Murdoch’s Vaccine World

By | July 22nd, 2011

Everyone by now has heard about the phone tapping scandal that rocked both the British newspaper world and Rupert Murdoch’s business empire. But what needs to be spotlighted, I think, is the possible role that Murdoch’s London Times may have played in the professional evisceration of respected British gastroenterologist, Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

William Newton did a splendid journalistic job in researching and documenting Mr. Murdoch’s other financial interests, especially pharmacology, and vaccines in particular. Personally, if I could, I’d nominate William Newton for the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism for his article “Murdoch and Vaccines – Exposure of Murdoch’s Crimes Open Up A Much Larger Story,” which was published July 17, 2011 . This article explains, in my opinion, how the pharmaceutical industry and money interests ‘play the game’.

I hope Mr. Newton doesn’t mind my quoting his article, but I could not have said it any better and I certainly don’t want to take his thunder. He’s done a fantastic job, which I applaud, and want to spotlight.

First, Newtown sets up the piece with some histrionics:

A 2010 exposure of Murdoch’s Times of London revealed that it had published forged documents purporting to show that Iran planned to do nuclear experiments for an atomic weapon, and as Michael Collins at Oped News points out, it was Murdoch’s “drumbeat of misinformation” that helped mislead people into believing that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attack, supporting Bush’s invasion of Iraq, though intelligence was “unsubstantiated, contradicted, or even non-existent.” Senate Intelligence Committee Unveils Final Phase II Reports on Prewar Iraq Intelligence June 5, 2008.

From there Newton moves on to the media circus that was created around fabrications regarding Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s work evaluating digestive problems in autistic children. Some of the London Times headlines that attacked Dr. Wakefield were:

Furthermore, reporter Brian Deer of the Sunday Times [Murdoch-acquired, 1981] took it upon himself to bring a case against Dr. Wakefield regarding ‘fitness to practice medicine’ before the UK General Medical Council, which then revoked Wakefield’s license to practice medicine. However, here’s an aside about the Times: That newspaper is managed by Murdoch’s son, James, who is on the board of directors of GlaxoSmithKline, the British pharmaceutical company that manufacturers the MMR vaccine, which Dr. Wakefield was suggesting be not given as a combination vaccination because of possible negative health implications for infants and toddlers. Wakefield suggested that until further studies, that the measles vaccine be given as a separate vaccine rather than in combination as the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella). He did not suggest that children not take a measles vaccine, only that there be caution until the MMR was investigated further. This reasonable suggestion was met immediately by the single measles vaccines being taken off the market.

Incidentally, Dr. Wakefield wrote a paper about his finding on digestive problems in autistic children that was published in The Lancet in 1998. Let’s fast-forward to 2010 when Brian Deer started his campaign to get Wakefield’s Lancet article retracted, which it did stating that it was ‘fraudulent’ (…proven to be false).

The question medicine and pharmacology ought to be asking is how much damage has ensued as a result of the skullduggery involved in destroying Dr. Wakefield’s legitimate findings, as he is a gastroenterologist, by not taking into consideration mitochondrial information with regard to autistic children. As Newton points out, Mitochondrial dysfunction has been confirmed by other studies but taking down Wakefield in a big way became a means of discrediting anyone questioning vaccines. Wakefield was cast as a fraud and so all those voicing concerns were dismissed by reference to him.

But that’s where The Lancet or the UK General Medical Council’s Fitness to Practise Panel made a BIG mistake, in my opinion, and as Newton says,

Children with autism are far more likely to have deficits in their ability to produce cellular energy than are typically developing children, a new study by researchers at UC Davis has found. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), found that cumulative damage and oxidative stress in mitochondria, the cell’s energy producer, could influence both the onset and severity of autism, suggesting a strong link between autism and mitochondrial defects.

From my research in vaccines over numerous years, I’ve come to the conclusion that mitochrondrial disease may be latent in many infants and toddlers, and neurotoxic and poisonous adjuvants, excipients, and media in vaccines just may be the trigger that pushes mitochrondrial disease into full gear activity in children. I’ve even come to the conclusion that maybe it would be wise to develop a blood test that ascertains if a child has mitochrondrial tendencies be administer to all children before any ‘routine scheduled’ vaccinations are given. If the results are positive or even questionable, DON’T vaccinate that child under any circumstances, as there will be grave lifelong damage to him or her.

Now here just may be the crux to this entire Wakefield-Murdoch-Vaccine entanglement.

Newton points out that

In opening up the issue mitochrondrial dysfunction and urging a shift back to a single measles vaccine (an earlier vaccine), Wakefield may have stumbled onto something explosive. For the MMR vaccine appears to be the third generation of vaccines, what are called DNA vaccines. They involve shooting genetically engineered material into the body, often using gene guns that were used into the genetic engineering of seeds, in order to achieve DNA “uptake.” …

And what is meant by DNA uptake? Does it mean as it sounds, that genetically engineered material is taken up by the DNA of those being injected with it? And if so, does that mean that these vaccines are genetically altering (or “engineering”) those receiving the vaccines?

Is it possible that the mitochrondrial dysfunction seen in autistic children is a result of their DNA having been compromised? The new DNA vaccines derive from failed gene therapy. Are the new DNA vaccines a continuation of experiments in genetic engineering, being conducted on millions of children?

It should be noted that 23 of the new DNA vaccines have been linked to autism. Can they, in effect, be the real ‘smoking gun’ cause of autism?

Now here’s where all the above ties up into a huge red bow: Rupert Murdoch has hefty financial interests and ties to the pharmaceutical industry, international banking connections, and stock market power brokers who hold the world’s financial interests in their ‘covetous’ hands. Newton says that Members of this group, along with George Soros-directed assets, virtually monopolized the genetics industry during the 1990s, culminating in the corporate privatization of the Human Genome Project. Of course, everyone knows that George Soros is a backer of U.S. President Barack Obama’s agenda.

Topping off all this is the fact that Rupert Murdoch’s son, James—heir apparent, according to Newton, oversees GlaxoSmithKline, another major H1N1 vaccine maker. Many more of Rupert Murdoch’s business associates sit as members of the boards of directors of Merck & Company; Kolberg, Kravitz, Robertz & Company (KKR); and even one of KKR’s top echelon personnel was one of the founders of the Coalition to Advance Healthcare Reform (CAHR) now known as “ObamaCare.”

It sounds like Rupert Murdoch is akin to an octopus with tentacles far reaching and some very deeply, especially in pharmaceuticals and the global media, i.e., radio, television, newspapers, and other print media. Let’s see how far the inquiry goes into the British cell hacking fiasco and if it will cross the pond into the United States. If what we are hearing about what went on at his newspapers multiplies, we can only imagine what has been going on behind closed doors in the world of pharmaceuticals.

One indication of how nasty the vaccine agenda is becoming is the sad article about

131 Children vaccinated at gunpoint in Nsanje [Africa]

What’s going on that everyone has to be vaccinated—even at gunpoint? If I were on the Parliament’s panel questioning the Messrs. Murdoch, I would ask them that question.