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[1978] Laetrile, Nutritional Control for Cancer with Vitamin B-17

a book by Glenn D. Kittler

"Arthur Harris (MD, PhD)..was soon forbidden to use Laetrile on hospitalized patients. ...In...1953, Harris reported: 'Of total number of cases (82) treated with Laetrile, 43 have been pay patients, many have paid only a part of their bills...'  ...Dr. Harris...received a summons from the LA County Medical Association to appear for trial...for unethical conduct in overcharging 3 patients for Laetrile...Files showed that the (3 patients) had not paid a cent of their bills....Harris received notice that he had been expelled from the county medical society." - Glenn D. Kittler, Laetrile: Nutritional Control for Cancer with Vitamin B-17, c. 1963.