Wilder, Arizona


[David Icke] Letís start at the beginning.  And can you tell us the story of what happened in your life from the very start?

[Arizona Wilder] Um, what I can tell you is that before I started looking into my life, back in 1989, I was starting to have flashes of things.  And my life was not what it seemed to be, which is why I started looking into it.  And what I found out, was that I had a lot of missing time. A whole lot of missing time. As to what had occurred in my life, and when I started looking into what had happened in my life, the only way at the time that I knew was to start going to see a therapist. Within a year, I was talking about memories of being sexually abused by my father -- which was part of what was supposed to happen -- and I was starting to talk about mind control issues.  And I was talking about ritual abuse issues at the time.  And I didnít have the whole thing put together. Itís taken me all these years, itís taken approximately almost 10 years, to put together what has happened to me. And in the process, I have lost everything that I ever had in my life, and anything I held dear in my life.

I was bred for this role that I fulfill, and it was planned before my birth.  And it was because of the bloodline of my motherís family, which comes down through Ireland, but before that it began in France, it was through the Marquis de Stock(?), which is he came to Ireland, and changed the name to Stack, and then I was chosen. The birth was planned. My parents were forced to move down to this area for the reason that the High Council is down here. There are 6 councils of 13 in this country. And the High Council is down here.

[David Icke] Weíre talking the United States?

[Arizona Wilder] The United States, yes. And so from the time that I was a baby, I was being abused and traumatized on purpose for the mind control that they need someone to go through to do whatever they say, as just a puppet, that they can control every move. And you donít remember Ė I didnítí remember Ė a lot of things, because I have, as a result of all of this mind control, split off many parts that all hold memories, hold feelings, hold programs, hold information.  And Iíve been working very hard to pull all of that up. Itís been a long, slow process for me, because there donít seem to be a lot of people in the field Ė I felt the only way I could go is psychiatric and psychological Ė they donít seem to know what is really going on.  And I believe a lot of them are afraid of being sued should they suggest something.  So they cannot lead or suggest.  And itís been a process of me having to trigger myself to remember, and be around people that can help me with that who canít really be touched by The False Memory Syndrome Foundation.

[David Icke] So what happened? You say you were abused as a child as part of this compartmentalizing of your mind. What went on after that as you got older?

[Arizona Wilder] Well, they start with wanting to make you an obedient slave at first, and so they do a lot of sensory deprivation, they do a lot of sensory overload, and they switch between the two and do out-and-out torture. They take a small child, and they electroshock. In my case, it was electroshock to the brain. And they would take away my chance to sleep. They would keep me awake for many hours at night, and not let me sleep.  And I was also told things. As this was before the age of 5, I was told things such as, they would make me drink water and they would say, ďIf you pass urine, youíre going to drink it.Ē And then they would make me drink it. ďAnd if you have a bowel movement, you have to eat the feces.Ē Which is also what happened to me. And then they would play Ė there was a programmer that was programming me, a very infamous person in history who actually has been in this country, and he was known as Dr. Green. He actually was Dr. Joseph Mengele from the concentration camps in Germany. And he stayed a lot at China Lake Naval Weapons Station out here in Southern California, in the desert area.  And I would be around this man a lot.  And he used to tell me that the scar he had on the left cheek of his face was actually from Ė he was into fencing Ė and that it was from that.  But actually, the scar on his cheek was from one of his own programming techniques where he would put a child in a box with a sword and tell the child to defend the box, even if it meant his own death. Then heíd tell another child to break into the box -- which this child would do -- and then the other child would then jump out of the box and shove the sword or the lance straight through the other child. And at one point, he got into it where this child actually got him in the face with the sword. Also he would wear a huge emerald ring on his left hand on this middle finger.  And he would twist this emerald around for programming.  And he was into using long colored ribbons of different colors.  And you had to choose a certain ribbon, or you were given a certain ribbon, and that meant that this certain thing was going to happen to you. And it was like picking sticks out, or drawing sticks out of someoneís hand.

I saw games of Russian Roulette played, where it was chosen beforehand that a child would die.  And the child would put the gun up to his head and pull the trigger.  And this child would end up dying. But it was meant to scare all of us. To keep us in terror. And there were many other children who were around me that went through this same thing. I have run into people from my childhood that have known me, and I have recognized their names, and even if they change their names, and changed their hair color, as I have done, they have recognized me, or I have recognized them.  And I know their name, and they know my name.  There isnít any way for this to have happened.  Itís just beyond coincidence. And when you get older, this programmer in particular, Mengele, would take me to rituals. I went to rituals with him all over this country and in Britain and in France.  And it was known by intelligence agencies in this country that this man was here. They brought him here.

