Barbara Loe Fisher
Barbara Loe Fisher

one American child in 166 has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder...... 9 million American children under 18 have been diagnosed with asthma.......nearly 3 million children ..... learning disabled. ..... 4 million children between the ages of 3 and 17 years have been diagnosed with ADHD........206,000 Americans under the age of 20 have type 1 diabetes..... 1 in 400 to 500 American children and adolescents are now diabetic.   Today, arthritis affects one in three Americans, and about 300,000 American children have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis used to be so rare that statistics were not kept until its recent rise in children. In the Wake of Vaccines By Barbara Loe Fisher

[Oct 2006] NVIC response to: India: Highly Vaccinated Babies Get Polio   It is painful to watch doctors and public health officials squirt unlimited amounts of live oral polio vaccine down the throats of babies in India rather than address the poor nutrition and sanitation that comes with poverty, the true cause of most disease. With a religious zeal not seen since the Crusades, these public health officials bearing live polio viruses capable of being causing vaccine strain polio and transmitting it to others through the open sewage pits of poor communities in India, apparently have no idea what they are doing. 
    Have the relentless polio vaccine campaigns in India and other poor countries put pressure on one or all of the three polio viruses contained in the live oral polio vaccine to mutute into vaccine resistant forms? Have the malnourished, poor children repeatedly exposed to live polio viruses become immune compromised and more vulnerable to other diseases? These and other questions are ignored as the vaccinators mindlessly conduct one polio vaccine campaign after another, determined to eradicate a virus from the earth using a live virus vaccine which gives the virus opportunity to thrive.  
    The people, like lambs led to slaughter, do not know how to stand up to the officials in white coats. Some run. Others submit, afraid of retribution. And the highly vaccinated children living in poverty without enough to eat continue to get sicker and sicker.

[NVIC Oct 2006] Taking Away Vaccine Exemptions   The tragedy of forced vaccination policies is that the immoral utilitarian rationale is used to justify human rights abuses while distorting the truth about what constitutes good individual and public health. If everybody is forced to get vaccinated, then there can be no comparison of the long term health of those highly vaccinated to those who receive fewer or no vaccines. Public health officials inside and outside of government, along with their colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry, have a lot of prestige, power and money to lose if the health differences between the highly vaccinated and unvaccinated ever become widely known. That is one reason why they continue are pushing so hard to elminate all exemptions to one-size-fits-all mandatory vaccination laws.

[NVIC Oct 3, 2006] The "Cheaters" Vaccine: HPV   Merck's marketing strategy for HPV vaccine includes enlisting patent-holding scientists and paid Merck consultants to hype it as a lifestyle vaccine that should be pumped into the bodies of every pre-adolescent girl in the country. Just in case she forgets to wait until she gets married to have sex; or the guy she marries has had sex; or, apparently, just in case the guy she marries has sex with someone else while he is married to her. Can this marketing strategy get any more annoying?  And can these entrepreneuring vaccinologists twist themselves into a more convoluted pretzel with their junk science morality?  
      The truth is that most boys and girls and men and women who have had sex have been exposed to HPV and clear the virus naturally from their bodies and go on to lead perfectly normal, healthy lives. For the very tiny minority of women who, for unknown reasons, develop a persistent HPV infection, it can be identified through pap smears. Cervical cancer from HPV infection develops only after many years of unidentified, persistent HPV infection. Regular check- ups with pap smears are a much more cost-effective prevention than paying Merck and HPV vaccine patent holders $360 for 3 doses of HPV vaccine to inject into every American teenager (Merck and the CDC are making noises that they want all pre- adolescent boys to get it too).

[NVIC Oct 2006] Covering Up MMR/Autism Link   It is understandable why a member of the Canadian Infectious Disease Society, who is an ardent promoter of forced vaccination with multiple vaccines, would want to do whatever he could to exonerate MMR vaccine from any association with autism. But does he really think his pathetic attempt to discredit the meticulous work of virologists and microbiologists in other laboratories will "simply put a quiet end to the debate" about MMR and autism? I don't think so.
     How tiresome it is becoming to see yet another M.D./Ph.D. vaccinologist (or a group of them) issue a proclamation declaring that THEY have studied the reported link between vaccines and autism and found absolutely no association and, therefore, no more research should conducted and the debate should "end." This kind of posturing only furthers public suspicion that they are covering up to protect the vaccine market and the mass casualties of their one-size-fits-all mass vaccination policies.   Calls for a moratorium on further scientific investigation into the causes and cures for any disease or disorder is reason to suspect that those who are calling for it are afraid of the truth.

