go on their way, doing their dirty work, in the face of that knowledge.  I’ve been working as an independent reporter for 30 years, and I can tell you that at this point, the whole vaccine propaganda apparatus is like a porcelain vase sitting on a table. And an earthquake is commencing.

[2016 April] Why Vaxxed was shot down at Tribeca—up close and personal by Jon Rappoport  A film that claims to show a link between the MMR vaccine and autism would be a hideous affront to the NYU Child Study Center, where Craig Hatkoff, co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival, sits on the Board.  Jane Rosenthal and her husband, Hatkoff, are definitely part of that mix. There was no way Rosenthal was going to let that film on the screen at Tribeca. It would have mangled many of her social relationships.  Then there is this: The NYU Child Study Center depends on a great deal of funding from the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH).  Have a look at this recent FOX 5 NY interview, where De Niro and Rosenthal sit side by side. She looks for all the world like a “minder,” as the British would say. A gatekeeper. A worried monitor, keeping tabs on De Niro. He mentions that he still thinks the film should be shown, but not at Tribeca. She makes sure to emphasize that the film is not going to be shown at Tribeca, in case anyone has misinterpreted De Niro’s remarks.  She looks exhausted, as if she’s had some sleepless nights, as if she’s thinking: “How many of my New York friends do I have to apologize to before this is over? I can’t blame Bob, he’s my friend and partner, so I just shrug and say, ‘Thank goodness we’re moving on.’ But will they look at me the same way after this disaster? Will things be the same? I never wanted to accept that goddamn film in the first place. I told Bob it was a mistake. And the people at the NYU Center. What am I supposed to do about them?”

[2016 April 7] Backfire: how a pharma-funded “Listserv” and censorship are turning the movie Vaxxed into a worldwide phenomenon BY JB HANDLEY  When the Immunization Action Coalition reaches out to journalists to protest the showing of Vaxxed at the Tribeca Film Festival, they aren’t doing so because they share values with the CDC and vaccine makers, they are just the CDC and vaccine makers wearing a mask.
    ...If the “listserve” hadn’t jumped into action and turned Vaxxed into an international controversy in the media, it likely would have had it’s single showing at Tribeca and moved on into obscurity. But that’s not how it happened. Attempts to silence the film do nothing but reveal the corrupt underbelly of paid propagandists who use pressure to silence the truths the movie reveals. Our children have been deeply harmed, including my own son, and something needs to change. Americans don’t like corruption. Americans don’t like fraud. And Americans certainly don’t like being told they can’t see a movie.

[2016 March] When Spouses Don’t Agree on Vaccines, And What Made One Husband Change His Mind About Vaccines by Dawn Lorenz   …As my husband sat there, I saw how he took all of the information in. To say it cracked him is an understatement. He finally understands how it all works. He understands just how BIG big pharma is, he learned that there really is a ‘pharma maffia,’ that we are talking about trillions of dollars being made at the expense of the health and well-being of others (mainly children) and he sees that there is corruption from the highest levels. He finally understands how it is that doctors are recommending products that are harming kids. This is huge for him – to break the mold of the dogmatic thinking. He saw and heard about how doctors can be innocent, blindly playing a role in vaccine corruption.
    The very first thing that my husband said to me as soon as the film ended was, “thank you for not vaccinating Kassidy.” He then gave me a kiss. I knew right then and there that something clicked in him. He changed. We have been able to have real conversations since seeing this movie last night. He’s able to see why I am so passionate about not vaccinating. He now has new opinions on the subject with intelligent comments to discuss. And while that in itself is enough for me, he has taken it a step further. He went to his mother’s house today and one of his sisters was there. This sister happens to be a pharmaceutical sales representative and he was able to have a real conversation with her and his parents about it, armed with factual information of why vaccines are so dangerous. He was able to inform them!

[2016 April] Vaxxed! The Movie I Couldn’t and Didn’t Watch . . . Until I Did   ''By mid-film you have a very accurate picture of what is happening on a daily basis with the CDC and its partners — quite literally — in crime, the pharmaceutical industry, in particular Merck Vaccines Division. You are transported back in time with Polly and Jonathan Tommey as they attempt to comfort a rigid and shaking Billy, praying right alongside them as his eyes roll back in his head and his body convulses. You are very much in the room when hospital officials are assuring them this is all perfectly normal, he will be just fine, and everyone just needs to go home and relax — as I and countless friends and colleagues were reassured: “It’s fine.”It’s normal. It happens all the time.''  ....''You think sub-prime loans were bad news and devastated our country? How about sub-prime (no placebo-based, completely unresearched, ZERO accountability for the manufacturer, 100% risk to the child/taxpayer) preventative medicine that steals the brains and central nervous systems of our children, but sells itself as the pinnacle of wellness to the world? What happened in the world of banking during the housing bubble is happening at the CDC at this very moment, and nobody is paying attention.  ''Let it be known, when you go see VaxXed, you are not just passively watching a movie, you are actively becoming a part of history.

[2016 March] VAXXED: Evidence Reveals CDC Censored Vaccine Documentary With Co-ordinated Attack


[2016 March] The vaccine film Robert De Niro won’t let his audience see by Jon Rappoport

[2016 March] Vaxxed: The powerful new documentary the CDC wishes would just go away

"Every major newspaper is saying don't go see a movie they haven't watched themselves. What's next, are they going to tell us to start burning books in the streets? We've never seen anything like this.  This is supposed to be a country based on freedom of expression, and our entire media that [claims to] represent speech and expression, is telling everybody to shut down free speech. Journalism is officially DEAD in America.  We have a whistleblower at the CDC who is still sitting at the CDC, an awarded scientist, who is being protected by whistleblower status, and the media is saying we are making things up. They say they've debunked the whistleblower, but you can't debunk someone who hasn't had his day in court, just like you can't review a movie you haven't seen."  Del Bigtree

Del Bigtree

CDC  Pan, Richard

"The really sad thing is the amount of doctors that I've spoken to, that say to me 'Del, I know vaccines are causing autism but I won't say it on camera because the Pharmaceutical Industry will destroy my career, just like they did to Andy Wakefield'. " Del Bigtree

Del Bigtree

Del Bigtree

[2016 March] The vaccine film Robert De Niro won’t let his audience see by Jon Rappoport