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[One of the more heinous acts of the medical mafia was to suppress laetrile. Bristol-Myers Squibb, Memorial Sloane Kettering, and the Mayo Clinic notable in its early suppression.  Non-toxic chemotherapy isn't allowed as: 1. it has no patent, so no profits, 2. it is nutritional medicine that treats causes not symptoms, which would bust Allopathy, and 3. it isn't toxic, see Disease from Chemo and radiation Covert genocide]


Doctors and researchers

Sources of apricot kernels or Laetrile

[2016 April vid] PLEASE SHARE!!! This COURAGEOUS Woman Needs Our Support  Amanda Mary Jewell is under fire from the MHRA for allegedly selling vitamin B17 in the form of apple seeds or apricot kernels. She is being charged with several offences and the MHRA is trying to make an example of her holistic methods and knowledge. *** Let it be known that there is NO payment options on the website so there are technically NO products for sale. She is being assaulted for claiming that B17 fights cancer. It does, and she is merely stating a fact. They (The MHRA) have to understand that the truth about an important vitamin must become public knowledge and the charges against her are unfounded and only in place in order to make an example of her to other holistic practitioners. A court proceeding will take place in the United Kingdom, and Mary will be unable to attend as she is not in the country. A judge will make a decision and we have predicted that the proverbial book will be thrown at her. The MHRA needs to back off and they need to back off now. If they do not, they are admitting to backing up an evil empire of conglomerate medicine and supporting an industry KILLING MILLIONS IN PLAIN SIGHT. They are supporting the wrong people. PERIOD.

[2008 Sept] Almond Growers Sue USDA to Halt Mandatory Chemical Fumigation of Raw Almonds by Mike Adams

[UK Jan 2007 B17] Vitamin seller made a criminal----MHRA worked with BBC Wales to entrap Jim Wright.

National Health Federation
Committee for Freedom of Choice in Medicine
International Council for Health Freedom (ICHF),

See: Herbs for cancer

Dr Manner interview
Manner Interview by PLOWBOY November/December 1978
Ralph Moss interview, Laura Lee radio show
Ralph Moss interview, Gary Null show

Case studies
Laetrile Case Histories by Richardson, John A.
[Ch: 12. Boring Statistics and Exciting Cases] ALIVE AND WELL by Philip E. Binzel, Jr., M.D.
[Media 2003.  Laetrile] I was told I had only six months to live.  But 17 years later I am alive and kicking
[1999] Carole Conquers Cancer… One Woman's Odyssey by Michael Culbert
Jason Vale

OK to use cyanide unless it is in laetrile:
[Media 2000] 'Magic bullet' of cyanide could kill cancer cells

The Network of Evil  [See: Dr. John Yiamouyiannis.]
The Rise and Fall of Laetrile by Benjamin Wilson, M.D.

Mayo Clinic
Memorial Sloane Kettering
National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Cancer Research UK

Video [See: Cancer videos]

[G. Edward Griffin.] A World Without Cancer (part 1 of 6) What you are about to watch does not carry the approval of organised medicine. The Food and Drug Administration, the American Cancer Society, and the American Medical Association have labelled it "fraud" and "quackery". In fact, the FDA and other agencies of government have used every means at their disposal to prevent this story from being told. They have arrested citizens for holding public meetings to tell others of their convictions on this subject. They have confiscated films and books. They even have prosecuted doctors who apply these theories in the effort to save the lives of their own patients.
    The purpose of this movie is to show that this great human tragedy can be stopped now entirely on the basis of existing scientific knowledge. The information you are about to watch marshals the evidence that cancer is a nutritional-deficiency disease, like scurvy or pellagra. It is not caused by a bacterium, virus or mysterious toxin, but by the absence of a substance that modern man has removed from his diet. That substance is Vitamin B-17, also known as Amygdalin or Laetrile. If that analysis is correct, then the treatment and prevention of cancer can be made simple. All that needs to be done is to restore that easily obtained and inexpensive food factor to our daily meals. An increasing number of doctors all over the world are now are testing and proving in their own clinics that the vitamin concept of cancer is true.

[G. Edward Griffin.] A World Without Cancer (part 2 of 6)

[G. Edward Griffin.] A World Without Cancer (part 3 of 6)

[G. Edward Griffin.] A World Without Cancer (part 4 of 6)

[G. Edward Griffin.] A World Without Cancer (part 5 of 6)

[G. Edward Griffin.] A World Without Cancer (part 6 of 6)