[NVIC Oct 9, 2006] Chemo has long-term impact on brain function, study finds    Now that the brain damaging risks of chemotherapy are finally revealed, just like the brain damaging effects of anti-depressants, ADHD drugs and vaccines have been revealed, it is time to make it illegal for medical doctors to force medical treatment on U.S. citizens for any reason. There is no freedom more fundamental than the right to voluntarily choose what you are willing to risk your life or the life of your child for when making health care decisions.

[NVIC June 2006] FURTHER STMT by A WAKEFIELD -The  Smearing Of Andrew  Wakefield
It is unfortunate they are so frightened of the scientific truth Dr. Wakefield is pursuing that they find it necessary to behave like a band of thugs out to score a hit.....Parents around the world are not fooled by the ignorant, inhumane behavior of forced vaccination proponents, whose zealous defense of one-size-fits-all vaccine policies injure and kill innocent children.  The truth will shine bright and clear in the end.

[NVIC June 2006] Babies Die After MMR
Every day that government health officials lie to the people about vaccine risks is one more day that the public loses a little more trust in what they are told by government. .....MMR vaccine is known to induce brain inflammation and death within 8 to 14 days after vaccination......They and parents like them are standing up and coming forward to witness what has happened to their babies at the hands of pediatricians who told them that vaccines, including the MMR vaccine, are absolutely safe.    The vaccine deaths of these babies might have been prevented if George and Anna's parents had been given full and accurate information about MMR vaccine risk factors and pediatricians had erred on the side of caution rather than vaccinate at all costs. The rabid zeal to vaccinate, encouraged by government health officials, puts many vulnerable children at risk and the result is the brain damaging and killing of children like George and Anna.

[NVIC 17 June, 2006] VAERS Data: Fewer Autism Reports?
The majority of the more than 5,000 vaccine associated autism cases were filed in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) between 2000 and 2002, indicating an increased public awareness of the autism-vaccine connection.

[NVIC June 8, 2006] Deadly Antibiotic Experiment on Children
In order to try to cure ear infections in babies, which often develop after vaccination, one vaccine manufacturer is testing a deadly antibiotic on babies with the blessing of a gutless FDA. The cowboy mentality that now prevails at the FDA and CDC, the federal health agencies  responsible for the public health, is allowing drug companies to literally get away with murder as they ruthlessly test dangerous pharmaceuticals on babies and children.
    The FDA is supposed to be policing the pharmaceutical industry, not acting as its treasurer and public relations agency. Any individual in government or industry, who participates in the killing or crippling of children and adults in clinical trials of drugs and vaccines known to cause harm, should be held accountable in a court of law. The same should hold true for individuals in government, industry or medical organizations who participate in the making of national health policies involving mandatory use by citizens of drugs and vaccines which can injure and kill.
    Voluntary, informed consent to medical interventions which can injure and kill is a human right. How many of the parents, who allowed their babies to participate in a trial using an antibiotic which had already killed adults, had been fully informed about how deadly it was?

[NVIC June 12, 2006] UK Docs Attack Wakefield
From the moment Andy Wakefield stood his ground and said "I will not live my life in fear" and then went on to talk with me about how important it was to stand up for the truth even though you risk your life to do it, I knew he was an extraordinary individual. I knew he would make history but pay a terrible price for it.
   During the past 25 years of work to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and defend the informed consent ethic, I have seen doctors who tell the truth about vaccine risks be viciously attacked by their colleagues in government, industry and academia. The attacks are both professional and personal and, with surgical precision, the goal is to evisicerate rather than simply stun the victim. It is an ugly process and it has a distinctly Spanish Inquisition flavor to it.
  Undaunted, Dr. Wakefield has continued to conduct his humanitarian research into the biological mechanisms for MMR vaccine induced neuroimmune dysfunction. Finally, after nearly a decade of persecution for conducting scientific research that questions the scientific and moral integrity of one-size-fits-all mass vaccination policies, Andy Wakefield's accusers are taking him to their own Medical Court. In a final attempt to silence him, they want to take away his medical license and his ability to care for vaccine injured children.
   The BBC in London said the General Medical Council is charging Dr. Wakefield with carrying out "inadequately founded" research, failing to obtain ethical committee approval before publishing, acquiring funding improperly and subjecting children to 'unnecessary and invasive investigations.'
     A leading London newspaper, The Daily Mail, protested Dr. Wakefield's treatment by the General Medical Council, saying "He had a duty to speak out and now he is being made to suffer for it. His treatment by the GMC is utterly unjust. If this preposterous body had existed 200 years ago, defending the prevailing wisdom against new ideas, doctors would still be treating illnesses by slitting their patients' veins."
   F.E. Yazbak, M.D., FAAP, a pediatrician and researcher of autoimmune regressive autism and vaccine injury, has published an excellent analysis of the scientific issues and political motives involved in Wakefield's persecution at the hands of the medical hierarcrhy. Dr. Yazbak's article "When Finding Nothing Is Wonderful" was first published on RedFlags on June 9, 2006.

