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"...So my pediatrician just instated a rule that they are now going to charge a $20 fee for 'delaying' or opting out of any vaccinations for "inconvenience." Neither of my kids have received any their 4-year old shots and some we have passed up completely, so I had to pay $20 for both kids at each check-up. Of course, insurance would never pick that up...


Upon deciding that vaccines were a contributing factor to our sons autism, we decided that we were not going to continue his vaccinations, and that our new born son would not be vaccinated until he was at least 3 years old. As we would take our boys into our pediatrician’s office, our pediatrician would ask us why we had stopped vaccinating our boys. Afraid of being turned away if we came out and completely said that we would not be vaccinating our kids, we told our pediatrician that we just didn't know if we would be following the schedule exactly as recommended. He then told us very bluntly that if we decided not to vaccinate our boys that he would drop our boys as patients and we would have to take them elsewhere. Since then, we have simply skirted the issue by lying. We don't want to lie, but if we didn't take our kids there, we would have to travel a minimum of an hour round trip for any kind of a visit. So now we tell the pediatrician that we have turned over vaccinations to a different doctor. Which we have done. Our DAN doctor is now going to help us vaccinate our younger son when he turns 3 years old, and he will do it according to what we want not what the state or federal government wants.

Joseph J., Saratoga Springs, UT


We did our research, and having had all negative results for venereal disease, we decided that there was no reason for the eye ointment. We also had done research that indicated that there was at least one study (in the UK I think) suggesting that the Vitamin K shot could increase the risk of childhood leukemia. Since our baby was a girl, we knew the chance of the brain bleeds that the Vitamin K is suppose to prevent, was fairly low. My cousin died of Leukemia when he was 19 and it was a horrific death. We decided we would not allow either the eye ointment or the Vitamin K shot.

When I advised the nurses when we arrived at the hospital of this, they were horrified. One advised me that refusing the ointment would trigger a visit from the social worker. One told me that one of their staff members refused the Vitamin K shot for her baby and "well, let's just say the baby didn't make it." Now, I am a lawyer, but still, the idea of a visit from a social worker wasn't exactly the image I had of the birth of my first and now, due to never wanting to be at the mercy of the medical profession again, last child. So, we went ahead with the eye drops.

Their scare tactics worked with the Vitamin K, too. They told me I was crazy if I thought the Vitamin K shot could cause leukemia. However, a few hours later, when my thriving and alert daughter's white blood cell count skyrocketed to two and a half times the normal level, they couldn't do anything, but shrug their shoulders.

Shelley K, Kalamazoo, MI


I brought up the possible link between the MMR shot and autism to my pediatrician. She just laughed it off as "internet hype."

My daughter has had all scheduled vaccines up until the pre-kindergarten boosters. As a result, she displays symptoms of ADHD. I don't believe ADHD exists as a disease in and of itself, but rather it is a combination of symptoms caused by diet and environmental toxins. Anyway, I won't allow my daughter to have anymore vaccines.

Tonya M. from San Jose, CA


Fortunately, I haven't been given too much grief about vaccines! Then again, most know of the problems we've had. However, I can remember the *BEEP* I got when I told the doctor's at the hospital that my daughter was admitted to because she stopped breathing TWICE. They got to the point where they were so nasty that I demanded to have Emma released or I'd leave anyway. Fortunately, they released her. I'm just glad I knew my facts and blurted them out to all those interns who thought they knew more then me! Several days later I had one call me asking for more info. I then found out she was pregnant. Hmmmmm!  Let me just remind you....YOU ROCK!!! I would love to meet you in person someday! If you're ever in the Albuquerque, NM (actually I'm in Rio Rancho), please let me know!  Robin



My child is currently 19 months old and is unvaccinated.  We chose not to vaccinate her because we did extensive research on vaccinations and I have a 5 year old cousin that has not been vaccinated and he is the biggest, strongest and smartest five year old I have ever seen.  I have also heard and seen some sad stories of negative reactions to children in the past few years.  Our Daughter has always been a very healthy little girl and she is very smart and well mannered.
My husband and I did not have insurance through the companies we worked at so for the first year of her life I took her to her free checkups at the health department.  The ladies there were so nice and did a wonderful job.  They were always so happy to see her and would just brag and brag about her... when we went in for her nine month checkup and she was walking down the halls, they just about fell over!  They never hounded me on the vaccinations.  We did speak of them on the first visit but they respected us and our wishes from then on.
Last spring, my husband finally got insurance on us.  Our daughter has bad allergies in the spring and fall.  (my husband does too) We have also found out that she is allergic to Dogs and Cats.  Most recently we realized that she is allergic to nuts and citrus fruit.  In some weird way, I feel like God put all of the information about vaccinations at my fingertips at the right time so I could make an educated decision on it all because she could very well have a negative reaction to something being so sensitive and allergic to things.
This past spring, her eyes got all matted up with green stuff due to her allergies.  I wanted to take her in because I wanted to make sure it wasn't an infection.  I called around and got a reference to a doctor in Independence.  I took her to Doctor Moser (At Cockerel, Mackintosh in Independence, MO).  I payed the 20$ co pay and took my daughter in the room.  The nurses were fast and asked for her shot record - I told them that we were against vaccinations and they said the doctor would be in soon.  The doctor came in and looked at her a bit and sat down.  He said it was allergies and then prescribed me a 50$ allergy eye drop prescription!  he then preceded to lecture me on vaccinations, assuming that the only reason I was against them was because of the big "Autism" deal going on in the media.  I tried to get words and sentences in, but this man had me in tears by the time it was all over.  He ended his lecture in "If you are not going to vaccinate her then she is not welcome back".  I left, pissed off that I just payed for horrible care and a lecture I didn't want to hear.  I went to the store, got her some all natural eye drops for 7$ and her eyes cleared up in two days.
I have yet to find a good doctor.  The last one we took her to didn't do anything!  he said "We believe in good care, so we are not going to turn her away for being unvaccinated - but i wont sign an exemption" He just kept saying she looks fine... she looks great... he walked out of the door when I was trying to talk to him about the allergic reactions she has been having... and then left us in the room for 20 minutes without telling us he wasn't coming back.  I had even brought my husband with us that time so he could be my "muscle".  I think that is the only reason I didn't get another "lecture".
this all just makes me think that, because the Health Department wasn't being directly paid for all those vaccines that they distribute for free - they didn't hold it against us and treated us like everyone else.  But with these high-priced-nose-in-the-air-to-busy-for-you doctors - if you aren't paying them - you aren't worth their time. 
I have spoke to other mothers who just don't take their unvaccinated kids in to doctors because of this.  I just wish we could keep going to the health department.  And, I thank GOD that my child isn't ever sick and needs to go in to the doctor ~ because sadly, I wouldn't know where to take her!
I also hate that I have to be so aggressive obviously.  I need to make sure - the next doctor we try to really stand up and get pissed off I guess.  Maybe that is the only way these doctors will stop treating me and my family this way.

Deveri Harvey in Independence, MO



I just read a post on the Autism, Mercury group on Cafemom where you were looking for stories of doctors who bully people regarding vacinations.  Just recently, I took my son to the pediatrician for his annual physical.......granted he is 12 years old, but his younger brother is on th autism spectrum and actually,  he has a couple of sensory type issues himself and can sometimes look alittle "asperger-ish".  I just didn't want him to get any more vacines and asked if he could check his titers instead.  Oh my!!!!!!!  He started ranting and raving,  saying "he's 12 for Gods sake,  he isn't going to get autism now!" Also,  he said that is over,  they proved there is no relation between vacines and autism! I am so ashamed to admit that I totally crumbled and let him do the vacinations but I didn't want to and really felt forced......why couldn't I fight back with him?!!  I feel so stupid,  letting him talk me into it .....I still can't believe I couldn't stick to my insticts and be strong.  What if my son now gets sick in some an autoimmune disease or something.  So ashamed!  Anyway,  my name is Rita Gingras and I live in Boston,Ma and my pediatrician is Dr Delollis in Medford, MA. 

Hope this helps.......Rita Gingras


To whom it may concern:

Upon deciding that vaccines were a contributing factor to our sons autism, we decided that we were not going to continue his vaccinations, and that our new born son would not be vaccinated until he was at least 3 years old.  As we would take our boys into our pediatrician’s office, our pediatrician would ask us why we had stopped vaccinating our boys.  Afraid of being turned away if we came out and completely said that we would not be vaccinating our kids, we told our pediatrician that we just didn’t know if we would be following the schedule exactly as recommended.  He then told us very bluntly that if we decided not to vaccinate our boys that he would drop our boys as patients and we would have to take them elsewhere.  Since then, we have simply skirted the issue by lying.  We don’t want to lie, but if we didn’t take our kids there, we would have to travel a minimum of an hour round trip for any kind of a visit.  So now we tell the pediatrician that we have turned over vaccinations to a different doctor.  Which we have done.  Our DAN doctor is now going to help us vaccinate our younger son when he turns 3 years old, and he will do it according to what we want not what the state or federal government wants.

Joseph Jenkins, Saratoga Springs, UT 

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I am not sure this one counts as a vaccination bullying story, but I want to share it just the same (although, I do have a vaccination bullying story that I will send along later).

My midwife knew that my husband and I were not going to vaccinate and as a show of support to us, she also mentioned that at the hospital, they would as a matter of procedure, give our baby eye ointment and a Vitamin K shot. She said we should research those and make sure how we felt ahead of time. (What a great lady!!)

We did our research, and having had all negative results for venereal disease, we decided that there was no reason for the eye ointment. We also had done research that indicated that there was at least one study (in the UK I think) suggesting that the Vitamin K shot could increase the risk of childhood leukemia. Since our baby was a girl, we knew the chance of the brain bleeds that the Vitamin K is suppose to prevent, was fairly low. My cousin died of Leukemia when he was 19 and it was a horrific death. We decided we would not allow either the eye ointment or the Vitamin K shot.

