Zigi Shipper
Eye Witnesses

[Plenty of evidence about being a factory worker, none of gas chambers.  If Auschwitz-Birkenau was a death camp, why ship him in and then out?]

Zigi Shipper:  ''The sky was hazy and there was a terrible smell. From a distance we saw chimneys with smoke coming out. At that time we didn't realise what it was.  But rumours started spreading that it was a crematorium. I still didn't know what that meant. We had to line up in front of the Nazis for 'selection'. As far as I know we were the only transport from the Lodz ghetto that arrived in Auschwitz with over 500 people who were all on a named list. This was because we were supposed to be going to work in another factory. The entire transport of over 500 people eventually left Auschwitz together. After "selection" men and women were separated. We were taken to showers -we were made to undress and give up whatever possessions we had on us i.e. jewellery, spectacles etc. Then we were shaved everywhere, disinfected and put it communal showers. When we came out we were given striped suits with numbers on to wear, as at that time they were not tattooing numbers on. While in Auschwitz, we did no work at all. We were getting black coffee and a slice of bread morning and evening. We slept three people to a bunk, three bunks high. All I can remember is that there were a lot of people in the barracks and the smell was unbearable. After a couple of weeks, an order came that the whole transport that had arrived from the metal factory was going to another camp.] https://www.atl.org.uk/Images/Zigi%20Shipper%27s%20story.pdf