[NVIC June 2006] Forced Flu Vaccination for Health Workers?
Protecting individual inviolability becomes even more important when government health officials refuse to acknowledge biodiversity and inhumane one-size-fits-all vaccine policies end up targeting the genetically vulnerable for sacrifice.

[NVIC June 14, 2006] Pencil Pushers Deny Vaccine/Optic Neuritis Link
Public health officials and medical doctors promoting forced use of use of hepatitis B, influenza, anthrax and smallpox vaccines in the military and civilian life have a vested interest in denying an association between vaccination and serious chronic diseases, such as MS.   Those determined to deny an association between vaccine induced inflammatory conditions in the body usually like to use retrospective, case controlled "studies" that look at old medical records. Using pencils and calculators to dismiss causal associations between vaccines and chronic diseases is easier than having to look at real live patients or study what happens to their blood, urine, eyes, brain, colons, etc. after vaccination.   The pathetic attempts by the pencil pushers to write off onset of brain and immune system dysfunction after vaccination in previously healthy people as just a "coincidence" will not wash. The people, whose lives have been ruined by doctors too proud to admit the harm being done, will not let them get away with it.

[NVIC june 2006] Shingles Vaccine Targets Baby Boomers
In a vaccine approval frenzy putting big smiles on the faces of drug company execs, the FDA approved Zostavax, a shingles vaccine made by Merck..... the FDA approved a shingles vaccine that works half the time in people over 60. Merck really wants to market the vaccine to people 50 and older but the FDA temporarily said "No" to that idea because studies hadn't been done.     Zostavax is actually a booster dose of Merck's varicella zoster (chicken pox) vaccine. It is the equivalent of 14 doses of Merck's pediatric chicken pox vaccine. The safety of injecting a "souped up" version of the pediatric chicken pox vaccine into the often immune compromised elderly is yet another national experiment on one of the two most vulnerable segments of our society: the frail elderly. The elderly, along with children, often bear the brunt of medical science's obsession with eradicating microrganisms and the exploitation by drug companies in search of profits.   Mass use of chicken pox vaccine in American children since 1995 has caused a shingles epidemic in older Americans. Before mass chicken pox vaccine use, Americans who had recovered from chicken pox as children would have their immunity "boosted" naturally and asymptomatically by coming into contact with young children infected with chicken pox. Now, with no chicken pox around to do the boosting for older Americans, they get shingles instead. Chicken pox rarely causes severe complications or death in healthy children with 50 chickenpox related deaths in children occurring annually before mass use of chicken pox vaccine..
   Some researchers (Goldman, G., International Journal of Toxicology, 2005) estimate it will take more than 50 years of mass use of chicken pox vaccine before the shingles epidemic will begin to subside and will affect 14.6 million Americans at a cost of $4.1 billion or about $80 million in annual health care costs. Shingles cases result in 3 times as many deaths and 5 times as many hospitalizations in adults as chicken pox cases do in children.
      Bottom line: Drug companies double their profit potential when they create vaccines and drugs which create diseases and disorders that require creation and purchase of new vaccines and drugs. It gives special meaning to the phrase "a vicious circle." 

