Chickenpox from 1894-2000
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1894  Dictionary of Medicine (1894)

"Varicella always runs a favourable course.  It has no sequelae.....PROGNOSIS.—This is always favourable." --Dictionary of Medicine (1894)

"Dr. Ogle, the chief in the Registrar-General’s Department, told the Royal Commission as a witness before it, that he had never known chicken-pox kill a child in his life."--Dr Hadwen (1896)

1945  Textbook of Medicine. E & S Livingston, Edinburgh 1945

1949  A General Textbook of Nursing by Evelyn Pearce. Faber & Faber (1949)

1953   "MILD--Mumps, Chickenpox and rubella...are mild.  In other words there's not much point in trying to avoid them.   They don't do much to young children and they do build up their general immunity and resistance."--T Anderson MD, British Medical Journal booklet (c 1953)

1958 The Principles & Practice of Medicine (1958) Livingstone Ltd

1962/67 Pears Medical Encyclopedia. Sphere Books Ltd, London.

Vaccine introduced 1994--Varivax made by Merck VARIVAX®

In 1995, chickenpox suddenly became a major health problem. Six children were reported to have died from chickenpox; frequent and repeated TV coverage lasted for weeks without anyone mentioning that two of the six children had leukemia and the others were on cortico-steroids. HYPING VACCINES: AN INVESTIGATION By Dr. F. Edward Yazbak

2000 Merck Manual

"According to the survey, among parents of unvaccinated children, 48% were not likely to vaccinate their children because they don't believe that chickenpox is a serious disease. Many parents were not aware that chickenpox can lead to pneumonia, encephalitis, skin infections, scarring or death."--Merck

Naturopathy, Natural Hygiene, Nature Cure

1921 Impaired Health: Its Cause and Cure , Volume I.---Tilden, J. H., M.D. (1921).

1936-1961 Everybody’s Guide to Nature Cure by Harry Benjamin


[Measles] Setting the illnesses in context  "Something curious has happened to the "official" perception of the childhood diseases which are the subject of the MMR or MR vaccines (Measles, Mumps, Rubella). They have all officially become more serious since vaccines were introduced."

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