Curing AIDS and Cancer
Interview with Ed Sopcak

CanCell is a carrier of vibrational frequencies which, despite being unapproved by the FDA, has cured AIDS, cancer, and other diseases.

Nexus Magazine, December--January 1994 Taken from vol 1, no 31 of Sovereign Scribe Magazine,
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ES: Ed Sopcak (pronounced 'Soap-check').

SS: Sovereign Scribe.

SS: How did you get first get involved in his type of work?

ES: I was working with free energy devices which is all about vibrational frequencies. During this time I had a friend named Don over at the University of Michigan who was at Saint Joseph's, who was a terminal cancer patient.  They gave him six weeks to live. He got a hold of a product from Jim Sheridan called Entelev. He took that while at St Joseph's and ended up without any cancer in six weeks. That gets one's attention.

Now Jim Sheridan had started on the research project Entelev back in 1936. By 1947 he felt that he had a workable model that would cure about 38% of all cancer. He kept working. The more successful he got, the more unhappy the FDA got with him. So by the time 1984 came around he had had it; he quit and decided nobody wanted it and he just wasn't going to do it anymore. So this friend of mine asked me if I would make it for him. I said sure, get me the formulation and I would make it. So he did. Now Jim was looking at it from a chemical standpoint, having himself a degree in physical chemistry. I started looking at it from a standpoint of basic vibrational physics. So I made a few minor changes in the formulation based on vibrational physics. I made some and gave it to my friend. Then others heard about it who were terminal cancer patients and we gave it to them. This continued to grow. I've been at it for 10 years now.

All cancer is an anaerobic cell that has mutated. Cancer is a single disease. With the application of Entelev, Jim took an anaerobic cell and pushed it back through primitive, which meant it went back to the amino acids the body used to create the protein in the first place.

Now everybody recognises that a cancer cell is an anaerobic cell. This is not news to anybody. The general attempt by people in cancer therapy is to take that weakened anaerobic cell and make it stronger with vitamins or whatever, and try to push it back to being an aerobic cell. You can't do that. Jim recognised this and his view was, rather than to make the cell healthy, he decided to just get rid of it. So he worked with the blockages within the enzyme system or the respiratory system and then he pushed the cell back through primitive and ended up with the amino acids that the body uses to create itself, and therefore the cancer no longer existed.

SS: Is this related to the hydrogen peroxide approach of creating an oxygen-rich environment whereby anaerobic cells can't function?

ES: Technically, but the first thing you must understand about hydrogen peroxide or these others is that nothing works chemically. Everything on the face of the Earth is electromagnetic vibrational frequency. Therefore, when you get into peroxide there's the assumption that since the formulation is H202, that it will always break to H20 + oxygen and that is not true. It can also break into 2 OH radicals and very often does. But if it works for you, take it. If it doesn't, don't.

SS: So the vibrational changes brought about by CanCell, are these vibrations higher or lower?

ES: It starts out with a very high vibration and it degenerates over a 12-hour period. In doing that, as it comes down, it matches or gets into an interference pattern with viruses like the AIDS virus. It causes the virus to disassociate like the Memorex commercial with the glass when someone hits the note and the glass shatters. Well that's what happens with the virus.

SS: How does this relate with Rife's work?

ES: This is probably 50 to 75 years past the Rife technologies. We are now in a position on this planet where if anything plugs into a wall or uses a magnet to create the frequencies of the energy force, I would be suspect of it because the densities are too great We're working with high and extremely subtle frequencies. These frequencies cannot be measured with the technology we have today.

SS: So did you continue and advance the work of Jim Sheridan?

ES: I made CanCell for 6 months before I ever met Jim. We've been friends ever since meeting and I have a great deal of respect for him. We actually established a frequency that was a little above the frequency of oxygen. Not all oxygen has the same frequency. So what I believe that Jim was doing was starting out with a 6-ring organic compound and then he was manipulating the organic rings from 6 to 5 to 3 and various ratios. As you do this, every time you go from a 6- to a 5-ring compound, you increase the vibrational frequency. So he was really using chemicals to create a vibrational frequency in the water. So if you were able to take the dark material that Jim was making in the Entelev or early CanCell and you could filter out all of the dark materials, the material would still work. The chemistry had nothing to do with the function of the material. The only thing it had to do with was to create the frequency change.

