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[It is a red flag that Africa gets vaccines, AIDS drugs, and HIV tests, but most are still without clean water, adequate food, the needed medicines and sanitation, while wars rage around them while the UN stand's around doing nothing.  Eg Rwanda . Bill Gates spend's all his "gift" on vaccines.]

[2002] About 1.2 billion people still have no access to safe drinking water, and 2.4 billion do not have adequate sanitation services. Some 2 million children die every year from water-related diseases. (Ref)

See: Infection & nutrition Sanitation,   Genocide & vaccination  Nkuba, Kihura

[Jan 2008] Malnutrition Responsible for a Third of Child Deaths Worldwide

"Knowing that measles often leads to vitamin A loss, we had begun to wonder if Africa's high death rates from measles might also be connected with vitamin A deficiency. To test this, children hospitalized with measles in Tanzania were given vitamin A capsules. The measles death rate fell by half. It was at this point that we discovered, to our astonishment, that a similar experiment had been conducted 50 years earlier in a London hospital - with the same results: medicine too has doors it did not enter, paths it did not take."--Dr. Alfred Sommer

“350 million Africans get malaria each year but do not appear to have the right to anti-malarial treatment. 2 million get TB annually yet AIDS spending is 90 times higher than TB spending and there is little left over for treating pneumonias, cancers, parasitics, bacterials or diabetes. What scientific or political justification could there be for this?”
BMJ Rapid Response, 21 December 2003— Dr. John P. Heptonstall, MD, D.Ac., Director, Morley Acupuncture Clinic and Complementary Therapy Centre, Leeds, UK

What would actually help Africans is infrastructure development: proper sanitation, safe water, basic medical care and plentiful, nutritive food. This is simple, clear and logical. What's astounding is that the UN is recommending just the opposite.
    In 1999 the UNAIDS commission gave its official recommendations to a meeting of finance ministers representing various African countries. The UN's exact recommendations to African nations: to redirect billions of dollars from health, infrastructure and rural development into AIDS - condoms, safe sex lectures and deadly pharmaceuticals. This is not what these already suffering people need to be healthy and successful. This is exactly how to propagate death, disease and poverty. Dr. Christian Fiala
[2003] Africa: Treating Poverty with Toxic Drugs By Liam Scheff

"My final conclusion after forty years or more in this business [medicine] is that the unofficial policy of the World Health Organization and the unofficial policy of the 'Save the Children's Fund' and ... [other vaccine promoting] organizations is one of murder and genocide. . . . I cannot see any other possible explanation. . . . You cannot immunize sick children, malnourished children, and expect to get away with it. You'll kill far more children than would have died from natural infection."--Dr Kalokerinos (International Vaccine Newsletter June 1995)

Malnutrition is to blame for more than half of all the deaths of children around the world -- including deaths caused by diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria and measles, researchers said on Thursday. Poor nourishment leaves children underweight and weakened and vulnerable to infections that do not have to be fatal, the team at the World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore found.  They estimated that feeding all children worldwide an adequate diet would prevent about 1 million deaths a year from pneumonia, 800,000 from diarrhea, 500,000 from malaria, and 250,000 from measles...... They estimate that 52.5 percent of all deaths in young children were attributable to undernourishment, with nearly 45 percent of measles deaths and more than 60 percent of deaths from diarrhea associated with low weight and poor nutrition. [Media, Jun 17] Better Nutrition Could Save Millions of Kids-Study

"The forcing of them to take a vaccine against a disease they know to be harmless and which they know how to cure in its harmful state was seen as government hell bent on killing its own population for the benefit of commanding whiteworld.....Uganda spent nine million of its meager resources marketing this European product (the money spent would have build 120,000 protected water springs giving 30% of the country access to clean water, it would have built ten ultra modern research centers looking at, for example, pests that are threatening the banana crop, but government chose European impose priorities.") "--Kihura Nkuba 2003

In Africa polio does not kill anybody and they say it's very rare to catch. It's really very rare to get paralytic polio. They say it's in very rare circumstances, so what is it that is killing people in Africa ? Malaria. Every five seconds a child is dying of malaria in Africa. Now to get the dose of life-saving anti-malaria is about $5 but there is no government to give anti-malaria. When somebody gets malaria, if they have no money they even die. So the question I was asking and many people were asking was 'If you really want to help children, why begin with a disease that they don't have ? (applause) Why not look for something that is killing them and save them from what is killing them ?' And then (inaudible) ............. 'you know what, I like you very much. I save your children from this killer disease. Now there are no other diseases apart from this rare polio, so let's go and fight that as well.' But you don't begin with the rarest disease and spend all the government's meagre resources fighting polio, which is not a threat to most people, and then ignore something that is killing them in large numbers like malaria, like AIDS, like cholera, issues to do with sanitation, stunted growth - all the main things that matter to people the government was not fighting. Ugandan Kids Die By 1,000s ---A Transcript of a talk given by Kihura Nkuba (Nov 2002) [emphasis added]

