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[Hoxsey used Escharotics at his clinic, also Nichols, exposing the propaganda of AMA shill Quackwatch's page.  The AMA via the FDA has managed to suppress sale of these products (Alpha Omega, Herbveil).]


The FDA's Illegal Kidnapping, Abduction, & Imprisonment of Greg Caton (Sep. 30, 2011)

[2011 May] Black Salve Update, Melanoma on Nose Removed

[2010] Black Salve Update More Cancer Success

[2009] Criminal FDA Gangsters Kidnap Greg Caton From Ecuador

[2009 March] Black Salve Update Bladder, Skin, and Pancreatic Cancer Gone

Black Salve at risk by FDA and FTC

[2008 Oct] Black Salve at risk by FDA and FTC

[2013 April]

Escharotic using doctors, healers
Hoxsey  Dr Shulze  Dr. Frederic Mohs Nichols  Dr. H. Ray Evers  Greg Caton  Evans, Daniel and John

Melanoma skin cancer treated with black salve. for more info.

Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment By Ingrid Naiman
[1939] Cancer: Its Proper Treatment and Cure by Dr. Nichols B.S., M.D.

Greg Caton Online book:   

See: Herbs for cancer

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Ingrid Naiman
The Cansema Tapes - 1995-96 - (excerpts)

Black salve
You can now get black salve from Natural Black Salve at Their shop page is at They also have interesting articles and posts at   Choosing a Black Salve

Best On Earth Products, LLC

Herbveil 8

Alpha Omega labs (Cansema)

DR SHULZE FORMULA: Red Clover Blossoms, Garlic cloves, Poke root, goldenseal, activated charcoal, Tea Tree Oil, Bentonite clay, Slippery Elm inner bark.

Another type of cancer salve is made of pancreatic enzymes by Wobe-Mugos in Germany.