So when we got to the point where the frequencies that I needed were higher than the frequencies I could get by the manipulation of chemicals, then we went to the new, improved CanCell several years ago. The new material analyses as pure water. The FDA told one of the doctors, so I hear, that they had run a clinical trial on CanCell. They found that it did everything I said it did. They figured there had to be something in the solution so they admitted that they tried using every known filter and couldn't filter anything out of it.   Then they made a conscious decision that they would use the power of the US Government in order to prevent the American citizens from knowing anything as simple as pure water that had been programmed could cure many different illness­es. This is the condition it is in today.

SS: So how do you alter the frequency of the water?

ES: Well the frequency of water gets changed every time it rains or anytime you put it up against anything. In other words, water is a programmable crystal. If anyone doubts that, ask yourself where do snowflakes come from? A change in a physical state doesn't change the crystalline structure.

So the first thing you have to do, since water has been on this planet for 10.5 million years, you have to get the memory or the history of what the water molecule remembers out of there. You must deprogramme the crystal and get it as close to a blank as you can. Then you can reprogramme it with the frequencies that you want. You erase the memory with a distillation process. After the water is distilled and clean and the memory is taken out of it, then I just simply place another memory into it.

SS: The water will retain this new memory?

ES: Yes. It depends on what you do. You can get both stable and unstable memories in it. That's one of the catches. The other catch is to get something that will work as CanCell does as a vibrational catalyst, so that if you simply get it in the aura of the body it will function. You do not have to take it internally or let it wet the skin. All you have to do is put it on a cotton pad and close to pulse points on the body. If you do that you will pick up the frequency from the CanCell. It will align die frequency of the aura. This affects the frequency of the cell structure. Once you have a balance in the cell structure then the body will cure itself. Cancell doesn't cure anything. All CanCell does is to allow the body to put itself into harmonic and vibrational balance.

SS: So what exactly is the cause of cancer?

ES: That's easy. As I said it is a mutation of an anaerobic cell. So where does that anaerobic cell come from? There are basically two sources of them. One is if you eat any fat or oil that carries a lot of free radicals. The free radicals affect the nucleic acids and will reproduce themselves in a damaged state. Free radicals are in any partially hydrogenated things such as margarine, disco or all the oils on the shelves. Also most baked goods have partially hydrogenated oil in them. This is the basic cause of an anaerobic cell

Another thing is if you eat protein. Protein digestion is a two-stage process in the body. At the end of the first stage of digestion you will have a DNA chemical or frequency that will damage the nucleic acid, and unless you have an adequate supply of vitamin B6 within the system you don't complete the digestion of protein. Therefore you will damage those nucleic acids and you will have the production of cells in a damaged state. When they are damaged enough, when they are sitting in a voltage range of between a negative .17 volts and a negative .21 volts, and when you have in the system a bacteria that's classified as a progenitor crypto-cyden, then that will facilitate the change of an aerobic cell to an anaerobic cell. Once you have anaerobic cells in the body those cells will create energy. You do come up with ATP but it's in a different form or ratio. When the body recognises that you're coming in with a different ratio, why then the function of the body is to circle the wagon to protect itself.

This is where all of the degenerative diseases occur, such as arthritis, lupus, diabetes, M.S., Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc.  They will stay there and create all kinds of mischief. Now if, at the same time, some place along the line the body has a chronic demand for energy that is greater than the cell structure is programmed to deliver, the body answers that demand for energy by mutating the anaerobic cells. Since the mutation of an anaerobic cell is cancer, that's the cause. Usually the chronic demand for energy here is stress. Over the past 10 years I've spoken to over 40,000 people with cancer. Almost universally, at least 90% of the time you can say to a person diagnosed with cancer, "Within 6 months to 3 years ago, you went through a stressful situation. What was it?" They always then say, "Well how did you know that?" It is almost chiselled in stone that that is the case.

SS: This leads us to the approach taken by people like Dr. Bernie Seigal who say that cancer is related to one's attitude.

