Liver cancer

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"Liver Cancer cured with Urine and Juice Therapy"

LIVER CANCER I am so grateful I met and consulted with Ilsadora Laker, practitioner of German New Medicine. Together with Dr Ryke Geer Hamer, they changed my outlook from fear of death to a new lease on life. A year after surgery for a liver carcinoma in 2006, a growth was discovered in a lymph node just below the liver. I was diagnosed with metastastatic liver cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation were not possible because of the location of the node, and there appeared to be little hope of recovery.
    Soon after the diagnosis, a friend recommended I see Ilsedora Laker in Toronto. I brought my test results and a brain CT scan for her to study. She conferred with the founder of German New Medicine, Dr Hamer, and I received the news that the growth was actually in the healing phase of a resolved conflict and that its size would not become larger. At that moment the terror of death left me and I resolved to begin my life anew knowing that I was healed. The diagnosis proved absolutely correct and I continue to regain strength and positive outlook on life. Ilsedora has been such a force of clarity and compassion in my life. I was so impressed with German New Medicine that I have taken several training workshops with her and have integrated this powerful, hopeful new medicine into my practice as a Self Healing Facilitator. B.J.  Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D.