When I advised the nurses when we arrived at the hospital of this, they were horrified. One advised me that refusing the ointment would trigger a visit from the social worker. One told me that one of their staff members refused the Vitamin K shot for her baby and "well, let's just say the baby didn't make it." Now, I am a lawyer, but still, the idea of a visit from a social worker wasn't exactly the image I had of the birth of my first and now, due to never wanting to be at the mercy of the medical profession again, last child. So, we went ahead with the eye drops.

Their scare tactics worked with the Vitamin K, too. They told me I was crazy if I thought the Vitamin K shot could cause leukemia. However, a few hours later, when my thriving and alert daughter's white blood cell count skyrocketed to two and a half times the normal level, they couldn't do anything, but shrug their shoulders.

A doctor called me and told me that (sight unseen) my daughter MUST have a 48 hour series of amoxicillin and gentamycin. I asked him why and he said it was because I was Group B strep positive. However, I advised him that I had had two negative Group B strep tests (one only a week prior because I was so worried about it). He said "well, whatever, she needs the medicine." I asked him what the side effects were and he told me that the side effects of the medications outweighed the benefits. I advised him that he had not answered my question and that I would need to speak to my midwife first.

My midwife (the same one who warned me about the eye drops and Vitamin K) was on staff that night and she grabbed some medical textbooks and sat down with me. After reviewing everything with her (yet knowing that the blood cultures would not be back for 48 hours, during which, the doctor advised me, my daughter could grow "sicker" if nothing was done), we went ahead with it.

The blood cultures came back negative and that was not surprising. I had a wonderful pregnancy with not a single complication. My daughter was so very alert from the moment of her birth and had a ferocious appetite. Now, I will spend the next years wondering if "our decision" (which was really us knuckling under the bullying of the pediatrician on staff) to give my daughter gentamycin has forever compromised her immune system. I am also aware that it can result in deafness and I find myself worrying regularly about that as well. At nine months, she shows no signs of such problems. Her health, largely I believe due to breastfeeding and refusing all vaccinations, has always been tip top. Like I said, not really a vaccination bullying story, but it is a story of being bullied into medicating my child by a pediatrician.

But don't work, like pretty much all non-vaccinating parents, I have a story involving that to share with you as well. Thanks for all you do.

 Shelley J. in Kalamazoo, MI

  The doctor I used with my first daughter was Dr. Shannon Kluppel (male) who practices in Baytown, TX. The second doctor I mentioned whom could not believe I had not taken my baby to a doctor and questioned me about no well-baby visits was Dr. Vernicka Porter-Sales at Kidz First Pedicatrics in Beaumont, TX.

Oh, gosh I have always wanted to do this. So, I will certainly share my story.

It all started the day I gave birth to my first daughter. I was groggy from so many drugs and in so much pain when the first major decision to sign consent to give my daughter a Hep B vaccine was handed to me. I told the nurse that I did not think we were going to vaccinate and just to leave the information in my room. I read over the materials and noticed that people allergic to bakers yeast should not have the vaccine. Well, I am allergic to bakers yeast! So, I expressed my concerns to the nurse because I thought my daughter may have the same allergy. But she assured me that was not so and just told me how dangerous it would be to NOT give it to her. I just remember being so sleepy and groggy that I finally just gave in and signed the consent.

We came home and my daughter was a screamer. She could not be set, always needed to be moving. She would not sleep for more than an hour. Thoughts ran through my head that I just thought she had too much in her system. I had failed to have a drug free birth and I had given in to the Hep B vaccine. But, when I took her into the pediatrician, he said everything she was doing was normal and to not worry about it. But, I just had that mommy instinct that something was not right but it was my first baby, so I thought I was a little overly concerned.

When it came time for her first round of vaccines, I had a long talk with her doctor about my deep concerns. He ASSURED me 100% that there was not any mercury or thimersol in vaccines anymore (this was spring 2003) and that if I did not give her the vaccines, she was at HIGH risk. He told me that there were NO side effects to the vaccines but if she caught one of the diseases she could be crippled or even die. I tried to counteract his comments but he always seemed to come back at me with something to contradict what I was saying. I was just a new mom, little sleep and confused. I had read enough to give me doubt about vaccine safety but not enough to be sure either way. The doctor gave HIS version but NEVER offered another stance on the issue.

So, when my daughter received her vaccines, she broke out in red hives and screamed for literally several days. I just KNEW inside that the vaccines were causing her to act different. But again when I told her doctor this, he just said she may have been feeling bad and that it was normal-could be a coincidence. I continued to give her vaccines until she was 9 months of age. But it was that last time that I finally listened to my gut. I remember asking the nurse who administered the vaccines that I thought seven shots in one day seemed a little much but she said it would be worse to spread them out. That just did not seem right to me. Nobody would give a child 7 different medications at once I thought to myself. Why this many vaccines? Again, my daughter broke out in hives and screamed for days after the vaccines and became sick this last time. Yet again, this was just dismissed that I was too worried and overreacting. But I KNEW my happy baby...she was NOT a happy baby after vaccines.

I never went back to give her any vaccines. I started researching the topic and became confident in my decision. I can't help but firmly believe all the toxins I put into my daughter in her first year of life did make her upset when she should not have been and made her hard to sleep. She would rarely even sleep at 2 hour stretches. I think her system was overwhelmed.

I went on to have two more daughters and they are not vaccinated. They have both been 100% breastfed and one of the them has only been sick ONCE in her 3.5 years of life. My now 16 month old has NEVER been to a pediatrician and has NEVER been sick! I brought her along to a pedicatrician when my middle daughter had croup (caught at pre-school) and was actually scolded by the doctor who was in sheer disbelief that I had never had my baby seen by a doctor! This was a different doctor than with my first daughter. At this point in my parenthood though, I just ignored her comments because I had the happiest healthy baby that any parent would dream of!

It makes me so angry, sad, hurt and misled that my first doctor did not listen to my concerns about vaccinations. It upsets me that he thought I was overreacting to how my daughter screamed in pain after her vaccine shots. I wish he would have listened to me and pointed me to different books. I wish all doctors questioned vaccines but at the very least, when a parent is concerned, they should lead the parents to the research and help them make a decision for their family.

I have just found that staying away from pediatricians is the surest way to have healthy kids. I went to all the well baby visits with my first daughter and the only thing the visits did were to make me anxious and upset. There is an obsession with heights, weights, vaccines and medications in infants. I know there are some forward thinking doctors and thank goodness for them. Sadly, I live in Jefferson county Texas were natral remedies and non-vaccinating moms are rare. To find a doctor who agrees is impossible. Thankfully my husband is a chiropractor and we have his insight to our daughter's health.

Jessica H, Jefferson county, TX

Here’s my story:

When my son was born (May 2003), we didn’t think we wanted to vaccinate. We hesitated on the Hep B in the hospital. On the first day, we just said we weren’t “ready to do it yet.” I wish I was more comfortable with my instincts. By the second day, they were handing me the info sheets and shoving a clipboard in my face to sign so my son could be injected. I ended up saying “let’s just do it” (something I deeply regret today, 4.5 years later). I guess I was feeling weak after my difficult labor and emergency c-section.

After we got home and re-grouped, I got more comfortable with my decision and decided I wasn’t going to allow any further vaccinations. Our pediatrician was the same practice that most people in my white-collar town used, so I didn’t even think twice about selecting them. When we went to the first few “well visits,” I would say that I wanted to “delay” (even though I wasn’t planning to vaccinate at all). I thought they would be easier on me if I was just “delaying.” But still, they were condescending and took a very authoritative stance. They didn’t threaten me, but put me in a position where I felt I needed to defend myself – which I just couldn’t do very well. I ended up sounding like a babbling idiot (which I’m usually not). I would come home upset and feeling bullied.

The different doctors and nurses clearly had different “favorite vaccines.” I remember one doctor specifically saying that he was ok with delaying most of them, but I really should get the Hib one. He had seen, firsthand, what meningitis could do to babies and we wouldn’t want to take that kind of a risk. Apparently, the Hib was his personal “favorite.”

Anyway, after the first two or three visits, I just stopped going for check-ups. I hated how I felt after each appointment and my baby was totally healthy. I could certainly weight him and measure him myself, and track his growth on the charts (if I cared to do it). I began searching for a more “accepting” pediatrician.

I finally got the name of a new doctor when my son was about 14 months old. I was much more comfortable with my stance by this time, and knew that I didn’t need to defend myself. When I called the new doctor’s office, I was told she was not accepting new patients, but her colleague would accept us. I immediately stated to the receptionist that I was not planning to vaccinate my son, and that I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time. If the doctor was going to have a problem with it, we would find someone else. She put me on hold and then came back to say it was no problem. I was relieved.

At our first appointment, my husband wanted to come along and I was glad. If they started giving me a hard time, I thought I would feel less intimidated with him there. We ended up having a nice discussion with the doctor, during which we “agreed to disagree” on the topic – but he was never condescending or dismissive. Since then, we go to annual check-ups and I do not feel like I have to defend myself each time.

However, on my most recent visit (October 2007), he presented me with a form that he wants me to sign. You know the form – the one where I say (paraphrasing) that my all-knowing doctor told me that I’m putting my child at risk, and I’ve chosen to ignore him. I didn’t sign it. He wants me to review the form and think about it for next time. Then we’ll talk about it again, and if I still don’t want to sign it, it’ll be the end of the discussion. I tend to doubt that it will be the end of the discussion, but we’ll see. So that’s where we stand today.

Thanks for all the great work you’re doing. Your work has been instrumental in my research and I applaud you for putting yourself out there for the good of children everywhere.
Erika H. Massachusetts

My terrible experience with a pediatrician took place a long time ago but I take every opportunity I can to tell my story since it ruined my son's life. I am in New Jersey and the Dr.'s name was Brown. He was a highly recommended Pediatrician in our area, this was in 1985, he is probably gone now.

