[June 3, 2007 Letter by Clifford G. Miller ] Boston Globe Publishes Bunk by Paul Offit

Dear Editor,

At risk: vaccines - How a legal case could cripple one of modern medicine's greatest achievements - By Paul A. Offit  |  June 3, 2007

In this article today Paul Offit claims measles would kill 3000 children every year in the USA.  Regrettably and as you can see from the attached graphs, that is wholly incorrect.  This kind of misinformation is putting childrens' lives and health at risk, as can be seen below.

Measles as a serious illness has been dying out of its own accord in the US and the UK.  The drug industry has known that for years - which explains the motivation to introduce as many vaccines as possible (before anyone realised).  Offit and his CDC "colleagues" are giving the US public data which is well over 30 years out of date.  And sure, some kids will still catch measles but its hazards are far less than getting vaccines.  Just the asthma statistics show that.  The numbers killed by asthma as a result of vaccines are far higher as can be seen from the USA asthma statistics - AAAAI  Media Resources: Media Kit - Asthma Statistics.  The UK statistics are up there as well (source: Asthma UK - a charity funded by the pharmaceutical industry).  In the UK - with a population 1/6th that of the USA we have:-

And then there are the increasing allergies caused by vaccines that your children get in the US and which we also see in the UK:-
"Big rise in patients with deadly allergies  - Children are worst hit by rise in killer reactions"
The Observer - Sunday April 16, 2006 - Jamie Doward, home affairs editor"
The current US position mirrors that in the UK which is documented in a very recent paper from "Thorax".  It can be found here:-
Time trends in allergic disorders in the UK.  Thorax. Published Online First: 1 September 2006. doi:10.1136/thx.2004.038844
Of course, unvaccinated children have less asthma and allergy than vaccinated:-
"The relationship between vaccine refusal and self-report of atopic disease in children." ( J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2005 Apr;115(4):737-44.)
And then, the drug industry knows of the problem.  Excipients, adjuvants and preservatives (like thiomersal) in vaccines cause sensitisation (ie. people to become allergic)
Avoiding Adjuvants & Excipients Can Avoid Allergies Clifford G. Miller - 10 September 2006
And if your readers want to see how far government officials and the medical industry are prepared to go to cover this kind of thing up, take a look at this peer reviewed medical paper published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons recently:-
Questions on the Independence and Reliability of Cochrane Reviews - Clifford G. Miller, Esq. Winter 2006
Is there anything else the Boston Globe needs to know?    How many US children's lives do you want to put at risk by publishing drug industry advertorials like the one by Paul Offit?


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