Most of the scientists in the immunology department where I am being taught at the moment say that vaccination is potentially a very BAD thing to do in the developing world, as the money spent on research and vaccine manufacture could be spend to greater effect on environmental issues, agriculture, clean water, sanitation, etc etc, and these would tackle many different diseases as well as providing humanity with a general improvement in the quality of their life (which is, after all, what we're called to do as doctors)... [Letter BMJ Feb 2005]

“Fifty percent of Africans have no sewage systems. Their drinking water mixes with animal and human waste. They have constant TB and malaria infections, the symptoms of which are diarrhea and weight loss, the very same criteria UNAIDS and the World Health Organization use to diagnose AIDS in Africa. These people need clean drinking water and treated mosquito nets [mosquitoes carry malaria], not condoms and lectures and deadly pharmaceuticals forced on pregnant mothers.”-----Scheff, AIDS Debate, Boston Dig, 2003

[2005] In Sub-Saharan African about 60 percent of the population lives and dies without safe drinking water, adequate food or basic sanitation. .....The report describes “heaps of unclaimed garbage” among the crowded houses in the flood zones and “countless pools of water [that] provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes and create a dirty environment that favors cholera.”
    “[L]atrines are built above water streams. During rains the area residents usually open a hole to release feces from the latrines. The rain then washes away the feces to streams, from where the [area residents] fetch water. However, not many people have access to toilet facilities. Some defecate in polythene bags, which they throw into the stream.” They call these, “flying toilets.’’
    The state-run Ugandan National Water and Sewerage Corporation states that currently 55% of Kampala is provided with treated water, and only 8% with sewage reclamation.
    Most rural villages are without any sanitary water source. People wash clothes, bathe and dump untreated waste up and downstream from where water is drawn. Watering holes are shared with animal populations, which drink, bathe, urinate and defecate at the water source. Unmanaged human waste pollutes water with infectious and often deadly bacteria. Stagnant water breeds mosquitoes, which bring malaria. Infectious diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, TB, malaria and famine are the top killers in Africa. But in 1985, they became AIDS.
    The public service announcements that run on VH1 and MTV, informing us of the millions of infected, always fail to mention this. I don’t know what we’re supposed to do with the information that 40 million people are dying and nothing can be done. I wonder why we wouldn’t be interested in building wells and providing clean water and sewage systems for Africans. Given our great concern, it would seem foolish not to immediately begin the “clean water for Africa” campaign. But I’ve never heard such a thing mentioned.
    The UN recommendations for Africa actually demand the opposite –“billions of dollars” taken out of “social funds, education and health projects, infrastructure [and] rural development” and “redirected” into sex education (UNAIDS, 1999). No clean water, but plenty of condoms. ----The Hidden Face of HIV – Part 1 By Liam Scheff

“The National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, the Medical Research Council, and the World Health Organization are terrorizing hundreds of millions of people around the world by their reckless and absurd policy of equating sex with death. Linking sex to death has put these organizations in an impossible situation. It would be intolerably embarrassing for them to admit at this late date that they are wrong, that AIDS is not sexually transmitted. Such an admission could very well destroy these organizations or at the very least put their future credibility in jeopardy. Self preservation compels these institutions to not only maintain but to actually compound their errors, which adds to the fear, suffering, and misery of the world — the antithesis of their reason for being.”   [British Medical Journal Rapid Response, 18 April 2003,— Dr. David Rasnick, PhD, Biochemist, Protease Inhibitor Developer, University of California]

“While the experts, with their statistics, would have one believe that there exists an extremely serious HIV/AIDS epidemic [in Africa], no trace of an epidemic is observable in the field. All that can be seen is a very poor, under-nourished population suffering from malaria, endemic immunodeficiency and common illnesses.”

“The facts very clearly demonstrate that the endemic African immunodeficiency has nothing to do with a hypothetical ‘HIV,’ but is, rather, the result of malnutrition and its corollaries.”

“The so-called ‘HIV’ tests are unspecific; the positive results they may give are misleading and lead to the false belief in the existence of a viral epidemic. A positive test — and this applies especially to Africa — is not a sign of a specific viral infection. These so-called ‘HIV’ tests are deceptive, in that the positive results give the illusion that a precise diagnosis has been made.”

“And yet, it is these very same misleading [HIV test] results which constitute the basis of official statistics and which lead, first the experts, then the scientists, medical doctors, newspaper reporters, and finally the general public to believe that Africa is being ravaged by a specific viral infection called ‘HIV/AIDS!’ People speak of an epidemic of ‘HIV/AIDS,’ but the only thing which has the appearance of an epidemic is what I would call the ‘epidemic of tests,’ an artificial epidemic which is being actively promoted.”

“[The HIV tests] are also dangerous because they cause panic and stigmatization, they lead to the use of toxic anti-viral drugs and they draw attention away from the real sources of immune system deficiencies. Common sense and scientific reason dictate their abandonment.”

“For more than 15 years, the various scientific, medical and mass media alike have ceaselessly portrayed Africa as the continent caught in the grip of a new deadly sexually transmitted infection, and doomed to the most somber future imaginable. Yet, during this very same period, the population that was in the eye of the cyclone and received no specific treatment has continued to increase as before.”

