Robin McKie

[His article What if no one's out there at all? is a classic (it does give you a taste of how ignorant most of us were before the internet came along).  Rubbishing Homeopathy and organic food, while defending the poisonous GM foods and Autism inducing MMR flag him up as a  a blatant Corporate whore, at best.]

Quotes by McKie
"I have no problems with MMR. I have three children. All have had MMRs and boosters. In no other country in the world is this a problem. Only this country, where tabloids have boosted this story to quite outrageous, irresponsible levels, do we have a problem. You will always have rogue scientists saying bizarre things. The issue is what science in total says. And it says MMR is safe."---Robin McKie, science writer, Observer 10 Feb 2002

"Such fears will not have been assuaged by last week's revelation that two homeopath doctors had triggered a measles epidemic in Bavaria that affected 700 children (and hospitalised 30) after campaigning against MMR vaccines. That certainly doesn't strike me as value for money. Worthy of imprisonment, more like."--McKie

Chemical farming
[2009 Aug] It's wrong to believe that nature is always best  At last, the myth about organic food being better for us has been exploded. Maybe now we can get down to the serious business of feeding our growing population

Homeopathy attacked
[March 10, 2002 Professor savages homeopathy
[Feb 2002] Sugar pills that cost too much --McKie

We are all alone!
[7 May 2006] But What if no one's out there at all?

GM cheerleader
[2012 Oct] GM food: we can no longer afford to ignore its advantages