[David Icke] Is that Project Paperclip youíre talking about?

[Arizona Wilder] Yeah. Through the OSS. And my so-called "family" are all DID. They are very well programmed, and they have not sought help.  They have not gone in and tried to figure out what happened. They believe theyíve had this certain kind of life that theyíve had, and as far as they are concerned, I am crazy. And they have much different memories of what I have.  And I was always told certain things by my parents that my sisters were never told. And biologically, I have to add at this point, that my mother is my mother, but I am not biologically related to my father. And this has to do with the bloodlines.  And his was considered impure. And this is all about the purity of the bloodline. And that is why I am involved in this.

There are people who are involved in this that it is not so much because of bloodline, but that they have the ability to dissociate and be used as slaves by these people.

[David Icke] You say that you come from a certain bloodline.  And there is this obsession with bloodlines, this Brotherhood, the Illuminati have.  Why is that?

[Arizona Wilder] Because what first started coming out was about the Aryans, the Aryans, and the purity of the blood. And what itís all about is that the blood, and the menstrual blood,  contains something that is important for the propagation of this race that is controlling things on this planet. And these people that are in the organization, that the Council of 13 is under, and they have something called the Grand Druid Council, or the Octagon.  They are called the Illuminati. And the Illuminati are actually run by these 13 bloodlines, which are all of the royal families in Europe and in England. And they need the blood, because they are in fact not human. They take human shape but they are reptilians. And they need the blood, the blood helps them maintain their reptilian shape.  And it helps them maintain their sanity.  And it helps them to live in this world, because they are not from this world.

[David Icke] Does that relate to what the Nazis call ďvril power,Ē and what the Hindus call ďthe serpent power,Ē in the blood?

[Arizona Wilder] Yes.  The blood has something in it. It has secretions from the pituitary gland and from the pineal gland.  And it has a very strong drug in it.  This is the one that keeps them from going crazy. And itís like heroin, or like endorphins. And itís much stronger. But what they need for it to be secreted in the blood is terrorization of their victims before they are killed for their blood. Or if a young woman is beginning to menstruate, they need the menstrual blood. And they have to terrorize them to get this amount in the blood, to be secreted in the blood.

[David Icke] Is this what other people have told me about, that at the point of great terror, like the point of sacrifice, thereís an adrenalin that enters the bloodstream? Is this what they are looking for?

[Arizona Wilder] Yes.  And this other element comes and secretes out through the blood. This all comes out through the blood at that time.  And itís at that point they are actually staring into the eyes of the head of it at some of these rituals, or at a reptilian. They are staring into the eyes of this person. And itís a hypnotic gaze these reptilians have. And it holds the victim in an absolute trance, and a trance of terror. And then they are killed at that moment as they are staring into their eyes. And they canít hold their shape when this happens. The human shape they cannot hold. They go back into reptilian shape as this is happening, because itís like an animalistic type of excitement of the kill. And oftentimes, they will just rip into the victim, and eviscerate them, and start eating the flesh of this person, too. And the fat from the intestinal areas is highly valued, as they use it on their skin. And they drink the blood.  And the blood is highly sought after.  And it goes also according to rank within these creatures, as to who gets what when. And their sacrifices have started increasing in the early Ď80s, the amount that they were doing has increased. And they use a lot of druidic holidays to do this. But they have other days, too. Theyíve mixed all of these Satanic and what are called Satanic holidays and Druidic holidays, in order to have these rituals, because ritual seems to be important to them. But they also use it in order to drink this blood, which they seem to need more.

[David Icke] Have you any idea why itís increased since the Ď80s?

[Arizona Wilder] There are changes going on in the earth. It seems they are not able to hold their shape like they once were able to, and people see them shape-shift more and more. And they need the blood to try and maintain it, to try and maintain their human form. I believe thereís a time coming, because of what Iíve been told, when they are not going to bother having to hold that human shape as they had to before. And they want that time to come. Itís almost upon us.

[David Icke] So when youíre talking about the fact that the veil is lifting on these reptilians, so that people can see them far more easily, far more often, does this relate in any way to the fact that there is this desire to bring in this rigid structure, including microchipping and many other things, across the year 2000, which has become known as The New World Order?  Is that coming in because it is known that the people are going to see what the game is, and there has to be control of the people at that time?

