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[Brain Deer is the main media man attacking Dr Wakefield, via Times group, the main organ of the Elite (quickest way to rot your brain is to read The Times), and the man who instigated the GMC case, yet isn't even going to give evidence!
      He built up some pseudo-credibility as a medical 'investigative' journalist ("the only journalist in Britain that polices the drug companies" !!, yet here he is helping the cover up for a drug company product causing absolute devastation) by taking apart drugs such as Bactrim, but this just brings to mind Dr Mendelsohn's rule:
"You never hear about the dangers of a drug unless another drug to replace it is available."  He gave a hint as to his bent by claiming DPT never caused any cases of brain damage (!), even though the UK gov has paid out for 900 such cases and the USA National Vaccine Injury Compensation Programme has paid out millions for DPT damage.  Media people never attack vaccination unless they want to find another career. This was the last real media vaccine investigation, into DPT: [1984] Fresno Bee DPT report. He should read it.   The photos tell the story--then look at Dr Wakefield's.]

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I am dismayed by the way in which the media continuously, despite whatever you tell them, reiterate the same errors, the same mistakes, but of course the major problem is the way it was handled by the Sunday Times and Brian Deer, and that to my mind was just a big error from start to finish, and it is like having 5% of the documents and making a story out of those 5% when you haven't got the remaining 95% that tell the actual story.  Making it up, fixing that idea in mind, staying with that idea, irrespective of what anyone might say in mitigation and that's what happened. [2010 April. Video] Dr Andrew Wakefield - In His own words

Before and after he sold his soul.

[2014 May] EPA Microbiologist Dr. David Lewis Wrote the Book on Research Misconduct - Then Throws the Book at Brian Deer

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Canary Party letter to officials at La Crosse University, WI regarding Brian Deer

[2012 Sept] Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: LaCrosse Drinks Brian Deer's Kool-Aid  The truth, fellow English majors and would-be journalists, is that the story began when vaccines began causing autism, and what keeps the story going is that vaccines keep causing autism.

Brian Deer’s BMJ Series Not Peer Reviewed  Dr. Godlee falsely told concerned readers that Brian Deer’s BMJ article was “subjected to peer review” plus the false claim underneath the article that it was “externally peer reviewed.” Then there is this motion made by all three defendants, including Brian Deer, falsely calling Dr. Harvey Marcovitch the “external reviewer.” The result looks very much like conscious, intentional wrongdoing. In other words, malice.

Whistleblower Scientist Accuses British Medical Journal of Institutional Research Misconduct

[2011 Nov] Journalist Brian Deer Drops BMJ Editor Dr Fiona Godlee Head First in Brown Stuff Over Wakefield Fraud Allegations

[2011 Oct] Astounding Wakefield Lecture to Association of American Physicians & Surgeons Implicates BMJ Editor in Research Fraud   see 19:16 from (how Deer altered the history)

[2011 Aug] Fresh Fraud: Brian Deer’s Vanishing Writing By Jake Crosby

[2011 Aug] An Elaborate Fraud, Part 6: In Which “Blagging” is Discredited as a Journalistic Tactic, Unless the British Medical Journal Publishes It   My grandson WAS initially prescribed anti inflammatory medications by Professor Walker-Smith and they helped, but they were stopped when his diagnosis was deliberately changed to chronic constipation by 'hatchetmen' in the Royal Free post Wakefield and Prof Walker-Smith. Now as then the poor lad just gets kilos and litres of constipation powders and bottles. They do NOTHING to alleviate the pain.---Jenny Allan

[2011 July] An Elaborate Fraud, Part 1: In Which a Murdoch Reporter Deceives the Mother of a Severely Autistic Child  & part 2: In Which a Murdoch Newspaper’s Deceptive Tactics Infect the British Medical Journal

[2011 Feb] BMJ & Lancet Wedded to Merck CME Partnership  Why did the BMJ fail to disclose its partnership agreement with Merck, major vaccine manufacturer--13 vaccines, including the controversial MMR vaccine ?  Is it just conceivably possible, that the BMJ's decision to commission and publish Brian Deer's series of articles attacking Dr. Andrew Wakefield's personal and scientific integrity--and lend its unwavering editorial endorsement--without giving him an opportunity to defend himself--might be influenced by a SIGNIFICANT financial conflict of interest?

[2011 April] Brilliant Wakefield Lecture – Shows BMJ Editor’s & Deer’s Fraud Allegations Were Fraud Themselves  This is an excellent recent lecture by Andrew Wakefield in Austin Texas in which he shows how Deer and BMJ Editor Dr Fiona Godlee perpetrated their own fraudulent allegations that Andrew Wakefield committed fraud when that was not true and in fact impossible.  The fraud is entirely by journalist Brian Deer and the British Medical Journal.
    What Andrew Wakefield also shows is how the work at The Royal Free Hospital with his colleagues not only found a new bowel disease in autistic children but also how the results of that work have been and are today helping autistic children recover some normality in their lives.
    You can also read in detail how it was impossible for anyone to have committed fraud.  Neither Dr Godlee nor Brian Deer have been able to answer these points.  So who are the fraudsters?