[NVIC May 2006] Drug Companies Manipulate Study Data
If drug companies manipulate study data on psychiatric drugs, it is a given that they manipulate study data on vaccines created for the lucrative child population in America. The CDC has never met a vaccine for children it did not want to recommend for universal use in order to guarantee drug companies a stable, assured market and big profits. The psychiatric drug business pales in comparison with the multi-billion dollar child vaccine business in America. Other than the FDA staff, nobody is independently checking the integrity of vaccine safety data provided to the FDA by drug companies when they seek licensure of a new vaccine. The public is asked to "trust" that the drug companies are telling the truth about vaccine safety. Sure they are.

[NVIC May 2006] HPV Vaccine Increases Cancer Risk
Gardasil, the heavily promoted cervical cancer and genital wart vaccine that Merck, the CDC and AAP want to mandate for all 11 and 12 year old girls, will not only increase the risk of cervical cancer for some of adolescent girls but can also make them susceptible to infection from the multiple other strains of HPV. In addition, five women who got the vaccine around time of conception gave birth to babies with birth defects.

[NVIC May 2006] $1 Billion In Flu Vaccine Contracts
If the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services has given $1 billion dollars out of the taxpayers pocketbook to drug companies to create new flu vaccines, you can bet that when those flu vaccines are ready to be sold to a public they have conditioned to live in abject fear of a case of the flu, government health officials will be lobbying states to pass laws mandating that every citizen get a flu shot every year. How else will those drug companies make big bucks after they get a big handout from Uncle Sam for creating vaccines that public health officials persuade politicians to force everybody to use? ..... there is always money to be made in developing drugs to try to counteract the problems too much vaccination creates.

[NVIC May 2006] Threat of bioterrorism  
In what amounts to a catfight between drug companies competing for the same government contract, Michigan's Bioport and the politicians that back the company have secured more cash from taxpayers to prepare for a theoretical bioterrorism attack on U.S. civilians. Yet, there is not one scintilla of solid evidence that has been provided to the public since Sept. 11, 2001 by the U.S. government that any terrorist group in the world has the scientific expertise and capability to weaponize anthrax, smallpox or any other microorganism and successfully deliver it in lethal form to large numbers of civilians on the mainland.
          This lack of evidence, however, does not deter the fear mongers and profiteers, who continue to frighten the people into believing a bioterrorism attack is imminent. And so large sums of taxpayer money is handed over to drug companies to produce bioterrorism vaccines which can be forced upon the people in order to recoup production expenses and generate more profit for vaccine makers.

[NVIC April 2006] Hyping Kid Flu Vaccination
Once again, the M.D./Ph.D. "experts" stand on the backs of little children to fan public fear of the flu and hype forced child use of flu vaccine.....Now, self-anointed "experts" are determined to prevent or severely limit human experience with the flu throughout childhood in order to create a stable market for drug companies selling flu vaccine. .....Long after the "experts" pretending to be infallible have died, the people will be paying the price for having allowed themselves to be experimented upon.

"It was predictable when the live chicken pox vaccine was licensed in 1995 that one dose would not give lifelong protection in the same way that recovery from chicken pox disease gives lifelong immunity. The developers of the live chicken pox vaccine, including Anne Gershon, knew this. It is common knowledge that vaccines only stimulate temporary, partial immunity and the historical experience with live measles vaccine is a perfect example. By trading lifelong immunity for temporary, vaccine-induced immunity, populations become vaccine dependent. Chicken pox is a relatively benign disease for 99.9 percent of healthy children but it is much more serious in teenagers and adults. Mandating the use of chicken pox vaccine and removing the ability for children to get permanent immunity to chicken pox, puts them at risk as adults. The winners in this public health strategy are the pharmaceutical companies producing vaccines requiring purchase of multiple doses. The losers are the people, who are first put at risk as children for vaccine adverse events and then again put at risk as adults for a disease that the vaccine fails to protect against long term."---BLFisher

"The Prevnar pre-licensure clinical trials, which Wyeth Lederle paid Kaiser Permanente to conduct, compared two experimental vaccines against each other. To compound this basic methodological flaw, Kaiser and Wyeth Lederle, allowed most of the children in the trial to be given the more reactive DPT vaccine rather than use the safer, less reactive DTaP vaccine. This placed the children in that five-year experiment in greater danger and allowed the drug company to write off the seizures that occurred as being caused by DPT and not Prevnar, when in fact, they didn't know. Even so, the groups of children who got Prevnar suffered more seizures, higher fevers, more irritability and other reactions than did the children who got the other experimental vaccine. It was a no-brainer as far as I was concerned: Kaiser and Wyeth Lederle had proved nothing about Prevnar vaccine safety."--Barbara Loe Fisher