[Arizona Wilder] Yes.  Itís very connected. I started talking about The New World Order back in 1990.  And I was very psychologically and physically affected -- so much -- by what was coming out. I wasnít watching television. I was not aware that certain individuals in this country, George Bush, were talking about The New World Order. I was talking about it because that was what was coming out, and knowing for the first time that inside of myself, I heard it in conjunction with the Nazis.  And that came from Mengele. And I started realizing that there was something going on.  And then it scared me.  And I didnít really look into it for years.  But I was being harassed constantly.  I was being told at one point, I had someone telling me that, and he was ex-army intelligence, ex-CIA, telling me that I was being monitored by the National Security Agency. And I didnít have the whole story then, so I did not totally understand why this was happening. But yet I was being followed by cars or vans that said G-12, G-14, and in this last year, which has really been very hard, Iíve been followed by G-41 vans.  And I had to find out what those were.  And thatís Naval Intelligence. But this whole thing is going towards around the year 2000, when they are going to establish themselves openly as a New World Order. And itís headed toward that. And thatís what everything is being prepared for.  And I have actually got a sleeping program right now to return, because Iíve left, to return for that time. Itís called ďEnd Times Programming,Ē ďJanus Programming.Ē

[David Icke] Janus relates back to Nimrod of Babylon.

[Arizona Wilder] Yeah.  There is a group that used to be in contact with me all the time. And they stopped trying, simply because I didnít obey them. They would be in contact with me all the time. They are called ďJanus.Ē Which is also the Roman two-headed god of change. And their headquarters is in Brussels, Belgium, in the NATO building. And they are a group of psychiatrists and doctors who are into mind control. And they are one of the many groups involved with the Illuminati. And they would contact me and give me directions that I was to psychically kill this person, or psychically injure this person, or scare this person.  And theyíd give me the location. And I started questioning this, and I had a contact who since seems to have disappeared, because she couldnít get the funding. I had called her about this group, and sheís the one who was the ex-CIA, ex-Army Intelligence person, and she knew about these people and she said, ďYes, youíre right. This is what is going on.Ē

[David Icke] In your experience, being brought up in this Illuminati environment, were you ever told anything about where these reptilians came from? And what is the history of it all?

[Arizona Wilder] I was made to learn through Mothers of Darkness, which is a certain aspect of the organization, because it was an early, early part of my training, the history of what was the Illuminati on this planet. And what I learned was that the Aryans were originally from Mars.  And the reptilians came to that planet, they came from another place, they came to that planet to rule. They wanted to mix, so they said, with that race.  But they became the overlords. And the Martians, or Aryans, were seeking to escape from it. They went to the moon. And then were there attacked. And they then went to earth, and established culture here on earth, approximately 6,000 years ago. And at that point in time, they were doing well.  And they were mixing with the indigenous population of this earth.  They were getting along.  And then, about 4,000 years ago, the reptilians arrived here and again began to take over. And they installed themselves in various places, underground, in the earth.  And also this one part of them, the ruling part, took over and became involved in the politics, and in the religion, and started controlling through these means at that point in time. And using the gods and deities that were believed in on this planet, they started infiltrating into that and becoming that.  And blood rituals started happening. And since that time, that is the way it has been. And presently they claim to have come from the Merovingian bloodline. And there are 13 bloodlines in Europe, all that are called royalty, which are developed from, or come from, and they include the Aryans in this. And thereís been a big push in this century, for example, when Nazis came into power, fascists talking about the purity of staying pure, and the Aryan bloodlines staying pure.  What it is actually all about is keeping the blue-eyed blonde, or light red-haired people, the bloodlines, pure. Because it is more powerful. And what is in that blood for these reptilians is more powerful, and they need that. And when you start mixing it with people who were indigenous to this earth, then it is not as powerful. It has nothing to do with a personís skin color or nationality, it has to do with keeping the bloodline pure for their use.

[David Icke] So blonde-haired, blue-eyed people are the purest from the reptilianís point of view? And they want to keep that blood line pure because of how they need to use it?

[Arizona Wilder] Yes. When I myself realized it had to do with blonde hair and blue eyes -- I could not do anything about my eyes, and I am not able to wear contacts or I would have brown eyes -- but one thing I did do was cut my hair off, because that was part of the rank I was -- my hair was down to my knees Ė and I colored my hair darker. And there were times, after I did cut it off, they had gotten to me, and so the hair would be light red. But that is being in compliance with them.  And I did not want to be in compliance with them. I want to expose them.  And this is part of it. And I wonít be what they want me to be.