[2011 Jan] Documents emerge proving Dr Andrew Wakefield innocent; BMJ and Brian Deer caught misrepresenting the facts


[2011 Jan] The Great Pretender: Brian Deer's Wakefield Soap Opera By Martin J Walker MA.

[2011 Jan. Letter BMJ] In response to: Feature: Secrets of the MMR scare: How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed

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[2010 May] BMJ Editor Refuses to Acknowledge Brian Deer’s Role as Complainant in GMC Case By John Stone

Histopathologist from the Lancet study Rebuffs Brian Deer’s Article in British Medical Journal

[2010 April pdf] BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL PUBLISHES FALSE CLAIMS ABOUT MMR DOCTOR   "It is extraordinary that a journal like the BMJ should have reduced itself to this sort of tabloid medicine from an entirely unqualified and biased source. The egregious errors in Deer's report should cause embarrassment to the BMJ's editors. In a relentless and misguided effort to distract attention from vaccine safety issues, agenda-driven journalism has once again made a mockery of medicine."

[2010 March] Lancet Boss Failed to Disclosed Own Conflicts to Parliament while Denouncing Wakefield By John Stone

[2010 April] Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield
[2010 April. Video transcripts] Dr Andrew Wakefield - In His own words

[2010 March] Brian Deer Blunders in British Medical Journal By John Stone

[2010 March] Brian Deer Hired to "Find Something Big" on MMR By John Stone

[2010 Jan] False Testimony Denies Lancet Doctors a Fair Hearing

[2010 Jan] The Launch of Silenced Witnesses Volume II: The UK GMC Hearings by Martin Walker  And at the same time as the launch, the Times was publishing Deer's latest article about the GMC trial that has now dragged on for two and a half years and for which the verdict is expected this Thursday. In his article Deer posed as the parents saviour, disguising himself as a victims' campaigner and defender of what he termed 'the Lancet 12'; a complete travesty. Had  Deer dared to show his face at the launch, unseemly as the outcome might have been, there would have been no doubt about who had spoken for the parents from the first and who the parents still supported from the depths of their hearts. .....Instead I was left to round off the launch with the correction of another disgusting Deerism. In a recent addition to his site there is a fulsome explanation of how I had conned parents out of money for self-published books and lined my pockets with money made from Dr Wakefield's vested interests; more bizarre unchecked accusations. I reflected for a moment on the wall of lies that Dr Wakefield, the parents, the campaigners and ultimately the children have had to fight.

[2009 July] Sunday Times Ordered ‘Remove Wakefield MMR “Data Fixing” Story’

[2009 May FILM] Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC.

[Cryshame] On the 13th March 2009 Dr Andrew Wakefield filed a formal complaint to the UK Press Complaints Commission alleging that a freelance reporter (Mr. Brian Deer)  made false accusations of scientific fraud against Dr Wakefield in articles published in the UK Sunday Times.
    Dr Wakefield further alleges in this addendum that Mr. Deer failed to disclose in the Sunday Times conflicts of interest with respect to his role in the GMC investigation. He also alleges that Mr. Deer continues to mislead the public by denying his role in the GMC proceedings against Dr Wakefield and his colleagues.
   Correspondence between the GMC and Mr Deer can be found here.
  See also: A Character Assassin Caught in the Act (by Dan Olmstead and Mark Blaxill); and Brian Deer:Conflicted "Journalist", Industry Toady or Modern Day Madame DeFarge (by Jim Moody)

[2009 March] Andrew Wakefield’s Complaint Against the Sunday Times – The Times of London Retreats by John Stone  James Murdoch, was appointed to the board of MMR defendants GlaxoSmithKline

[2009 March] Andrew Wakefield’s Complaint Against the Sunday Times – The Times of London Retreats

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Brian Deer's Allegations against Dr Andrew Wakefield: A Rebuttal


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[Times June 2006] Focus: How a spurious health scare brought an old killer back ---Brian Deer