ES: He is correct. Now when I used to answer the phone about 4 hours a day, volunteers have since taken over this for me, but I could tell simply by talking to the person with a 95% degree of accuracy whether CanCell could be used successfully for them or not.  A person who takes CanCell and has cancer and is still staytag in a stressful situation, CanCell won't affect them at all. A person who is uptight and refuses to relinquish their stress, there's a problem there.

SS: Getting into a preventative approach, do free radical scavengers like vitamin E and SOD work?

ES: They sure do. Any of the antioxidants such as the B vitamins. Vitamin C, the water soluble one, and vitamin E, the oil soluble one, do work. The mineral is selenium. I don't personally take supplements of any type. I don't believe God put me here to be popping pills so I don't take things like that.  But in general if you got your diet back to as much raw fruits and vegetables and nuts and minimally cooked foods, and if you did that and stayed away from animal products, I think you'd be a lot healthier.

SS: You mentioned previously a list of diseases caused by anaerobic cell reproduction. Do you have CanCell programmed to different frequencies for different diseases?

ES: No, I establish 34 energy clusters so it has a whole family of frequencies in it. See this is one of the problems with the FDA, because they think things happen chemically and all allopathic drags work vibrationally. Nothing works chemically.

See, you can go back to the later works of Einstein and he's telling the same thing I'm telling you in different words. He admits that there exists nothing in the universe except electromagnetic vibrational frequency. There is no such thing as mass. There is no particle in the nucleus of the atom. These things just simply don't exist. The only thing that exists is various forms of vibrational densities that appear to our perceptions as mass or solids.

SS: Is CanCell legal to use?

ES: It is not legal. Actually, it is legal but the US Government is using the full power of the government to prohibit people from exercising their first amendment right to freedom of speech or freedom of choice. They have unlawfully, without jurisdiction, prohibited me from giving this to people. Before the government felt they didn't want the competition from something that was effective, people would call me on the phone or write and inform me that they were diagnosed with terminal cancer. At that point I

would send them CanCell with instructions and diet. If they followed the routine, about 8 out of 10 people ended up without cancer.

SS: How many people received CanCell?

ES: I've given away well over 30,000 treatments. Our files probably have about 10,000 testimonial letters, many complete with medical records. The dosage would be 1/2 cc under the tongue and 1/2 cc at a pulse point on the body.

SS: How much did it cost?

ES: I have never charged for it. I made a gift of this to everyone who needed help and I even paid for postage. There was no money involved and I sent back all donations.

SS: So if the FDA could conclude that CanCell was simply water, how could they block its use?

ES: In the hearing, Judge Bernard Friedman declared that water was a drug on the record. Secondly, when the Keyfaver Amendment FDA Act of 1938 came in in 1962, the 1962 amendment grandfathered all drugs that were in the market-place prior to 1938, then CanCell should be grandfathered in. I filed a motion which he ignored. So I will resubmit that motion sometime this week.

Today, there is an unlawful injunction in place and they have prevented me from making a gift of this to anyone.

Back in 1990, the National Cancer Institute asked me for a sample of CanCell. We sent it to them. They tested it on 58 different tumour strains. It reduced or eliminated all 58. It was 100% effective. They put this in a report and signed it. They're sorry they signed it because now they are denying they ever did the study. They're trying their best not to let people know that there is something that would be helpful.

A little later, we were doing double-blind studies under World Health and FDA protocols on the AIDS virus in Africa. We were getting computer analyses of the data that we generated at the Texas Medical Center. They published an article in the Explore! magazine in July 1992. It said the people who were on CanCell with an additive to it had an increase in the CD4 count of their immune system of 604 points, and the placebo group had a decrease of 102 points. That upset them because that of course is the next great boondoggle in the world: how much money can we spend on AIDS research? So once they found out that you cannot get an increase of that magnitude in the CD4 count if the virus is still there, the conclusion was of course that CanCell is an effective treatment for AIDS. We know it is. We've done over 1000 double-blind studies in Africa and to this date the people who are doing the studies have refused to give me the studies of the report. The last reports, as I understand, were filed by the World Health Organisation.

So they do know. The data is there. The US Government tested it and know it works and that is the reason they are so upset.

SS: So what's your next step?

