The Cardigan Cancer Cure (Daniel and John Evans)
Herbal salves

UK Herbal salve called the Cardigan Cancer Cure.

[vid] Odd Man Out - The Cardigan Cancer Cure!  Medical researchers and doctors are barely closer to finding either the cause or the cure of most cancers, than they were a hundred years ago. Unfortunately the Pharmaceutical Industry have so convincingly pretended that they are solving these problems that they are no longer seriously questioned. After a hundred years of orthodox medicine’s cut, burn and poison (surgery, radium and chemotherapy) treatments, one in four people in Britain and America will die from a form of cancer. ‘Treatment’ is far from being the same as ‘Cure’, and these three recognized methods are certainly not cures. Something isn’t working!  From the late 1800s having successfully treated hundreds of patients with their inexpensive Cardigan Cancer Cure, Daniel and John Evans passed their treatment onto John’s son, David. Despite firm evidence that the treatment could cure breast and skin cancer, the British Government and the Medical Establishment never gave it the full investigation it deserved.