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[Most of the danger of infectious disease has been created by Allopathy Inc so it can run it's Protection Racket called vaccination.  They do this by refusing to use effective medicine and only using Allopathic medicine.  For example Sydneham was treating smallpox properly in the 16th century, yet Allopathy carried on using toxic 'medicines' up to this day, while still denying smallpox had anything to do with sanitation or other effects of poverty.  Same for measles where they rewrite the textbooks and also cause deaths with immune depleting drugs, and then use those deaths to hype measles or chickenpox dangers, for example.  They also run the false Pasteurian disease theory over the correct Bechamp one for the same ends.
    Vitamin C has been shown to cure polio measles, and hepatitis for example, over 50 years ago, but they wont use that as it would destroy the protection racket for the extortion scheme knows as Pharmaceutical medicine or Allopathy Inc.]

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"Under allopathic care the (typhoid) mortality was 59.2% while under homeopathic care the mortality was only 9%."--Julian Winston

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Vaccines  Whooping Cough (Pertussis)   Kari Bundy  October 2, 2013  My silly boy, Oliver, sick with Pertussis is pictured on the LEFT... He wasn't vaccinated. My vaccinated son, Mason, is pictured on the RIGHT-- this how I took his remains home with me a few days after he received his dtap vaccine, which I chose for him because I was made to feel terrified of "deadly Pertussis" (Again- Oliver is sick with Pertussis in the photo on the Left). Chance of getting sick and dying from Pertussis-- 0.003832%

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Sydenham, Sir Thomas  Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D. , Abram  Dangers of smallpox

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