[2009 April] Blood on our hands: How Britain cynically covered up the truth about megalomaniac Mugabe

[2008 Dec] Merchants of Death: Exposing Corporate-financed Holocaust in AfricaWhite Collar War Crimes, Black African Fall Guys by Keith Harmon Snow One of the most notorious global arms traffickers involved in Congo, Namibia and Zimbabwe is John Bredenkamp, one of Britain’s 50 richest men. Walter Hailwax, the Belgian honorary consul to Namibia, is a director of arms producer Windhoeker Maschinenfabrik, and the local director of Bredenkamp’s arms brokerage company ACS International Ltd. A key agent in Zimbabwean and DRC organized crime networks, Bredenkamp is one of the phantom white-collar criminals behind Robert Mugabe, another black African fall guy now targeted by the Western press, think tanks and flak organizations, to the exclusion of other major interests. Of course, the Ndebele people suffered war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide under Mugabe, with the bulk of the atrocities committed from 1981-1988. (Mugabe remained an embraceable black agent of white power until about 1999, and today—according to the Western economic and policy establishment, and the mass media, who no longer embrace him—he is the devil incarnate in Zimbabwe.)

 [2007] BLOOD DIAMOND DOUBLETHINK & DECEPTION OVER THOSE WORTHLESS LITTLE ROCKS OF DESIRE by Rick Hines & Keith Harmon Snow  Zimbabwe is the epitome of diamondthink. From December 2006 to January 2007, Zimbabwe’s police executed Operation Chikorokoza—“end of illegal mining”—against ‘illegal’ gold panners and diamond miners countrywide. Police set up roadblocks and brutalized travelers. They arrested and terrorized at least 24,890 people, and burned down the houses of artisanal miners and others displaced by the international destabilization of Zimbabwe. Meanwhile, police confiscated some 3.5 kilograms of gold worth over $57.3 million; 552,227 kilograms of gold ore; 92 emeralds; and 7,868 diamonds.
     Robert Mugabe’s cronies and their international benefactors have destabilized and depopulated DRC, looting copper, cobalt, timber, uranium and diamonds. Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party in recent years crashed the international media scene for evicting white farmers under ‘land reform’, but untouched are the largest landholders: multinational corporations. Mugabe seized power in 1981 on the empty promise of land reform. In the 1980’s Mugabe and his “liberation” army terrorized the Ndebele people under the Gukurahundi—a bona fide genocide. After arming Mugabe’s gang, the international “community” closed its eyes to the slaughter; attempts to break the story were squashed in Britain and the U.S. Equally invisible are Mugabe’s ties to international arms dealer John Bredenkamp, one of the 50 richest Britons, worth $1 billion, tied to BAE Systems (British Aerospace) and the U.S. state department, and Billy Rautenbach, another Western mining cartel crony and white patron of Mugabe.