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If we do a really great job on vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that [his initial 2050 global population projection of 9-billion] by perhaps about 10 to 15 percent. ---Bill Gates

[Shares in Death Corp Monsanto, rescued the vaccine industry through GAVI (feeding the Pharma Bandits) , which was set up for vaccine Genocide (& Sterilisation) specifically Genocide via Oral Polio Vaccine, so pushing the great Medical lies: 'Vaccines are Safe', 'Vaccines are effective'  and the Polio vaccine racket. Recently came out with more great lies: that Dr. Andy Wakefield has been "discredited", vaccines don't kill, and anti-vaccinists are killers. There is absolutely no doubt this guy is evil, end of story.  Forget the blood tests, that is at least 8 markers, including the slit eyes that he is a Cylon.]

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Dirty water  2 million children die every year from water-related diseases... In Sub-Saharan African about 60 percent of the population lives and dies without safe drinking water, adequate food or basic sanitation
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