Black Salve Update, Melanoma on Nose Removed

Just another update for you. Below is another melanoma victory story, followed by a 20% off coupon code from BOE, as well as some info in the battle of chemical vs natural's really heating up! Feel free to share as I am doing with you..

As always, is you have experiences with black salve
I would love to hear about them and share them with those in need of a healing too! Drop me an email or reply to this one. Have a great Spring and keep sharing the truth about health!

Hi Rick,

June gave me a tiny sample of the salve just as we were leaving Idaho for Oregon. She also gave me the website and quick instructions which I followed.

On the left side of my nose was a melanoma, put only a very small amount of salve on....but just that small amount worked!

When the scab came off had a small crater that filled in within less than a month. Nothing to see even with an eight power magnifying mirror.

Will be getting the Total Care Body Wash soon as I have what my mother always called "whiteheads".

Thank you for your website and the videos on the Black Salve.

Cringed when I clicked on one of the other experiences of a man having a different companies product Cansema (sp) spread on a large area of his face, on his ear and near his nose, too much area at once if any pain ensued. Hope it turned out well for him.

-Nancy M----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------




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