Professor Michael Baum
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[The Allopath expert usually wheeled out to rubbish non-allopathic cancer therapies.]

Professor Michael Baum: The Trials of a Cancer Doctor by Martin Walker

Baum media output
[May 2007] Homeopathy is worse than witchcraft--and the NHS must stop paying for it. 

[The Times May 23, 2006] NHS told to abandon alternative medicine

[Media July 9, 2004] Cancer expert warns Charles against backing alternative therapies

Founder member: Campaign Against Health Fraud

Received grants from (among others): Wellcome

Quotes re Baum
In 1986 Harold Baum and two other doctors were awarded a grant of over half a million pounds for the period 1986-7 by Wellcome. Harold Baum has also received funding from CRC, SERC, MRC, Nuffield, NATO, and Eisa Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Michael Baum has carried out most of his research work for the CRC and ICRF, but he has also received funding from ICI for work on Tamoxifen. Professor Michael Baum: The Trials of a Cancer Doctor by Martin Walker

When Evelyn Thomas found that she had been used as a guinea pig, she complained to the South East Thames Regional Health Authority. The complaint was dealt with by professional medical and health workers, whose system of complaints investigation makes the Police Complaints Authority look like something from the Magic Roundabout. Her case was reviewed by two assessors, a cancer specialist and a consultant surgeon. The cancer specialist who oversaw the complaint was a close colleague of Baum, and another future member of the Campaign Against Health Fraud, Professor Tim McElwain. Unsurprisingly, the professional review found that Evelyn Thomas had been treated in a correct and professional manner. Professor Michael Baum: The Trials of a Cancer Doctor by Martin Walker

Apart from Caroline Richmond's obvious connections with Wellcome, most other leading members also had links. Professor Michael Baum worked at the Royal Marsden Hospital which was joined to the Institute of Cancer Research where Dr Robin Weiss had developed testing kits with Wellcome. In 1990 at the same time as he took up a position at the Institute of Cancer Research, Michael Baum became clinical advisor to Breakthrough, a cancer charity which is raising money for a Breast Cancer Centre at the Royal Marsden Hospital. The Centre will be staffed by, amongst others, a team of eight Wellcome-funded scientists



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