[David Icke] When you look at some of the ancient accounts, like the Sumerian texts, and many other accounts, they talk about the gods interbreeding with humanity. Is this relevant to the reptilian way of infiltrating the human race?

[Arizona Wilder] Yes it is.  Because human beings all through the ages have accepted gods interbreeding, or being accepted as humans. And that shows in Christianity, that shows in Judaism. They have also used Egyptology, or the Egyptian religions a lot.  And the present head of the Illuminati compares himself a lot with the Egyptian god Osiris and Horus, which is Osiris reborn. And also with the Arthurian legends of the Roundtable. And the name that he carries from that is Pindar, which actually means ďPhallus of the Dragon.Ē And the other name, Osiris, he has carried because he takes the name at this time the Marquis de Libeaux [libero] which means liberator of or from the waters. And the story of Osiris is that he was cut into 14 pieces and thrown into the river Nile, and Isis found the pieces and put them back together again. And she could not find the 15th piece -- which happened to be the phallus -- so a gold phallus was made. And this is very important in this group.  In the Illuminati this is important. And it is important to think about the head of the Illuminati, because what comes from a golden phallus would be a superior seed for a race.  And this is what they are doing with all of these bloodlines to keep the bloodlines going.  They are impregnating people of Aryan blood, that hold high stations with them, impregnating them with this seed of Pindar. And therefore itís important to keep this history in mind, and the names in mind, that he is going by at this time.

[David Icke] So would it be correct to say that the reptilians came to this planet because the Aryan Martians came to this planet?  And had the Aryan Martians gone somewhere else, they would have followed them there?

[Arizona Wilder] They would have pursued them all over the universe. Yes.

[David Icke] Can we now go into some specifics about your own experiences? What were you brought up to do? You say that you were identified as a bloodline before you were born. What was the role you were brought through to play?

[Arizona Wilder] The role that I was brought through to play in the Illuminati was as a goddess.  Specifically, the address is Mother Goddess.  Starfire. And the Starfire goes back to the menstrual blood, what is contained in that. And the way that I was addressed was, Mother Goddess. There are only three Mother Goddesses.  There can only be three at a time on this planet.  And there is a male equivalent of which there can be only three of them.

[David Icke] Why mind control someone to conduct these rituals, like yourself? Why donít these reptilians just conduct their own rituals?

[Arizona Wilder] They donít seem to have the psychic abilities.  And they look for people who have that.  People in the blood line who have that. And Iíve had a tremendous amount of psychic ability.  And so I was picked and bred before birth.  And this is also something that other survivors who have been in high positions have known about me, and told me.

[David Icke] Whatís the connection then between you having psychic abilities -- those being recognized from the start -- and you being brought through to conduct their major rituals?

[Arizona Wilder] Well, itís kind of two-fold. First of all, they needed the psychic abilities because they control, or attempt to control, events.  Because I would have the ability to foretell what was going to happen. And they needed the information to try to control an outcome that was good for them. The second thing is that during the rituals, you had to have psychic ability.  You have to be very powerful in that way to call out The Old Ones, who are also reptilian, that come from another dimension. They actually materialize from out of another dimension, and are present at rituals. And they are so powerful, and there is such an evilness about them, that they want out of this other dimension. And they have to be called out by someone who has that power. And the reptilians donít have this power. Thatís very important. They donít have this power to call out these Old Ones who have to do with them.

[David Icke] What is it that humans have that the reptilians donít have, that means they donít have the power to connect interdimensionally, and some humans do?

[Arizona Wilder] We have the ability to foresee, to be able to become vibrationally higher, and see into those levels, go into those levels.  And in fact, Agencies use this.  They call it ďRemote Viewing.Ē Humans have the ability to go into the past, go into the future, to go to other places, to astrally leave their body, and to see things. And weíve always had this ability.  And itís like having a third eye, which they donít have. They donít have this ability. So during ritual, these Old Ones are called out, and they are what Christianity would have called the demons.  They are called out, and there is a circle that has a hexagon in there -- which is a powerful occultic symbol -- and then there is a pentagram. And then in the middle of that there is a triangle. And if youíre the one calling them out, then you stand in the triangle so that youíre not devoured or taken by these creatures that come out.

[David Icke] That creates an energy field around you which they canít penetrate?

[Arizona Wilder] Right. They cannot penetrate it. And they cannot get outside the pentagram. And they want out. They are always demanding to be let out. And so you have to be very powerful to keep them in line, and make them go back when it is time for them to go back.