I had a terrible feeling about getting my beautiful baby's DPT shot, call it mother's intuition or whatever, but I did not want him to get it. I had 2 other sons much older and they handled the shots ok with no noticable adverse reactions so I don't know why I had such a dread with the last one but I did. I tried to discuss it with the Dr. and told him about my fears and he proceeded to make me feel like a horrible parent. He told me that first of all it was the law and my son would not be able to attend school without the vaccines and that I was risking my child's life by not protecting him from whooping cough. He badgered me until I finally gave in. Shame on me! I took my poor innocent little baby home and listened to him scream for hours.

I called the Dr. twice and was told to give him Tylenol. He continued to scream like he never had before. I called the Dr. again and he was angry that I was bothering him and accused me of being a fanatical, overreacting mother. Finally after many hours of terrible crying, my son seemed to fall asleep and I laid him in his cradle and just sat there and watched him. His little body kept jumping while he was sleeping and I called the Dr. again. He hung up on me. Little did I know back then that my infant was having seizures.

He was never the same after that night and it would take a full book to tell all his problems. ADD, OCD, Social problems, learning problems, ear infections, and much much more. He had been already sleeping through the night before he got his first shots and he didn't sleep through the night again for 3 months. This is just a very small part of our story but you get the idea. Stand up for your rights and the rights of your children to be healthy!

Sharon in New Jersey


I recently took my 13 year old son to a check up at our pediatrician's office in Charlotte, NC. Up to this point, my son has had all childhood vaccines as suggested by the pediatrician and/or required by state schooling regulations. Until recently, I was unaware of the dangers of vaccines but I have been reading more and more about this controversial issue.

After the check-up was completed, the doctor noticed that I had declined both the chicken pox booster vaccine and the menengitis vaccine which were due at this visit. She questioned me as to my reasons. I explained I did not think they were necessary and the potential side affects outweighed the benefits as far as my research could tell. She appeared to suddenly become defensive and proceeded to tell me that chicken pox can be deadly and that my son would not be able to go to college until he had both of these vaccines. I couldn't help but let out a small chuckle before replying that he had five years before going to college and we would cross that bridge when we came to it. I added "right now I am not interested".

She continued to tell me that it was her place, as the pediatrician, to tell me how quickly someone can die from menengitis and that there had been two cases she knew of in the past few years which involved high schoolers. My first thought was... a school system of one hundred thirty-three thousand children, two cases in the past few years is a negligible percentage. My second thought was...why is she so insistent on my agreeing to these vaccines? It only made me more apt to NOT get them. She continued for a couple of more minutes telling me about the dangers of these two illnesses and how we needed to have the vaccines. I abruptly ended the conversation by stating "I'll let you know if I change my mind". Her demeander was far less pleasant when she left the room as it was when she initially entered.

I left the office feeling like I had been harrassed and was very annoyed that she had used her position to try to intimidate me into vaccinating my son with two unnecessary vaccines. I hope other parents will research vaccines and arm themselves with information prior to going to the doctor's office. I only wish I had studied all the facts and prepared some figures prior to our appointment with the pediatrician. On second thought, I'm not sure it would have made a difference...she was not the least bit interested in the "details" of why I didn't want the vaccines. I will, however, be more prepared next visit...

Lisa W, Charlotte, NC

In our small community our only pediatric clinic is owned by the hospital.  As more and more parents who attended our autism support group would tell the ped that they did not want their children to have any more vaccines, things started to really heat up around here. 

The ped informed these parents that if they do not FULLY vaccinate (to include the FLU SHOT), then they were not welcome to come there anymore.  Some gave in, some got into very heated arguments. So the ped clinic brought this issue to the hospital, and they decided to bring in an out-of-town developmental pediatrician to give a talk to the community about autism; what it is, what it is not, and where IT DOES NOT COME FROM (vaccines).

This guy's message was basically this:


If your child has autism, they will always have autism and nothing is going to change that.  It did not come from vaccines, and anyone blaming vaccines or thimerosal is on a witch hunt.  Any and all of the non-medical autism interventions, such as ABA, diet, supplements, etc., do not work, and you are silly to think that they might.  But if you bring your child to me, I can put him (and you, if you would like) on medication so that your whole family can live a better life.

I have the whole thing on audio tape.  Parents were reduced to tears.  Professionals left there like they were leaving a funeral.  There is a lot more to the story, but the main point is the fact that our only pediatric clinic is DEMANDING that every child be vaccinated 100% including the flu shot every year.

Joanne Antonetti, Iron Mountain, MI (In the beautiful U.P.)

  As a mom to four kiddos, I wanted to share my bullying story.

When I had my first, as most first time moms do, I listened to everything everyone told me about how to care for my newborn. In my eyes doctors were gods, and noone knew better than them how to keep my baby healthy. I submitted to all the tests without question, and watched with a sick feeling in my heart as they stuck my poor baby too many times for me to count. I even smilingly agreed to the circumcision, because after all...HE wasnt going to feel a thing, and he'd probably sleep right through it..he had to look like daddy after all, right? They brought my screaming baby back to me..not the same baby I had birthed the day before. They told me it was normal for babies to be fussy like that after being circed, and having their shots. Again I agreed..not so smilingly this time.

Time for the first well baby visit, and the first round of shots. At that time the polio was oral drops. They gave me the hand-outs of the risks, and side effects of the shots..and just by glancing at this information..I started to get this awful feeling of I KNEW I shouldnt be doing this to my infant. I asked TONS of questions, even went so far as to ask the Dr. if HER child took the oral polio, or the shot. (the shot, at that time, wasnt covered by insurance)

well, she basically blew off my questions about her children..and was getting a bit upset at me for questioning vaccines at all.

The months went by, and every well baby visit brought a sense of dread that I cant even put into words. I was going against my instincts in every way, allowing them to inject my baby, but I allowed it because they told me it was the LAW, that I HAD to vax my child. Every visit was the questioning , and them telling me I had to. I asked about delaying even, because the stress of the worrying AFTER the shots was phenominal. I would even wait in the parking lot and nurse my son to calm him for about 1/2 hour so I could be sure he wasnt going to go into anaphalictic shock after...

Along comes my 2nd child..a baby girl 2 years later...the thought of going through the torture of well baby visits and shots with her ripped my heart out.

  By this time, I was extremely angry..with myself, my husband, and ESPECIALLY the doctors who insisted that it was the law. THEN came the rotoshield recall..shortly after my daughter had had the shot. The sheer PANIC, and HORROR..I decided right then and here, that my kids were not going to get anymore shots..ever. I even told my husband I would divorce him if he tried to cross me..and I actually did, by the way! I was kicked out of the pedi's practice. they told me they could no longer see my children if I refused to vax them.

Along comes the internet into my home, and thats what REALLY changed my life. OH the information I found about vaccines..and SURPRISE SURPRISE..they were NOT mandated by law!! After years of scare tactics by the doctors I  had "TRIED" to trust. I was STEAMING, I was hurt, I felt betrayed, but most of all...I felt like I let my children down. I was supposed to protect them, and I didnt do it.

Five years go by..I get divorced, and re-married in that time. My third pregnancy, and I KNOW I'll not have to worry about the vaccine issue any longer. My husband was in complete agreement with me, and we chose to go to a pedi. over an hour away that shared the same beliefs as us. My fourth worries about vaccines. Its amazing how much easier the pregnancies were when I wasnt consumed with worry about things that I "Thought" I had no control over. My two youngest children are completely vaccine free, and they are by far the healthiest of my four kids, they've never so much as had a fever!

I still do worry a LITTLE now. My oldest, whose complete shot history is in the records at school, will be due for some shot when he enters the seventh grade next year. Of course, he will not be getting it, but I'm worried they will not accept my exemption form because he has previously had all his shots.

My oldest daughter, even though she was partially vaxed, has the exemption on file as she has had NO shots, and the school gave me no hassle about that.

Anyways.if it ever gets to the point that the school starts hasselling me..I will just homeschool them :) closing, I'd just like to say THANK YOU..for letting me tell my story, writing this over the past few days, and re-living the horror of forced vaccinations, has actually helped to heal my heart. It has been hard over the years to forgive myself for what I allowed to be done to my sweet innocent babies. Especially since my oldest suffered with adhd for years, and I'm sure it was caused by the vaccines.

Happily, now, at age 11, he no longer needs any special help, or therapy at school, and he's a happy, healthy, beautiful boy. No meds either!! EVER!! They actaully tried to FORCE the ritalin when he was in kindergarten...but thats a different story altogether!!

Melanie G, from Massachusetts

A young neighbor mom who lives about a mile down our country road, called early last Wednesday (Halloween) morning, hysterical.  She said her baby has not been the same since her 12 month vaccines the past Friday, and she is at her wits end.  It had been five days since, tiny, 21 pound Hope had gotten her vaccines.  I asked the mom which ones she got.  She told me that she did not know what was in the three childhood vaccines that Hope received, but she knew that Hope got a flu shot on top of that because the doctor insisted on it.  The mom said she told the doctor that she did not like that idea at all, but he pushed and pushed until she relented.

Now, five days later we have a precious baby exhibiting weird neurological symptoms and just flat out miserable.  The mom said her baby had screamed through the whole first night, and has been up crying through the nights since.

There is more to this story that is absolute insanity (like when the mom called the doctor's office to confirm my statement that the flu shot contains mercury, and the nurse scolded her and told her that "vaccine mercury" is perfectly safe). 

The baby got so bad that the mom ended up that evening in the ER with her.  They refused to listen to her in regards to her concerns about the mercury in the flu shot and what affect she believed it was having on Hope.  They did not draw a heavy metal tox screen.  When I found out about it on Saturday, I took the mom and Hope back to the hospital, stacks of scientific studies in hand, an audio tape recorder and a camera man.  They now shudder when they see me walk in that place as anyone's advocate, but hey, we got our heavy metal tox screen done, although three additional days had been lost.

