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lancets.jpg (11368 bytes)lancets3.jpg (12533 bytes)lancets2.jpg (21181 bytes)[It is no wonder the 'Lancet' churns out such junk science with this disease spreader as its name.]

See: Vaccine 'lymph'   Journal

"The lymph used was of unknown origin, kept in capillary glass tubes, from whence it was blown into a cup into which the lancet was dipped. No pretence of cleaning the lancet was made; it drew blood in very many instances, and it was used upon as many as 276 during the first day (on board ship). one can estimate the number of healthy, innocent children, as well as adults, who are inoculated with syphilis or other foul disease."--William Tebb 1884 (Compulsory Vaccination in England by William Tebb)

"The doctor, dipping his lancet in the bottle of mystery, wiped it on a spot on the arm, and cut and cross-cut the skin, and then, after rapidly stretching and closing the incisions with his thumbs, gave the wretch his ticket and passed him on.    Such was the ordinance of Vaccination—a sight not to be forgotten."--F. SCRIMSHAW 1883 

A similar Local Government Board Inquiry was held, in 1882, at Derby, by Dr. P. W. Barry, owing to the death of a child following vaccination. In this instance the Public Vaccinator did not even hold a certificate of "proficiency in vaccination "! It was found that he had used a lancet "without a point, rusty and dirty ; the vesicle opener also rusty and dirty." One of the tubes was coated inside with "albuminous matter" ; others contained " opaque lymph," and one "a little blood." Some tubes were not even sealed, but contained "opaque lymph, slightly bloody." It was reported that the "septic infection" was inoculated into the child "from some dirty appliance" used by this model (!) Public Vaccinator. He was further censured for "erroneous entries in the Register." (See page 484, Fourth Report, Royal Commission.) LEICESTER: SANITATION versus VACCINATION BY J.T. BIGGS J.P.

"Now, with regard to the ivory points, Dr. Guy deposed :  "I do not use the same points more than once on same day; when a point is once used I put it into a saucer; after use I put a point into water and rub it on a towel, then rub it on emery paper, then put it into water and rub it on a towel again, and before using it again, I put it into water and wipe it on a towel.""------William J. Collins, M.D., B.S., B.Sc. (Lond) (1883 A Review of the Norwich Vaccination Inquiry)