[Media Noc 2004] MMR scare doctor planned rival vaccine---Brian Deer

In the days leading up to Deer’s initial "revelations" about Andrew Wakefield and others in The Sunday Times in February 2004, a meeting took place between Deer and Horton in which Deer made a number of claims. These all centered on a paper written by Dr. Wakefield and colleagues, which was published in The Lancet in 1998. In the now notorious paper, Wakefield et al. had reported on a possibly novel form of bowel disease, with autistic-like developmental regression, in 12 children referred to the gastrointestinal department of London’s Royal Free Hospital. Eight of the children, according to their parents or general practitioner, had the onset of developmental regression soon after their MMR vaccine. 
    Despite what is usually inaccurately reported in summary, the paper actually concluded that: "We did not prove an association between measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described … further investigations are needed to examine this syndrome and its possible relation to the vaccine."
    In the February 2004 meeting, the major issues of relevance to Dr. Horton were three specific claims made by Deer. First, he claimed that The Lancet study was funded by Legal Aid money. Second, he claimed that the children reported in The Lancet were sourced by lawyers. Third, and perhaps most crucially, Deer claimed that Dr. Wakefield had hidden his involvement with Dawbarns, the firm of lawyers involved in the MMR litigation, from The Lancet and Dr. Horton. 
    On hearing these claims from Deer, Horton was apparently horrified, and within hours of the meeting he stated publically that the 1998 paper was "fatally flawed." He further claimed that had The Lancet been aware of Wakefield’s involvement with Dawbarns at that time the paper would never have been published. This statement about the "fatally flawed" paper was, therefore, the seed of the "discredited" myth that prevails and is clearly influencing many more people today.
    Let’s fast forward to the GMC hearing, which has been investigating these claims for nearly three years. What do we find? First, it has been demonstrated beyond doubt that The Lancet study was not funded by Legal Aid. Not one penny of Legal Aid money was used for the study. Second, it has been shown that the children in the study were not sourced by lawyers. None of the children reported in The Lancet study were involved in any legal action at the time of their referral to the Royal Free Hospital. Third, we now know that The Lancet had been told, in communications between Dawbarns and Horton, about Dr. Wakefield’s involvement with them in April 1997. So, they knew. A whole year before the paper was published, they knew.  [2010 Jan] Polly Tommey of Autism File Magazine on "Discredited Defamation of Dr. Andrew Wakefield"

"Brian remains isolated, a social pariah, who will undoubtedly be cast aside like a used condom when his benefit to the Department of Health and ABPI comes to an end."--- [April 2008] The Defence Opens to a Prosecution Continuing Downhill by Martin Walker MA

The person who commissioned Deer was Paul Nuki, Sunday Times' sometime Head of Newsroom investigations and "Focus" editor. Paul Nuki is son of Professor George Nuki. Professor George Nuki in 1987 sat on the Committee on Safety of Medicines when the CSM was considering Glaxo company Smith Kline & French Laboratories' Pluserix MMR vaccine for safety approval. ......sitting on the CSM with Professor George Nuki was Professor Sir Roy Meadow and Professor Sir David Hull  [April 2008] MMR/AUTISM & THE TAMING OF THE BRITISH MEDIA--Clifford Miller

It does appear highly coincidental, that Brian Deer, well know for his previous support for GlaxoSmithKline's vaccine programme found a commissioning editor in a man whose father  was connected to various vaccine companies and had sat on the very committee that mistakenly passed the Pluserix MMR vaccination for safety. [2008 Oct] An Open Letter to Brian Deer Rebutting His Article 'Families duped by a sad smearmaster of MMR fabrication and hatred' by Martin J Walker MA

We see in your writing just how far the mood in Britain has changed from the time that The Sunday Times journalists carried out their beautiful investigation into Thalidomide. The paper was then utterly on the side of the patients whose lives had been devastated by the birth of severely damaged children. Now, in this more cynical age nothing matters but the politics of industrial power. You, The Sunday Times, the Government and the GMC members evidently are all rooting for 'Big Pharma' and abusing the parents of vaccine damaged children by denying them. [2008 Oct] An Open Letter to Brian Deer Rebutting His Article 'Families duped by a sad smearmaster of MMR fabrication and hatred' by Martin J Walker MA

Your assertion that a small rump of dissatisfied parents and people without any connection to MMR, have 'hurt' parents of children with autism, with lies about the cause of autism, is classic propaganda. It really is time, Brian, that you put up or shut up, certainly the latter; where are these parents so grievously injured by our claim that vaccine damage is being denied by the government and the pharmaceutical companies? Where are the parents who have been injured by our claim that a sub set of children vaccinated between 1992 and 1998, developed IBD and then in some cases, regressive autism? Why do you keep calling in vain on these people with autistic children whom you claim have been terribly hurt by the exposure to cases of children damaged by MMR?
    The parents of those vaccine damaged children, who saw a relationship between their MMR vaccination and inflammatory bowel disease, presented with either serious constipation or incessant diarrhea and who then, having previously developed well, began to regress, losing speech and socialisation and experiencing terrible pain, would like you to stop saying that they have been misled or that they are being duped or damaged by the cause of Dr Wakefield and Cry Shame. In essence you are accusing these parents at best of misjudging their children's illnesses, which is as good as accusing them of being poor parents, or at worst you are accusing them of lying. Please believe me when I tell you that these parents utterly despise you and far from wanting the closure that you speak of they are determined to fight the government and the pharmaceutical industry in defence of their damaged children.
[2008 Oct] An Open Letter to Brian Deer Rebutting His Article 'Families duped by a sad smearmaster of MMR fabrication and hatred' by Martin J Walker MA