So the tox screen is eight days post flu vax instead of five days post (grrrrr).  We will see what we get. I also got my hands on a urine porphyrin test kit to send to France.  I just need a doc to sign it and some how scrape some money together to pay for it.  Most parents whose children become damaged by vaccines do not have the money it takes to put these kids back together again.

This is so sad..........


Mom to Luke, NT - eight years old and Tony, ASD - 6 1/2 years old

I am a 25 year old unvaccinated mother of two girls. Bettie is 2 years and Siouxsie is 9 months. When Bettie was born we refused all vaccines or injections, including Vit K. The Pediatrician at the time Dr. Lauren Lubin (if it matters) who is based in Burbank, Ca, didn't say a whole lot at the hospital she waited till our first WBC. At Bettie's 2 month appointment she sat down to talk to be about vaccines (knowing I am 100% against them) I told her I was unvaccinated she said I was "lucky" to have never been seriously ill and even alive. She told me that these diseases are coming back because of people like me, she said there was a mass out-break of mumps in Iowa (which I later looked up, 80% of the effected where vaccinated) and that mumps can be deadly. I held my ground and did not budge, I am NOT VACCINATING my children.

She was not done, she kept pretty quiet about it over the next few appointments but asking me every time if I was sure. Then at my daughters 9 month WBC she asked me about the vaccinations, I said no again. She then knelt down looked at my daughter and said "I am just trying to protect you but your Mommy wont let me." I was in shock, I couldn't say anything I was frozen, like my voice had run out on me. I had to leave the office and really think "did she really just say that to my daughter." I went home and called her office leaving a message with her receptionist to have her call me when she had the chance.

When she did call back I told her how shocked and appalled I was by her comment to my baby. She apologized for me having taken offense to her comment, and told me that she could not promise she wouldn't say anything like that again because that is how she felt. I told her "You may want to protect her from the diseases out there, but I want to protect her from the toxins and chemicals in vaccines." Needless to say we have found another Doctor, he doesn't agree with our decision but he does not fight us or even talk to us about it.

Thank you for letting me tell my story!

Candy L. from Valencia, Ca

My children age 4 and 2 were both born at home, all natural, no drugs or medications.  They have never had a single drug, medication, or vaccination.  They only Dr they have ever been to is our chiroprator.. in fact both were checked within minuts of being born.  I have incredibly healthy children.  :)
However, we had to move to Ft. Hood Texas last yr for 9 months while my husbands National Guard Unit was doing some training.   And my healthy kids were suddenly sick ALL THE TIME!  They would have cold, fever, stuffy nose for about a week.. be good for 4 days.. then it woudl start all over again.  I used every trick in my book to help them heal.. But each cycle of sickness just got worse and worse.. There was a point one night where my son stopped breathing and we had to call the ambulance (they said it was just a virus).. and we all got to the point where we would only sleep about 45 mins at a time.  It was horrilbe. 
I was finally at my wits end, and finally made an appt with a medical DR for my daughter who was currently ill.  She had a fever the night b4 of 105, which I got to come down to 101 after giving her a gental enima. 
Anyways.. onto the Dr.s....  The ladies at the front desk were apalled that I didnt have her vaccination record with us ( Do people actually carry this around with them?)  They asked me 8 different times if her "shots" were current..  I didnt want to fight so I just said yes.  THey asked me 3 different times if they coudl call our regular DR in Arizona for a copy of her immunization records.  I told them I didnt have that info with me.  Not a single person in the office even touched my daughter.  I had to put her on the scale.. they had her open her mouth to stick a thermomiter in.  Then we waited for the Dr. 

When he came in, he also did not touch her.  He did not even look at her.  He asked me all the same questions I had spent the last hour filling out.  "Is the family under stress, any allergies...."  After answering this, he told me that this was just a virus going around, he also lectured me on giving her an enema the night b4.. he said I could "give her an electrolyte imbalance and that a medication is much safer alternative".... I then pointed out that it was cycling every week, and just getting worse.  The DR again asked if thier vaccines were current.  I told him that we dont vaccinate, and the Dr was so shocked.. he didnt know what to say. 
"Um, you um are putting your kids at um ,risk for many deathly illness, and those uh vaccines will give your sick kids great health!  I will have the nurse come in now to start both of them.  And your kids will feel better"  I told him that he would have to sign my Dr form stating that he takes all responsibilities for the harm caused now and in the future. 
One of his staff came in after that and asked us to leave. I found out three weeks later ( 2 weeks b4 moving back home) that our Apt's were horrilbe invested with black mold.  We moved back to AZ and it took us about 6 months b4 our immune systems were back to normal. 
Oh and the Dr in TX?  He billed our insurance $269.  For what I dont know.  They did not even touch her. I am still so angry that I broke my bragging rights of being able to say "My child has never been to a medical Dr" for such a ridiculous experience.
H. Peck, Experience in Ft. Hood TX

I don’t know that this is really bullying, but when I was trying to find a pediatrician for my baby, the first woman I went to see told me flat out that she would not accept me into her practice if I would not let her vaccinate my child.  I didn’t have any resources to find a pediatrician who would let me make my own choices.  It was very hard. 

  Julie C. Nashua, NH  

When looking for a pediatrician after the birth of our first child we met with one that we really liked. That is, until we asked him where he stood on selected or delayed vaccines.  He outright refused to accept us as patients, no compromise.  Luckily, we knew there were other options out there and kept up the search.  Our two children, age 2.5 and 4.5 are still fully unvaccinated.

Elaine G, San Diego, CA   

When my baby was 2 mo old, he got his shots. He had a reaction and I began researching about vaccinations. His doctor kept changing his diagnosis from vaccine reaction to stomach virus. So I read up about different reactions to vaccines. I found out how harmful they really are and decided not to give anymore. At his 4 mo check up, he was sick. The doctor came in and I immediately said I didn't want him to get shots. He was a. sick and b. I didn't want to give them anymore. The doctor told me it was against the law for me NOT to get them and kept insisting. Unaware of the laws, I signed consent and he got shots. He reacted again. At his 6 mo shots, they were going to give them to him again. I said no. They were pushing me to give them to him anyhow. I grabbed my baby and my belongings and went to check out. I basically ran out of the doctor's office, in fear that they'd try to push me again.

Jessica S. from Austell, GA

This is probably going to pale in comparison to some of the horrible stories you have read. However, it was certainly a negative experience that makes my husband and I unwilling to take our baby to the doctor for so-called "well baby visits" much to the dismay of our friends and family.

First, let me say that during my pregnancy, we quickly learned the kind of opposition we were up against in deciding NOT to vaccinate. I talked with my midwife about how worried I was that I would not be able to find a pediatrician who would respect our decision and she said she would ask around. I was thrilled the day she told me of a patient who had found a doctor who was respectful of her decision not to vaccinate her child.

Due to some "complications", which really weren't complications at all, but rather overzealousness on the part of the doctors who involved themselves in my daughter's care after what I can only characterize as the most serene midwife assisted hospital birth in history, we were advised to see a pediatrician the day after leaving the hospital. As a result, we saw another doctor in the group of the recommended pediatrician. The experience was great. I found him to be very pleasant and attentive. Of course, since she was only four days old, there was no mention of vaccinations. We were told to return in two weeks, which we did. We liked this doc so much that we saw him again. This visit also was great until...

At the end, he mentioned in passing that we should come back in a month and get a checkup at which time my daughter would begin her vaccinations. I must say that my gut told me to keep my mouth shut and just leave, but having no knowledge as to how this particular doctor might treat our decision, I went ahead and mentioned that we did not intend to vaccinate. I think what he must have heard me say (as opposed to what I ACTUALLY said) was "please convince me that vaccinations are safe." He went into the standard spiel. I made the mistake of telling him that we were advised that the other doc would be understanding of our decision. He ended the visit by saying that we basically get another dose of convincing when we came back.

Unhappy with his response, we decided that the next visit should be scheduled with the doc in the group that was recommended to us by my midwife. However, clearly (in a Seinfeld-esque move) my comment must have been noted on our chart or else passed on somehow because after the weighing/measuring/examining was over the new doctor started on his litany of shots that our daughter would be given that day and why and how there was no danger (at least none that outweighed the risks). My husband and I were prepared and had discussed ahead of time how we would be open minded enough to let him give his speech without interruption.

When it was over, we said that we weren't intending to vaccinate and we were prepared to sign the necessary waivers. He said that he had additional information if we wanted it. I said that we would be happy to read whatever he had, but that we would definitely not be vaccinating. When he returned, he had a stack of paper, each one for a different vaccination/disease/virus. He surprisingly agreed that the polio, MMR, and varicella could be skipped, but pointed to others (I think they were pertussis and meningitis for sure and maybe rotavirus and one other) and said "these WILL kill your baby and don't sue me if she gets them." I guess he must have read on my chart that I was also an attorney.

We left and intended to return, actually finding his response and attitude somewhat less awful than we had braced ourselves for. However, after I got to thinking about it, I believed that we deserved a lot better than mildly offensive conduct from a pediatrician that we drove 30 miles one way to see. Also, I would point out that his nurse coughed in her hand and never washed or santized them during her measuring/weighing and handling of our daughter. I was too afraid (oddly) to say anything to her about that, but I hated the idea of taking our daughter back to a place where she could be exposed to live virus vaccines and potentially (though I have been advised it has almost no chance of happening) contract something.

We tried to look into other docs in the meantime, but ultimately, after receiving pre-appointment paperwork that asked WHEN she was last vaccinated, yet never asking IF we intended to do that, we have decided that pediatricians are something we should see if our daughter ever becomes ill. Moreover, besides trying to get her whatever drops of breastmilk I am still able to produce, we study nutrition and believe that we choose and make at home for her (she has never had a jar of food bought in a store) will go a long way to keeping her healthy.

So, not much of a horror story, but an unpleasant experience just the same...and one that will likely continue to keep us opting out of well-baby checks.

However, if you know of ANY healthcare provider in Michigan or within a few hours drive of Kalamazoo, Michigan (we are in the Southwestern portion of the state so Northern Indiana isn't that far) who will respect our decision not to vaccinate and treat us like the loving, educated, and well-informed parents that we are, please give us a name.