“In 1985, the newly out ‘HIV’ tests detected the first HIV-positive individuals in precisely this same [Tanzania] border area…According to the experts, this region was doomed to be decimated, unless energetic measures were taken to combat this new deadly virus.

“Fifteen years later, we can begin to take stock of the situation. The following are official census results: For Tanzania, a regular upward curve can be observed for the period 1967 to 2002, with a [population] growth of 49% between 1988 and 2002. There is no drop in the population. For the Kagera region, we see the same upward curve, with 53% growth between 1988 and 2002.”

“…‘HIV’ tests were conducted [in Tanzania], but they led to the observation that sick children, whether ‘HIV’-positive or ‘HIV’-negative, recuperated equally well, so long as they received adequate nutrition and medical attention.”

“To state that the priority, with respect to emergency humanitarian aid, should be given to the fight against ‘HIV’ and to giving those countries the possibility of buying cheap-priced anti-viral products is just as irrational as saying to someone suffering from acute vitamin C deficiency, ‘Sir, I see that you are suffering from scurvy. You’d better go buy yourself some antibiotics and condoms.’”  [December 8, 2003, address to European Parliament Conference on AIDS in Africa, Brussels— Dr. Marc Deru, MD, Belgian physician]


“There are serious problems with AIDS and HIV statistics as created by WHO and UNAIDS that make them completely unreliable.”

“TB can trigger a false positive with the HIV test…does this not affect international AIDS statistics as they are dependent on HIV test results?”

“Pregnancy can trigger false positives…does this not affect international AIDS statistics that are almost completely dependent on HIV tests of blood of pregnant women?”

“In Africa, many poor countries have little medicine…and if AIDS is diagnosed they do not ‘waste’ their precious stocks of medicines on the ‘AIDS’ patient suspected to be ‘concurrently suffering from’ TB or dysentery or malaria or SLIM. How then does one resist the potentially resistible mortality for those Africans who are wrongly diagnosed with AIDS?”

“Figures from WHO/UNAIDS stated there were 2.2 million cumulative AIDS deaths in Uganda, yet the Ugandan Ministry of Health had a total record of only 56,000 deaths.”

“…Official government bodies…could only account for about 7% of the total 28 million deaths WHO and UNAIDS declared had occurred through AIDS…Russia could account for only 5%…India only 2%, and China only 1%. What is going on at WHO and UNAIDS, who or what is responsible for such gross inaccuracies?”
“If WHO and UNAIDS figures are so inaccurate, and create unnecessary fear amongst poor communities that should have other priorities for spending the little assets they hold, would that not play into the hands of unscrupulous drug companies that wish to extend HIV testing into these poor countries and acquire those assets through the purchase of very toxic drugs that would be given to poverty stricken people, especially pregnant women and their children, who would know no better — drugs such as Nevirapine, banned in the USA but already being delivered to Africa by drug companies and that could be foisted on unsuspecting mothers who have false positive HIV tests or ‘flawed’ Bangui diagnoses?”

“AIDS modelling has declared South African universities rampant with infection with 1 in 4 undergraduates expected to die of AIDS within 10 years. Real samples suggest an on-campus prevalence about 1.1%. South African banks tested 29,000 staff for HIV as models suggested 12% rates. Real tests showed about 3%. Prisons test infections for HIV and the rate in Grahamstown jail was only 2-4%, with only 2 deaths from AIDS in 7 years. Recorded prison rates are about 2.3% yet the media has reported estimates of as much as 60%.”

“The World Bank claimed African teachers to be dying of AIDS faster than being replaced and the BBC reported that 1 in 7 (14%) of Malawian teachers would die in 2002. Bennell, a Health Policy Analyst, found the all causes death rate amongst teachers in Malawi to be under 3%. In Botswana figures appear to be 3 times lower than estimates and in Zimbabwe 4 times lower.”

“If UNAIDS and WHO are so incredibly wrong, why do they persist in the apparent deception—and could it have anything to do with their allegiance to international pharmaceutical giants and ‘AIDS industry’ bodies?”

“350 million Africans get malaria each year but do not appear to have the right to anti-malarial treatment. 2 million get TB annually yet AIDS spending is 90 times higher than TB spending and there is little left over for treating pneumonias, cancers, parasitics, bacterials or diabetes. What scientific or political justification could there be for this?”
BMJ Rapid Response, 21 December 2003— Dr. John P. Heptonstall, MD, D.Ac., Director, Morley Acupuncture Clinic and Complementary Therapy Centre, Leeds, UK

“I think there has been of late a lot of exaggeration about the extent to which AIDS is affecting Africa and Uganda in particular…We were the first African country to come out very openly with a programme and this has somehow been misunderstood by some people from the European countries, especially uninformed press that this is the epicentre of AIDS…I don’t think that this is the epicentre of AIDS.”  [Meditel, 1993— Dr. Sam Okware, MD, Deputy Director, Medical Services, AIDS and Communicable Diseases, Uganda]

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