"Says Barbara Loe Fisher: "You have a very narrow-minded view of public and individual health that has been embraced by the public health police. I am waiting for the scientists who have the guts to come forward and speak out. They're going to be in the disciplines of immunology, genetics, microbiology, cell biology and bacteriology. They've got to step forward and take the power away from the epidemiologists, who like to manipulate numbers, and the infectious disease specialists, who are absolutely obsessed with the eradication of microorganisms through the use of vaccines." -----Franklin Cameron

"When I look at it," Fisher says, "what I see is allopathic medicine at war with the other modalities. Homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic are perceived as challenging the basic premise of allopathic medicine, which is that germs are the ultimate cause of illness and must be destroyed--in this case, by vaccines.....Both Fisher and Coulter agree that not only are vaccines the sacred cow of the public health system, they have also become the golden calf. What that means is money. Fisher points out that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), with an annual budget of around $360 billion, is the most powerful and wealthiest federal agency in the country.
In the United States there are two main vaccine policy-making groups, the Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) under HHS. ACIP makes recommendations for vaccine policy. Fisher says these recommendations turn into mandates "because state health officials automatically turn them into state law. In most states," she says, "[when it comes to public health] you no longer even have a vote by the legislature. All the state health departments have to do is issue a regulation, and it automatically becomes a law."
        Fisher says: "For 16 years I have sat in rooms with these officials, both at scientific conferences and government meetings. I was appointed to the Vaccine Advisory Committee for four years under HHS. I was the token consumer representative." What she observed was lack of oversight of this huge enterprise. "You have the highly funded HHS. You have the federal health infrastructure that funds the state public-health infrastructure. Together they have decided they are going to use vaccines to eradicate disease-causing microorganisms from Earth. Then there are the drug companies that manufacture the vaccines; they have a very profitable relationship with FDA and CDC. Everyone is committed to the same premise. What we are trying to make the public realize is that no money whatsoever has been portioned to independent researchers who work outside this very profitable, self-reinforcing loop."---Franklin Cameron

"Informed consent has been the gold standard in the ethical practice of medicine since World War II, acknowledging the human right for individuals or their guardians to make fully informed, voluntary decisions about whether to undergo a medical procedure that could result in harm or death. To the extent that vaccination has been exempted from informed-consent protections and vaccine makers and doctors have been exempted from liability for vaccine injuries and deaths, the notion that a minority of individuals are expendable in service to the majority has prevented a real commitment of will and resources to develop ways to screen out vulnerable children and spare their lives. It is not difficult to understand why some parents resist offering up their children as sacrifices for a government policy that lacks scientific and moral integrity."--Barbara Loe Fisher

"Since 1990, between 12,000 and 14,000 reports of hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following vaccination are made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, annually, but it is estimated that only between 1 and 10 percent of all doctors make reports to VAERS. Therefore, the number of vaccine-related health problems occurring in the United States every year may be more than 1 million."---Barbara Loe Fisher

"Instead of epidemics of measles and polio, we have epidemics of chronic autoimmune and neurological disease: In the last 20 years rates of asthma and attention-deficit disorder have doubled, diabetes and learning disabilities have tripled, chronic arthritis now affects nearly one in five Americans and autism has increased by 300 percent or more in many states."----Barbara Loe Fisher

Tedd Koren, D.C., quoted Barbara Fisher, who served 10 years on the National Vaccine Advisory Committee trying to reform the health care system herself, as revealing more than presidential election lobby monies: ‘We have bad science and bad medicine translated into law to ensure that vaccine manufacturers make big profits, that career bureaucrats at the Public Health Service meet the mass vaccination goals promised to politicians funding their budgets, and pediatricians have a steady flow of patients...As the drug companies have often stated in meetings I have attended, if a vaccine they produce is not mandated to be used on a mass basis, they do not recoup their R & D costs and don’t make the profit they want...official studies of vaccine risk have been designed and conducted by physicians who sit on vaccine policy-making committees at the Centers for Disease Control...some of whom receive money from vaccine manufacturers for their universities and for testifying as expert witnesses in vaccine-injury cases. And others are federal employees with an eye on career advancement within HHS and a future job with a vaccine manufacturer after retirement from public service" (Well Mind Association October 1993).