Thanks for all you do. 

Shelley M., Michgan

I will certainly share my story.

When my grandson was born last year, my daughter had already made the decision to not immunize.  The Hep-B was refused at birth with the nursing staff rolling their little eyeballs at us.  The real problem was when we went for that infamous 2 week check when they do that PKU test (I accompanied my daughter to these doctors visits).  The doctors started in on my daughter on the fallacy of what she was doing by not getting the immunization shots.  At the follow-up exam after the PKU test, the intern brought the chief of pediatrics into the examination room at which point the man started yelling at me, the grandmother, about the ignorance of my daughter’s decision to protect her child from their unnecessary invasion of my grandson’s little body.  This yelling (and I do mean Yelling) went on and the doctor ignored my daughter and her insistence that it was her decision and why were they attacking me, the grandmother.  The doctor then proceeded to tell my daughter that they would refuse to treat the child if she did not do the shots.  She told them that she would not darken their door again.  We are happy to report, the child is growing (like a weed)and extremely healthy.  I have 4 grandchildren and none of these babies have had any immunization shots.  Thankfully we live in a state that has implemented a system that is not aggressive with enforcing mandatory shots, but have rather given us that out clause. 

Thank you!

Elaine H, Michigan

While I was in the process of gathering information on vaccines I had a well baby check up so I decided to ask our doctor some questions.  He got so angry that he started yelling at me and telling me that I was causing him to have a heart attack!  He then walked out of the office and told a nurse in the hallway that “that woman” needs to see another doctor in the office.  I very calmly got my baby dressed and walked out of the office and never returned.  This experience just further helped me to make the decision never to vaccinate my children. 

Thank you for your website and all the work you do to protect children. 

Ildiko B, Mother of 4, Abingdon, VA  

  When my now 30-yr old son was middle school age I had my husband take him in for a routine wellness check (which knowing what I do now, I wouldn't have done for either of my kids!).  When my husband told the doctor his mother (me) didn't want our son to have any additional vaccinations, the doctor said to my husband "now who knows best, his mother or the doctor?" and gave him the vaccinations anyway!  Since that time my son has had worsened allergies and digestive tract problems.  I get angry whenever I think about it. That MD's name was Dr. Ted Abernathy in Chesterfield (Midlothian), VA.

R. Jackie M., Virginia

When my oldest daughter was born, I was very new to the vaccine debate, and had assumed until shortly before her birth that I would (of course) vaccinate her.  However, by the time she had reached her first well-baby check, I had been exposed to just enough information to begin to ask questions.  Being a naive and trusting first-time mom, I reasoned that I would "talk to [my] doctor" about it, and share with her the information I had been learning.  My first clue of philosophical incompatibility with Rosalind Lepley, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA, was when, upon learning that my child had been born at home with a Licensed Midwife, she paused in her notetaking, took a single sheet of white paper, wrote in large letters across the page, "HOMEBIRTH," and stuck it by itself in my daughters file. 

  Nevertheless, I persevered to the vaccination question.  I indicated that I was not yet ready to begin vaccinating her, because I had some questions.  I opened the dialogue with a very general question about the safety of vaccines.  She replied by changing the subject, and answering to the effect that, "You know shots are required for school."  Well, I had read just enough at that point to know that the state of California offers philosophical exemptions to vaccines, and that, therefore, her statement was not strictly true.  Also, the fact that she had offered me this misinformation instead of attempting to answer in any way the question I asked her, did not escape my notice.  I never went back.  

Thankfully, my baby was very healthy, and we moved shortly thereafter.  I was determined not to make the same mistake again.  Instead of picking a name from the proverbial insurance "hat" I sought references. I quickly met a like-minded friend, also new to the city, who had just taken her son (who was the same age as my daughter) to a pediatrician. She reported to me that this doctor's wife was a practitioner of holistic medicine, and that the question of vaccines had not seemed to be a problem during her son's first visit.  I decided to take a chance and scheduled an appointment with Timothy Mackey, M.D., Riverside, CA. 

In the meantime, I had read a few books, viewed  (repeatedly) a hefty video on the subject by Viera Scheibner, Ph.D., and had also collected several magazine and Medical Journal articles on the subject of vaccination.   The nurse took my daughter's history before the doctor came in.  When she asked about her vaccination status, and I replied that we were not vaccinating, she gave me a strange look, asked me whether my objections were religious or philosophical, and left the room shortly afterward.  The next thing that happened was that the door opened, and the doctor came in yelling.  The door opened toward the wall, and I was with my daughter in the interior of the room, so the doctor could not see me when he first opened the door, yet he came in yelling at me before the door was even fully opened, and before he had set eyes on me.  He handed me a single sheet of paper, printed on one side in large type, amounting to less than 100 words total, which basically laid out symptoms of some "vaccine preventable diseases." 

He yelled at me non-stop for about 15 minutes, during which he repeated himself several times, and finally concluded with, "I want you to go home and read that paper."  I quietly replied, "Thank you, I will."  And I did.  Considering the amount of reading I had already done on the subject, I found his paper laughable, pathetic and insulting.  The next day I received a letter in the mail stating that, understanding that I wished to "withhold" vaccines from my daughter, the doctor felt he could not treat her.  To his credit, he did suggest another doctor within the same practice who would be willing to treat her.  However, I was left wondering what would happen if  my daughter had an emergency while Dr. Mackey was the Dr. "on call" for the practice. 

 Again, thankfully, I never had to find out.  My daughter was very healthy, and we moved again soon.  The next time I searched for a pediatrician, I sought references AND asked the receptionist if the doctor was willing to see unvaccinated patients, prior to scheduling a first visit.

 Michelle P., Sacramento, CA

My pediatrician told us he would not treat our kids anymore if  we decided to stop vaccinating my 7 month old. I finally convinced my wife that we're stopping. We have an appointment (most likely our last one) this week. I found out it will be hard for any pediatrician to accept us if we don't vaccinate. For our 1st kid (3  yr old)  who was fully vaccinated we had a different pediatrician who became upset when we did 1 round of shots at the clinic (because I wasn't insured for a small period) he didn't accept us anymore after that....what a racket! 

  Davide G. Montreal, Canada

When my little boy was 3 months old he'd been running a fever of 102-103 degrees for several days so I took him in to see the Pediatrician. I told the doctor that my son was doing well (nursing well, plenty of wet/poop diapers) but I was concerned that he was still running a fever after 4 days.  My son also had a mild cough and runny nose.  When the doctor noticed he hadn't had any vaccines he asked me why I hadn't vaccinated him. I said something about risks and adverse reactions.  He then told me that true adverse reactions were VERY rare and hardly ever life threatening. He also said that the information out on the internet that was against vaccination was produced by alarmist parents and not on research done by the CDC. 

He then explained how horrible vaccine preventable diseases are and "you wouldn't want your child to die from one of those would you"?  He told me that because my son was unvaccinated he thought he had Pertussis.  He said Pertussis was going around our valley affecting vaccinated and unvaccinated babies. He insisted that I take my baby immediately to the hospital lab to be tested for Pertussis.  He said my son was a potential health risk. 

I went right away and had the test performed.  It was negative. My son's fever broke the next day. He probably had a viral upper respiratory virus. Several months later I took my son to the same office to see a different Pediatrician. My son was again running a fever which had been going for several days with no other symptoms. The pediatrician who saw us insisted that my son must have a UTI because he has an intact foreskin.  She told me that he needed to be catheterized to collect a clean catch urine sample. I said NO way that I thought that was unnecessary and left.  She called me at 11:45 pm that evening to "check on" my son.  She said she was "very concerned that I had declined the catheter".  Once again the fever turned out to be a symptom of a bad cold. I've never been back to that Pediatrician's office. 

  Leah H., Utah

Ironically, we just came home from a 2-hour appt. with my boys' pediatrician, who sweetly tried to pressure me into getting their vaccines up to date.  As I sat there and looked at my two sweethearts -- Tony, 5 and Frankie, 4 -- who have Autism... as they argued over a toy and kept interrupting us by asking me questions, I thought "Is she serious?  She wants me to put my boys at risk??"

We stopped vaccinating after realizing there was a controversy over the vaccines (which DID contain Thimerosal at the time we were vaccinating).  My little guy DID react and went into a fog within 2 weeks of getting his 12-month shots.  He stopped talking, lost eye contact and was engaged in self-stimulatory behavior over and over.  After getting the boys on a gluten-free/casein-free diet (basically, no wheat or dairy) -- which they have been on for almost 3 years now -- they are some of the highest-functioning kids with Autism, that you almost wouldn't know they have it.  They talk (too much sometimes), they are connected, ask questions, want to play with us, share, love us, etc.

So basically, I was told if we don't bring their vaccinations up to date, we are no longer welcome in the practice.  And this is coming from a pediatrician whose own son has Autism!  (which is why we recently started going to see her).  Anyway, if she thinks this will make me change my mind -- it won't.  I'll find a doctor who will support my decision to keep my kids the way they are... and not vaccinate. 

I have seen the possibilities of not vaccinating -- 2 years ago my youngest son contracted BACTERIAL Meningitis. (the type he had -- type F was not preventable by any vaccine)  He spent a total of 10 days in the hospital (4 days in ICU).  And even so, I know that it's not worth the risk of losing all that we have with our boys.

~Erin Mallants Rodriguez (Mom in San Antonio, TX), Freelance Reporter


 I have a 1 year old son, Ashton. I have been through hell and back with both vaccinations and baby formula. There’s not really a big story on vaccinations, except that dr brian sibley treated me like i was a moron for not getting Ashton’s vaccines done "on time" and accused me of being negligent. He was threatening to call child services if I didn’t "care for Ashton" like he wanted, basically. Here’s what happened:

I breastfed Ashton for 3 weeks and just spontaneously dried up...i cried like a 3 year old when i had to give him his 1st bottle which was Similac. He puked up I used my mothers old skills and put him on cows milk at the age of 5 months. His pediatrician threatened me a call to OCS if i didn’t switch him back to Similac, saying he probably has milk anemia now. He ordered a blood test for him at the hospital and said that if you didn’t go, he would DEFINITELY call child services. Well as much of a smartass as I am, I said BRING IT ON. In the mean time, I took Ashton to the hospital, only to get stranded there with no gas in my dinky old needless to say, i was pissed.