ES: Well, we're fighting it. I would prefer to have the government follow the law. Once you get into law and this lawsuit that was brought against me, the first thing you have to understand is federal statutes. These federal statutes that you and I are subjected to apply only to corporate entities and to individuals who have signed a contract with the federal government. They admitted in open court that they do not have a contract with me and therefore, technically, they do not have jurisdiction over me or over CanCell. But they went ahead with the case.

The second point in this case is that they proceeded without a plaintiff. There was no harmed party. The FDA actually went out and tried to solicit a harmed party. They got names of people I sent CanCell to through the United Parcel Service, which was unlawful, but they did it. They went out and interviewed these people and none of them would sign or testify against me. Almost every one of them said that they would testify on my behalf.

So because there was no harmed party, there was never a hearing. I have the right to face my accuser. There wasn't an accuser. So Judge Friedman broke the law when he issued a permanent injunction prohibiting me from making a gift of CanCell to anyone. His law says that he must issue a temporary injunction to determine if it does irreparable harm. Obviously it doesn't. He issued a permanent injunction. When I put a motion in to set it aside on the basis that it was unlawful, he put in writing that since I was giving it away, of course it didn't do me any harm. The only people it harmed were those individuals who were benefiting from taking CanCell. So he admitted that. My reaction to all of this was that I continued to give CanCell because he did not enjoin me from making a gift of CanCell. The original injunction said he enjoined me from shipping a drug in interstate commerce. Of course commerce is what you do for a profit.  So I kept giving it to people, but when I gave it to them I asked them to send a copy of their medical records to Judge Friedman, so he knew that he had erred by putting this injunction in place.

Friedman admitted in the show cause hearing that he had an extensive file that indicates that CanCell cures many different diseases and therefore it must be a drug.

When I appealed the original decision, they said I could not appeal it because I had to have a transcript before I could appeal it Since there was never a hearing there was no transcript. When I tried to point that out, Judge Friedman perjured himself on the record in writing over a 7-month period telling that there was a transcript, it was lost, it was in transit, it was misplaced etc. When I tried to appeal the entire case, the appeals court came back to me twice and said that they do not have jurisdiction over the case.

So it is at a standstill and it's obvious that it has to be a conspiracy since you have involved in this the FDA, the AMA and the American Cancer Society. You have Judge Friedman knowingly breaking the law and the appeals court knowingly has jurisdiction but says that they don't. When you get all of this together, it's obvious that there is a conspiracy to prevent the people from being able to use something that would benefit them.

I always thought that this was close to genocide. The International AIDS Foundation has filed a lawsuit in the international courts in Europe charging the US Government with bioethics violation, and it was accepted several weeks ago. This suit has to do with AZT, not CanCell. We'll see how that proceeds. If enough people scream, it will move. If not, they will bury it.

SS: How does CanCell work on AIDS?

ES: The same as the Memorex commercial on TV works. It hits the interference pattern that causes the virus to disassociate, to break up. It is quite effective. Our data indicates in 21 days it is 98% effective and that's actually reading the virus in the blood, not looking at CD4 counts. We actually put blood samples on a microscope, use a fluorescent dye and then read the virus in the blood. The original double-blind study had 101 people on CanCell and of that 101 people, 99 people were virus-free.

SS: Does CanCell work on all viruses and pathogens?

ES: Oh yes. Over in Africa instead of coming down with Kaposi's or something else, most of them came down with viral meningitis. The researchers in Africa tell me that CanCell knocks off viral meningitis in 4 days.

There is no such thing as an incurable disease any longer.

The only thing is that we just simply have not been able to apply or know what to apply to those diseases to get rid of them. CanCell is what I consider one of those advances in technology pointing to the point that nothing is incurable.

SS: So the body at optimum health has a certain frequency. If you have something that is going to help the body to eliminate various diseases with various characteristics, it must be helping the body to reestablish its own health frequency. So it matters not what the disease is; the body is out of tune with itself, and all you are doing with CanCell is reminding it of its natural frequency and the body gravitates toward it. Then anything in the way of that harmony would be dissipated.

