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Curing AIDS and Cancer. Interview with Ed Sopcak

CanCell/Entelev: Cantron (Entelev technology) Medical Research Products, 3960 N.W. 167th Street, Miami, FL 33054 (001 800 443 3030)

Information: Hope Foundation 001 313 783 5558

Quantrol Agency, PO Box 3333, 39 Bowery, New York, NY 1002 (could be out of business)

Entelev (original CanCell) information: Margaret Dubuque Tel: 001 203 261 0778 * James Sheridan Tel: 001 810 779 3234 * Dennis Sheridan.Tel: 001 810 391 3443. Address 17550 Castle, Roseville, Michegan 48066, USA.

I wanted to make everyone aware that there is now a Cantron (formerly known as Cancell) support group online. It is compiled of individuals currently using Cantron and others who cured their cancer cases with its use. It is an excellent forum to ask questions and receive great information about Cantrons use. You can contact me at for further information or get directly involved by emailing . You will first have to get your name subscribed into the forum(its free of course ) before you can begin asking/receiving information.

                                             Dr.Greg Dowless
                                        clinical oncology pharmacist
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The FDA told one of the doctors, so I hear, that they had run a clinical trial on CanCell. They found that it did everything I said it did. They figured there had to be something in the solution so they admitted that they tried using every known filter and couldn't filter anything out of it.   Then they made a conscious decision that they would use the power of the US Government in order to prevent the American citizens from knowing anything as simple as pure water that had been programmed could cure many different illnesses. This is the condition it is in today.
    ........The second point in this case is that they proceeded without a plaintiff. There was no harmed party. The FDA actually went out and tried to solicit a harmed party. They got names of people I sent CanCell to through the United Parcel Service, which was unlawful, but they did it. They went out and interviewed these people and none of them would sign or testify against me. Almost every one of them said that they would testify on my behalf.
    So it is at a standstill and it's obvious that it has to be a conspiracy since you have involved in this the FDA, the AMA and the American Cancer Society. You have Judge Friedman knowingly breaking the law and the appeals court knowingly has jurisdiction but says that they don't. When you get all of this together, it's obvious that there is a conspiracy to prevent the people from being able to use something that would benefit them.
  .......It is not legal. Actually, it is legal but the US Government is using the full power of the government to prohibit people from exercising their first amendment right to freedom of speech or freedom of choice. They have unlawfully, without jurisdiction, prohibited me from giving this to people. Before the government felt they didn't want the competition from something that was effective, people would call me on the phone or write and inform me that they were diagnosed with terminal cancer. At that point I would send them CanCell with instructions and diet. If they followed the routine, about 8 out of 10 people ended up without cancer. Curing AIDS and Cancer. Interview with Ed Sopcak

It (cancer) is a mutation of an anaerobic cell. So where does that anaerobic cell come from? There are basically two sources of them. One is if you eat any fat or oil that carries a lot of free radicals. The free radicals affect the nucleic acids and will reproduce themselves in a damaged state. Free radicals are in any partially hydrogenated things such as margarine, disco or all the oils on the shelves. Also most baked goods have partially hydrogenated oil in them. This is the basic cause of an anaerobic cell.
    Another thing is if you eat protein. Protein digestion is a two-stage process in the body. At the end of the first stage of digestion you will have a DNA chemical or frequency that will damage the nucleic acid, and unless you have an adequate supply of vitamin B6 within the system you don't complete the digestion of protein. Therefore you will damage those nucleic acids and you will have the production of cells in a damaged state. When they are damaged enough, when they are sitting in a voltage range of between a negative .17 volts and a negative .21 volts, and when you have in the system a bacteria that's classified as a progenitor crypto-cyden, then that will facilitate the change of an aerobic cell to an anaerobic cell. Once you have anaerobic cells in the body those cells will create energy. You do come up with ATP but it's in a different form or ratio. When the body recognises that you're coming in with a different ratio, why then the function of the body is to circle the wagon to protect itself.
    This is where all of the degenerative diseases occur, such as arthritis, lupus, diabetes, M.S., Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc.  They will stay there and create all kinds of mischief. Now if, at the same time, some place along the line the body has a chronic demand for energy that is greater than the cell structure is programmed to deliver, the body answers that demand for energy by mutating the anaerobic cells. Since the mutation of an anaerobic cell is cancer, that's the cause. Usually the chronic demand for energy here is stress. Over the past 10 years I've spoken to over 40,000 people with cancer. Almost universally, at least 90% of the time you can say to a person diagnosed with cancer, "Within 6 months to 3 years ago, you went through a stressful situation. What was it?" They always then say, "Well how did you know that?" It is almost chiselled in stone that that is the case. Curing AIDS and Cancer. Interview with Ed Sopcak

Back in 1990, the National Cancer Institute asked me for a sample of CanCell. We sent it to them. They tested it on 58 different tumour strains. It reduced or eliminated all 58. It was 100% effective. They put this in a report and signed it. They're sorry they signed it because now they are denying they ever did the study. They're trying their best not to let people know that there is something that would be helpful. Curing AIDS and Cancer. Interview with Ed Sopcak

We are spending $4.9 billion tax dollars researching AIDS. Of course you have to understand that the purpose of research is to accumulate knowledge, not to find a cure for AIDS. Curing AIDS and Cancer. Interview with Ed Sopcak

It is the intent that the individual who is creating the material, their mental intent has an effect upon the product. The reason conventional or allopathic medicine doesn't work and never will work is because those individuals that are creating it are creating it not to cure anybody, but their main intent is to make a profit. It does make the profit but it is not effective as a cure. So you would have to change the entire effort of the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry before you could get allopathic medicines to work again. I don't care what Clinton does or anyone else, unless they make some basic change there, nothing they do is going to work, unfortunately. Curing AIDS and Cancer. Interview with Ed Sopcak

This material is advanced to the point where you have to go back and start with Einstein and realise that he in his later writings indicated that nothing exists in the universe except electromagnetic vibrational frequency. There is no such thing as mass. Once you understand that and that everything is electrovibrational magnetic energy, then everything else becomes quite plain. Again, what we consider mass or solids are simply vibrational densities. If you can agree with that, then the rest of all of this becomes easy, because all you're doing is providing a vibrational catalyst that allows the body to tune itself or become in vibrational balance. When it does that it eliminates all vibrational density in the body. When it eliminates the vibrational density which we call disease, the disease no longer exists. That's purely and simply all it is. Curing AIDS and Cancer. Interview with Ed Sopcak