OCS show up at my place ANYWAY. So I sat with the girl and talked to her. She listened as i explained how Dr Brian Sibley had instructed me to get Ashton off the milk until he was a year old even though formula made him sick (he didn’t hold even an ounce) The doctor told me that losing weight was normal at the age of infant to a year. She took one look at Ashton and said, "you are the mother. not him. it is NOT normal for ANY child to lose weight like this. you know whats best for your child. If the regular milk is more agreeable to him, keep him on it. She then closed my case, and i have been fighting to find a reasonable pediatrician ever since. So far he has had the following:

1---Dr Alfredo Lebron: I liked him, but we transferred Ashton away. now he wont take him back.))

2---Dr Padmini Gupta: She is my old pediatrician. She told me she was going to admit Ashton to the hospital for a cold. I ran off haha))

3---Dr Brian Sibley: He treated me as if I were stupid and gave me a handout with instructions on what to do when they have an illness that I could figure out at home. Nice to be able to share my story.

  Sasha P. from Maurice, LA  

We have an adopted daughter (2) and a biological son (13). We live in beautiful La Mesa, CA.  We moved here in August of 1997 from Texas.  A vegetarian, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, non-vaccing family, hoping for more acceptance & tolerance than we had received back in the Lone Star State.  But, to no avail!  In Texas we had the most amazing homeopathic MD!!  I met him at a pro-choice vaccine meeting when my son was only a few months old.  Here in California, I've been lectured by more MDs than I can count, but one instance will forever stand out in my mind.

When my son was in the 3rd grade, he needed a physical to play flag football for a local organization. Since being in CA (5 years at the time), we had never needed an MD, even struggling through a bought of pertussis with a few phone consults to our doctor back in Texas.  I checked our insurance booklet, & chose the closest one, who also came highly recommended by our neighbor at the time. The exam seemed simple enough: eyes, ears, nose, throat, genital inspection (much to my son's dismay), etc. Then came the dreaded question, "His immunizations are all up to date, right?"  I replied that we were philosophically opposed to vaccines, & had chosen not to vaccinate. By the expression on her face, I wasn't quite sure if she was going to call law enforcement, or the psyche ward.

She quickly bolted from the room, & shortly thereafter reentered, & informed me she was officially refusing to be his pediatrician, because she would not be "held responsible" if anything happened to my child. To which I responded, I didn't expect HER to be responsible for anything that happened to him...that was MY job. Her job was to sign the physical form so my son could play football.  Then it began: The endless barrage of accusations informing me of what a bad parent I was. She accused me by saying, “Have I ever seen a child with pertussis (Ha!!!  Why yes I have as a matter of fact, he's sitting before you!!!)  What if he got the mumps & ended up sterile?  The Chicken Pox is deadly, didn't I know that??  It went on & on & on..........I finally grabbed my son's hand & left.  A few days later I received an envelope in the mail containing the signed physical form (by another MD).

We are still here, mainly because my son's career choice makes it difficult to be very far from LA, but have yet to find a vaccine friendly MD.  We have found one who "tolerates" us, & has learned very quickly not to push this, among other issues with me.  That, Dr. Sherri, is my pediatrician bully story, I hope it will be helpful to you, it was nice to share it with someone who actually cares. 

 BTW, I homeschooled my now 13 year old until the 3rd grade, and have resumed now that he is in the 8th grade. I plan on doing the same for my daughter when the time comes. The homeschoolers in CA seem to know what's going on.  I have never had a problem with them on the vaccine issue.  As far as public school goes, I've butted heads with quite a few school officials on this subject, even with 3 exemptions to choose from. I've been told "It's the law", "We can't have him here without his shots", etc.  At least for me, as soon as I flip over the blue form & sign the back (for TB testing as well), they all seem to clam up & look at me like I'm crazy. I'm quite used to that  so it doesn't bother me. I feel it's simply they are ignorant and don't know any better. I've educated many vaccines and exemptions. I try to spread the word to as many parents as I can & to let them make up their own minds regarding any vaccines. Thanks for listening, & thanks for all that you do for us!! 

  Kimberly M. from California  

Ok not a pediatrician but a couple months back my 5 year old son got a deep gash in his head so we took him to the er for stitches.  The attending doctor wanted to give my son a tetnus shot.  I said no we will pass on that and he insisted he "needed one".  I said no the wound bled (I have read if a wound bleeds tetnus is rare, plus in children even rarer then adults) and I'm sure you guys are going to clean it out before you do stitches.  He said we'll talk about it when I come back and left the room.  In the meantime a social worker was sent in and I was like ok he told her I wasn't going to give him a vax and now she is going to give me hell?  I guess she was just "checking in" whatever that means.  When he came back he said so what did we decide and again I said no thank you I don't feel it's necessary and he just shook his head and was all ok I will let you discuss it with his doctor.  I just sat there smiling and said ok will do knowing that we see a naturopath who is anti-vax. :) 
Ann-Marie D. Washington State

I am a myspace friend who would like to share.  I was always up to date on my daughter’s immunizations, and then she mysteriously contracted airborne autism.  I rejected any further shots for her after starting DAN protocol, but she only had one more to receive after checking titers. I rejected the DPT booster, which was against my doctor’s medical opinion....

Soon after all of this, we celebrated the birth of a baby boy.  I rejected all immunizations and got very little grief (I think it was because he had such frequent ear infections) up until his 18 month checkup.  I told the dr. that I wanted to postpone longer, and she indirectly told me that she thought that I was being a neglectful, delinquent parent with no regard for my children's health. I told her she must understand that I was frightful of him becoming autistic, being he had a sister on the spectrum, and I was beginning to see red flags with him and wanted to use caution.  She told me that she saw nothing wrong with my son, and that he was a friendly, social, healthy little boy with no cause for concern.  I sure wish she would have been correct. 

Anyway, after signing the CDC waiver/form saying I was basically endangering society with an unprotected child that could potentially cause an nationwide rubella, pertusis epidemic, she gave me a more through verbal bashing that I will never forget.  I drove home that day in tears, and decided that I would never return to her office for his next checkup.  I found a new ped, but I have to drive about 30 miles for visits.  He does not always agree with my decisions, but in understanding and does not criticize my decision not to immunize.

  Jennifer K., Lincoln, Illinois

I went to for my pregnancy check ups and my NP shared her personal opinions about vaccines.  She wasn't totally all for them, and even hated giving them to her dog! I ended up having an emergency c section, and thank God I have a very supportive husband who followed my daughter around right after her birth while I was in recovery.  Even after he told the nurses not to vaccinate, they still almost did!  Fast forward to doctor visits. We made it clear to our pediatrician that we weren't going to vaccinate.  The first thing he said was that he'd seen more problems with kids not having the shots that with kids actually having reactions to shots.  A few months into check ups, and he still keeps on bugging us about the shots.   At the four month exam, we are still adamant, and tell him, "No, we aren't vaccinating!"  As soon as those words were out of our mouths, for the umpteenth time, mind you, the doctor's tone changed with us forever. 

All of a sudden he was trying to find something wrong with her! He was checking just about every last inch of our daughter, even tried to say something was wrong, that her heat rash (summer of 2005 was one of the hottest ever) was a viral rash! After that, we were fed up with him, even to the point that we were ready to drive from Long Beach down to San Clemente and pay big bucks out of pocket to see Dr. Sears.  His schedule was blocked for months, so we figured we'd keep seeing our pediatrician until we had better insurance to do what we wanted. 

Every visit, they give us all sorts of literature pro vaccine, and continue to ask if we are going to vaccinate her.  My daughter has developed very fast in her speech and other milestones, speaking in full sentences well before 2 years, and I attribute part of that to not being vaccinated.  At her 18 month, the doctor was telling us what she should be doing speech wise by the next visit, which she was already doing.  We'd tell him that she was well past that level, and he'd just scoff at us!  His attitude has always been one that assumes that because she isn't vaccinated, that she should be sickly and not progressing, and he makes it very clear. 

Fortunately my daughter is a very healthy child (I could count on one hand the times she was sick) so we are rarely in the doctor's office.  In fact, I think the only times she was ever sick was after her check ups, so obviously she caught something while at the doctor's office for the check ups.  At her 2 year check up, the doctor took a look at her records and saw that she hadn't been in since her previous check up, and in snotty surprised tone mentioned that wow, she must  a healthy one!   

Thank you,

Susan L. from Long Beach, CA

When my first baby was about 18 months old, I started to question a few parts of vaccines. Question...not object. One thing I noticed is that my daughter (previously) had been givin a shot, THEN I was asked to sign a release. the one that says I understand what could go wrong...

Anyway, when she was 18 months old I did enough research to realize I didn't want my daughter to be injected with a LIVE polio virus but I was willig to concent to the dead virus. My Ped had a hissy, went off on how 'you don't know what polio looks like...the dead virus won't work as well" so she didn't get a shot that day. (even though I had concented to the dead virus)  Approximately 2 weeks after this incident (that left me feeling like I was hurting my child by DARING to go against what he said) the CDC came out and said the live virus was no longer recommended as part of the polio vaccine and that the dead virus was sufficient.

WOW, I was vindicated! But now that I had been made to feel like a bad mother I wanted to do even more research. I asked several times for the package inserts to the vaccines but was refused. (we don't have any...we don't keep that, just read the cdc pamphlet). I finally asked my husband to stop by and pick them up. Maybe he would have more success.