ES: That's pretty good. Yes. You know, several years ago we had about 35 to 40 people in the Seattle area taking CanCell for AIDS and they were all responding. They were working through the University of Washington. Then all of a sudden something happened and it all folded within a couple of weeks. There are a lot of people in that area that had taken CanCell successfully for AIDS.

One of the problems I have with the younger generation who have AIDS and take CanCell: they gain weight and the T4 cells go up and back to normal, then 6 months later I get a call and they say they need another bottle—they got it again. I say, "You haven't learned anything and changed your lifestyle?" "Well no, why should I? The material is free and it's easy to get rid of so why should I change?" Whatever people are doing to expose themselves to the AIDS virus, don't do it!

Also, we do know that only 29% of those people who are exposed to the AIDS virus that become HIV-positive ever come down with AIDS. The immune system can control the virus and does control the virus in the majority of the cases. It's debatable once someone is exposed how long it is until they can show symptoms. They can remain normal and still be HIV-positive unless they get into a stressful situation or their health is damaged. That could dump their immune system, then they could become symptomatic.

We are spending $4.9 billion tax dollars researching AIDS. Of course you have to understand that the purpose of research is to accumulate knowledge, not to find a cure for AIDS.

SS: So the question is, how is CanCell made?

ES: About a year ago I was at the Texas Medical Center with a Dr Arthur Erikson. We were discussing the effects of CanCell on the AIDS virus. After about 3 days of meetings I got up and said to the group that CanCell is so far advanced beyond medical technology that there is not even a vocabulary in place that we can use to explain it to the medical scientists. Our first order of business is to develop a vocabulary.

So it's hard to tell people how you deprogramme and programme water. It does have memory. However, no mechanical device touches it, no electricity. It's all done differently. If you had the vibrational frequency of the 60-cycle current, that would destroy it. If you used magnets or any metallic device, that also has a vibrational frequency and those frequencies would tend to override.

SS: Could you give us a hint? Is it done through human consciousness?

ES: Only partly. That does have an effect upon it. The human mind can destroy it. Not only mine but anyone else's. This IS part of positive thinking. I don't know how spiritually inclined you are, but one of my observations goes like this: it is the intent that the individual who is creating the material, their mental intent has an effect upon the product. The reason conventional or allopathic medicine doesn't work and never will work is because those individuals that are creating it are creating it not to cure anybody, but their main intent is to make a profit. It does make the profit but it is not effective as a cure. So you would have to change the entire effort of the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry before you could get allopathic medicines to work again. I don't care what Clinton does or anyone else, unless they make some basic change there, nothing they do is going to work, unfortunately.

If you read a couple of hundred books on the art of positive thinking and that type of subject material, well then you will start to change the direction that you are thinking and you'll be right where you should be. Try not to be too scientific about it. Every time someone does they get it all screwed up.

This material is advanced to the point where you have to go back and start with Einstein and realise that he in his later writings indicated that nothing exists in the universe except electromagnetic vibrational frequency. There is no such thing as mass. Once you understand that and that everything is electrovibrational magnetic energy, then everything else becomes quite plain. Again, what we consider mass or solids are simply vibrational densities. If you can agree with that, then the rest of all of this becomes easy, because all you're doing is providing a vibrational catalyst that allows the body to tune itself or become in vibrational balance. When it does that it eliminates all vibrational density in the body. When it eliminates the vibrational density which we call disease, the disease no longer exists. That's purely and simply all it is.

SS: So couldn't a person who is clear in their attitude and consciousness infuse those vibrations into a substance which could carry that vibration?

ES: Yes, you can do that. But at the same time, if you can do that you could cure any illness you had. The mind is powerful enough to do that.  This is what they call the placebo effect. The placebo effect actually runs close to 30% in many cases.

SS:  So CanCell is more that just someone holding up a bottle of water and thinking into it.

ES: Oh absolutely. Yes.

SS: It's a whole new non-technical field of technology.

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CanCell Update - 29 Oct 93

NEXUS called the number above and received the following recorded message "Because of a Federal Court injunction, we are prohibited from distributing CanCell at this time. However, we are able to send you information about the programme. Send a large S.S.A.E to: Vibrational Research Foundation PO Box 265, Milford, Ml 48381, USA."