He went in with a friend of his after a round of golf and asked at the front desk for the vaccine package inserts to X Y and Z vaccines. He was shushed, and hurried to a back room no bigger than a closet and grilled: WHY do you want this information...Are you planning on filing a claim? Did something happen to your kid after a vaccine because vaccines don't cause problems?  My husband said it felt like he had stumbled upon an X-file or something. At the conclusion, they gave him less than half of what he asked for and shooed him out.

I figured, if they wouldn't even let me read the factory information what else was I not being told? It was that point that I decided to delay vaccines, and I had to change my kids doctor because of my decision. I was NOT willing to be demoralized.

 My next pediatrician simply sat down and talked to me. He said he didn't exactly agree with everything I said, but he wanted to make sure it was an informed decision and he was OK with it. He was WONDERFUL. I still miss him. (I've moved since then)

I have no problem agreeing to disagree. I welcome a doctor's insight on what they have seen w/ regards to the disease these vaccines supposedly protect against. But it has been my experience that most are NOT willing to talk to you about it. They just dismiss you as an uneducated baffoon because "I" don't have 100 years of medical training.  

BTW, my second and third (and future) kids will NOT be vaccinated. I just haven't found anything that says the benefits outweigh the risks. Since the incidents with my kids I've only had the kids see the family doctor one or two times. Since I've gotten health care insurance again but  I haven't had the need to look for a pediatrician.

  Loree, from Baton Rouge, LA.

About one year ago, my 11 year old daughter was petting our neighbors very big  German wire hair dog when all of a sudden he turned on her and bit her on the arm where the elbow bends.  He was tugging on it like she was a chew toy.  When we finally got the dog off of her we saw she had a couple of puncture wounds that were bleeding a lot on the inside of her elbow and some scratches from the teeth up and down her arm.  Of course where I was the mom I was in shock and we were trying to calm her down and get out the door to take her to the doctor.  We had just moved to this area so our neighbor called the doctor they take their family to and arranged for us to be "worked" in.  She also brought her first aid kit over and had cleaned my daughter's wounds.

We got to the doctors office and they knew we were coming but they were in no rush to take care of us.  I of course had to fill out a bunch of paper work because we weren't in their system but then we had to wait for about 30-45 minutes before we were able to get in.  By the time we got in my daughter and I were calm.

We finally go back in to the medical room and the nurse comes in and asks us what happened and she looks at the wounds.  She leaves and then the doctor finally comes in.  He starts to put medication and a bandage on the wounds and he is telling me that she will need a tetanus shot.  I told him that we don't want that because we don't feel it is really necessary for this kind of wound.  He then starts lecturing us, in front of my daughter about all of these things that tetanus could do like lockjaw and how it affects the body and that some have died from it and that the shot will prevent all that.  After we sat there and listened to him I told him, "We will think about it."  He then tells us that if we notice any redness or infection lines up the arm then we have 72 hours to get her vaccinated.  I still refuse and he finally lets it go. 

He did nothing more than put Triple A ointment on her arm and a guaze bandage.  We were in the room maybe 10 minutes and I got a bill for $99.95, basically $100.  I tell everyone that I had to pay $100 for him to badger us about giving our daughter a tetanus shot.  He had her worried about something she didn't need to be worried about and I had to reassure her that we would watch her wounds for signs of infection, but that I knew we had cleaned it really good after the accident and I didn't think the dog had been in contact with tetanus to have been a risk.  And we were right. She healed well, other than she is afraid of big dogs now.

Kellie C. in Utah,


My story for vaccines and my son is not really exciting, but thought it was interesting: I went in for my son's 2 week well-child visit and mentioned that I was considering not vaccinating since I was just at the beginning of my research. My pediatrician said, very put out, "Oh. Well, HERE is some information for you" and handed me a stack of papers about the vaccinations and didn't say much else. She didn't ask me WHY I may not want to vaccinate or offer to answer any questions I may have had. The paperwork was quite condescending and very biased using words like "most" and "a lot" instead of real statistics and numbers. I never went back for a well-child visit again.

Naomi M, AAHCC, CD(DONA). from Denver, CO


After my daughter's reaction at four months of age to her scheduled vaccinations she received we were bullied by her Kaiser Premanente pediatrician both over the phone and in person.

We received a few phone calls "checking in" on our daughter's status after the reaction, but these calls always seemed to include the question, "so, are you scared to continue to vaccinate now, because you should not be. This is not a reaction. She must have been sick and that is what this is." I would always remind by daughter's pediatrician that she had seen her at the well baby check up and she was not sick and that the only logical answer for her reaction within 45 minutes of the shots was just that a REACTION and we would talk at her next well baby about continuing or not with future vaccinations.

Of course we did not continue. At each future well baby visit, we would let the pediatrician know that we were uncomfortable with the thought of giving more vaccines and left it at that. Face to face the pediatrician would sort of sigh at my husband and I, but not verbalize much opposition. However, it was very apparent she thought we were crazy to think what my daughter went through was indeed a vaccine reaction.

When our daughter was a year old we relocated, so we had to switch pediatricians to a closer Kaiser Permanente facility. At her 15 month visit, our daughter's new pediatrician tried spouting off reasons why all the research I had done was unscientific and mentioned how she thought it was sad that one "crazy doctor's opinion" has made so many parents scared to vaccinate, especially against MMR.

In response I explained in detail why we were no longer going to vaccinate and told her that we would continue to do our research before ever changing our mind. I was then told that I had to sign a form stating we were declining vaccinations. When I stated that I did not want to sign it I was told that we could not receive care/leave with our daughter until I did. I then made it very clear that it was our right to not vaccinate and I would only sign the form after making all necessary changes.

When handed the form my husband and I crossed a lot out and wrote a statement about the risks of vaccines being the reason for not choosing to vaccinate. We then signed and left.

We have since seen this same pediatrician and we approve of the care she provides our daughter. We get along wonderfully, especially now since we sort of have come to an understanding that we are just not going to vaccinate due to her vaccine reaction at four months. The pediatrician no longer hassles us on this topic and only asks politely if we are still not going to continue, and always adds that she has to ask since it is her job. We do get asked now every time to sign the same denial form, and every time we make changes and sign. We were told that it is Kaiser's and California's policy to require this form signed every time we deny vaccinations.

What makes me sad is that on our first visit with this pediatrician we were really being backed into a wall on the topic, but thank goodness we stood strong. I only wonder how many other parents gave in due to this treatment and go against their better judgment. Thank goodness my hubby and I have back bones, but we should not have to be made to feel this way, we are the parents. It especially upsets me now that I can look back and see this treatment on our initial visit and see the difference of how we are treated now that her doctor knows we are not going to budge on being antivax. 

 Tamara M. from Northern California

My sister forwarded to me a bulletin you posted on Myspace in which you asked for people to send you their stories of  doctors bullying them into vaccinating their children. I have such a story for you.

Seven years ago, when my family lived in Toledo, Ohio, my daughter's former pediatrician (I don't remember his name; she only saw him briefly). administered the chicken pox vaccine to her over my explicit objections. It was at a routine check-up when she was four. He asked me and her father if we had given any thought to the chicken pox vaccine. We told him we had, and that we had decided against it. We told him further that we had a friend whose son was currently infected with the virus, and that we were actively trying to infect our daughter, so she could get the disease over with, as it were.

The next thing we knew, he stuck a needle into her thigh, explaining calmly that it was the vaccine, and that she would need to get a booster in 10 years. He spoke calmly the whole time, in a manner that suggested he never even heard anything we had just said to him. Of course, I knew he had, because he had responded and made eye contact,  and such. It was simply amazing.  If I wasn't so angry, I probably would have laughed at the absurdity of it all.

Shana H, formerly of Toledo, Ohio 

 I got the lecture of a lifetime, w/ no breathing space to get a word in edgewise and no inclination to find out why I was so "late" with my first child's vaccines from an ER doctor, and he wasn't even assigned to my case. Our next moment was when our 5th child was 6 months old and I called for some RX decongestant b/c he had a very bad cold. "we see Peter isn't up to date on his shots. May I ask why".. asks the nurse... I said 'well, I'm giving him a good start on breastmilk only before I do any of that".. which prompted the beginning of the end.

I brought Peter in for a visit. The doctor was suggested "how about a couple of quickie shots to help him get updated?"... but he had a bad cold. I wasn't against vaccinating then (as I am now), but I was certainly smarter than that to let them do that to a body already under attack. When I told her I wanted to wait because of his illness, she said 'Oh, it's just if they have a fever. A cold is OK".I later looked up one of the vaccines they wanted him to have and a cold was contraindicated for that vaccine.

As we were leaving, the nurse got nasty with me and said, "If I don't see Peter in 2 weeks for his shots, I'm calling DHR."

We wrote to the head physician and told him that if he thought threatening parents was good business practice then we would be taking our business elsewhere. We do not respond well to threats and we thought it was unprofessional for him to resort to such tactics.

Nita, from ALABAMA,

Back in June, 2007, I took Destiny for her 4 year check up. Her pediatrician reminded me that she was going to be due for an immunization before her next birthday. I informed her that I had been doing research for several months and had decided to stop immunizing my children. She told me there is no longer thirmisol in vaccines and nothing to worry about. I told her that was not my only concern and tried to explain a few things to her. She wouldn't even listen to me. She started going on & on about how wonderful vaccines are and how great it is they are coming out with more and more vaccines. She started telling me about the wonders of Gardasil because "it prevents cancer!"

She compared bad reactions to immunizations to her niece having a reaction to Advil. I asked the doctor "Isn't it true that most of the diseases we vaccinate against were already on the decline prior to vaccination due to better food sources. better housing and better sanitation? She said that was not correct. She also criticized me for breastfeeding so long (she self weaned not too long after that) and blamed extended breastfeeding on her not being completely toilet trained. She told me I wouldn't be able to put Destiny in school without all of her vaccinations. I told her I planned to fill out whatever forms necessary for the religious exemption. I told her that now that I was educated about vaccines I realized they do not fit with my spiritual views and values. She said I couldn't just say that. And she had the nerve to yell after me as I was leaving to think about what is best for my children. I AM doing what is  best for my daughter!

I am still ticked off at her and haven't been back. Now my dilemma is trying to find a new doctor. She had so little respect for my point of view that I do not want to go back. My children are on medicaid and we cannot afford to pay out of pocket so that makes it a little more difficult to find someone. Thanks for all of the information you have been getting out there-it is very appreciated!

  Best wishes,


My son is ill with croup, and he is not vaccinated.  His cough concerned me so I gave his doctor a call.  I was in shock with the scheme he used to try to get my son vaccinated.  I called his doctor and explained the symptoms over the phone and he agreed that it was probably croup.  He then proceeded to ask me about his vaccinations.  This puzzled me because we were up front with him that we chose not to vaccinate and he appeared to honor our decision in the past.  I said no he is not vaccinated.  Then he goes on a complete tirade.  He told me that parents that don't vaccinate their children are criminals.  This angered me very much.  I did countless hours of research on this topic and came to the conclusion that I did not want to vaccinate.  Perhaps this has something to do with money since he has been pretty healthy most of his young life and never needed to go to a doctor.  I told him okay as to get him off my back, then he proceeded to give me advice on how to treat croup which I already new with some medical books and internet information that we have.  I just wanted his opinion on croup.  This doctor tried to use my son's illness as a guilt trip for me to vaccinate when numerous of my co-workers kids who are vaccinated also had bouts with croup with their children.  I would argue that maybe what he does is criminal.  Using coercion to try to get my child vaccinated with a 1 in 150 chance of getting autism after vaccinations.  No thanks.  This guy did a complete 180 on us.  Needless to say we have another pediatrician in mind that our chiropractor uses.  Our chiropractor does not vaccinate her child either, and she seems happy with this man.  It surprises me how much venom some of these guys have with regards to vaccinations.  Why is it so hard to honor the decisions of the parents?  Anyways, I wanted to share my story with you.  This whole thing happened today on 11-16-07.

George Z. Chandler, AZ 

I too have been bullied by my pediatrician. At our 2 week appt I was very 'on the fence' and my husband and I mentioned our concerns about the vaccines - specifically the MMR and flu. She gaffawed at us then tried to reassure us. At our 2 month appt I reluctantly 'gave in' as I typically follow the main stream, so to speak. Two Days later our son quit breathing and ended up in the hospital for 4 days for what the pediatrician claimed was an apnea spell caused by 'reflux.' He also had broken out in excema which the MD blamed on a milk protein hypersensivity as diagnosed by elevated eosinophills and onset of extreme pain while feeding - he was being breast fed at the time. I weaned him from breast feeding and started him on Alimentum per the doctor's orders.-How crazy was I for that!

The Pediatrician refuses to believe the vaccines had an effect and again insisted that we were to continue with the vaccine schedule. After the second set at 4 months, we had no problems, thankfully. Our 6 month check up is on ..h and we plan to refuse the vaccines and possibly fire our pediatrician if she doesn't fire us first.

Again, I truely appreciate your info. Hopefully we have not damaged our precious son permanently. 

  Jenna, Mississippi

My now 3.9 year old toddler was vaccinated with Hep. B at birth and had a terrible reaction.  Since that and after educating myself with your DVDs and material, I decided not to do any further vaccines.  One trip to my pediatrician’s office when my baby was about a year old put me in the path of a bullying pediatrician.  He saw my baby for an upper respiratory problem and questioned me from info in his file that I haven’t had not vaccinated him further.  He challenged my reasons for refusal by spouting the same APA mantra and that there was “no scientific evidence” of harm to nervous systems or immune systems by vaccines.  He was an older pediatrician in his 60s and from the old school.  He then proceeded to tell me that I was “bordering on child negligence” for not vaccinating my child.  I printed your website on a piece of paper and told him that he needed to brush up on recent research about vaccine harm.   I don’t know if he ever did….he’s now deceased.  I still go to the same pediatrics office but now see a different doctor who respects my decision and doesn’t threaten me.

Julie S. Cincinnati, Ohio   

When my son was born, I was skeptical of how many shots were on the immunization schedule, so I started researching a little bit.  When I googled vaccine, all I got was pro vaccine information.  There was no mention of vaccine reactions, ingredients, vaccine safety or even the idea that I didnt have to give him the shots.  The first few weeks at home with my little boy were crazy but I had to find what I could.  After reading a few books, attending a seminar by a local chiropractor and talking with some friends and family, I decided that I would hold off until I felt comfortable. 

Then came his two month checkup.  I checked in that day and everything was fine.  The nurse was bright and friendly and the pediatrician was gentle and sweet.  Then I told her I was opting out of shots for that day.  Suddenly the whole office seemed to turn on me.  She filled my arms with paperwork from the CDC saying the risks of the diseases were great and that he was sure to die if I didnt vaccinate him.  I told her I was uncomfortable with it based on what I have researched.  Her response was something very similar to this: "The whole mercury in vaccine fiasco came about after a couple of doctors were sitting around at the CDC one day.  One happened to mention as an afterthought that thimerosal had mercury in it and that might be harmful.  Once that hit the media, it exploded into this nonsense about autism." 

I was stunned.  I didnt know if she actually believed that load or if she was trying to make something up on the spot.  Anyone who has done 5 minutes of research into this knows that the medical community has fought this from the beginning. I looked at her and said thanks.  I'll keep that in mind as we're making our final decisions.  She sighed heavily and walked out.  Signing my paperwork as I was leaving was not so cheery as my check in.  I haven't been back, and I don't intend to. 

I'm not sure if this email is supposed to contain the doctor's name but it's Dr. Laura Reich in Colorado Springs.

Our chiropractor is now our expert on health and wellness... our doctor, so to speak.  But we now have a different idea of what health care should be.  Doctors deal with sickness, not health.  We'd rather take care of ourselves naturally and promote health rather than try and run from feeling sick.  Health means your body is functioning properly - not that you arent feeling sick.  Often times when you are sick, that means your body is functioning properly to rid your body of a disease.  So we see health as an overall lifestyle, and take the good with the bad; not just "there's a pill for everything."

Rachel M. Colorado Springs

When my second son was a year he had a reaction to his vaccines he got five of them at a time. He had a high fever, stopped growing and had chronic diarhea. We did weight checks for about three months and the  Pediatrician ordered blood work. The test results were normal but his liver level was low, the doctor said that was due to his slow weight gain . At eighteen months the Dr.wanted to give him his vaccines I refused because I thought he wasn't healthy enough.

The Dr. asked me to take my children out the back door and did not want to treat my sons anymore. I found a new Dr. and found out my son was given an extra hepatitis b vaccine the nurse must not of read his shot record. Today my sons have both been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and have high levels of heavy metals in their blood. We are seeing an Occupational therapist regularly and they have an Osteopathic Dr.who is treating them with chelation cream for heavy metals.  My daughter is vaccine free and is very healthy.

  Chad L Ohio 

My son was born one month premature, weighing only 4 pounds, 7 oz. and was 17 inches long. He also had intrauterine growth retardation due to me having HELLP syndrome for a month untreated. He went home with us, weighing just barely over 4 pounds. However, he was very healthy and happy. At his 2-month appointment, the doctor said he was due for his shots. I questioned her about waiting because he was still in preemie clothes and so small. She said he would be fine and there was no need to wait.

Christian became ill with his first respiratory infection soon after these shots. He then became ill again after his 4 month shots. Then, after his 6 month shots, he began to have tremors/siezure activity. He also started hand flapping. I was terrified and furious because I was convinced it was because of his shots. His doctor literally scoffed at me and waved my concerns aside, saying, "he's fine, I'll put him on Zantac for acid reflux because that's probably what's wrong". Well, surprise, surprise, the Zantac didn't work.

I insisted he be sent to a neurologist and for an EEG. It came back normal. When we went to see the neurologist, I questioned him about the shots, saying, "my son was normal until after his shots". The doctor told me, "It was NOT the shots and he NEEDS them!" The strange behavior eventually went away by the time Christian was 11 months old. He went back at 1 year and I told the doctor no way was he getting the MMR shot. She said, "ok, we can wait a little while longer. He isn't really at risk for it (measles, mumps, and rubella) right now, anyway." HUH? Then, he went back at 15 months and she convinced me that he needed his final DTaP shot and that he would be ok. I went ahead and consented, much to my dismay (now) and by the next day the tremors/siezure activity was back again.

I called the office, furious, and told them to tell the doctor that Christian was having a reaction to the shot.....again. They asked me what I expected them to do about it. I continued to go to that doctor and fight with her every time we went about the vaccinations. I have never given Christian anymore and that was 2 1/2 years ago.

His brother was born about 1 1/2 years ago and I decided to delay vax him. He only got one shot at a time and not anymore than one per month. After his last Hib shot at one year old, he stopped speaking completely (He had been saying close to 20 words). I know it was not a coincidence, but the doctor continued to argue with me that it was NOT the shots. She wouldn't accept that I didn't want to continue vaccinating and would just say, "Well, think about it and we'll talk about it next time you come." It was obvious to me that the only answer that would be right to her was, "go ahead and shoot my kids up".

So.....I interviewed another doctor and was up front about my feelings on the shots. He knew our story and was ok with it. That is, until I switched my boys to him and refused the shots outright to him for Wyatt. He spent the next half an hour arguing with me about their safety and telling me that it was just a fluke that my boys had those side effects, but he could not explain them. After a verbal bashing from him, he ended it by saying, "well, I can't continue to see your children if you're not going to vaccinate because they're a liability." I told him, "that's fine, we'll be finding a different doctor" and left.

We are with our third pediatrician in six months. I like him and he says it's my decision whether or not to vaccinate my children. His nurse tried to get me to sign the dreaded form, not realizing that I have spent the last 2 years reading everything I can get my hands on about vaccinations. I declined and told them I don't agree that I am putting my children in harm by not vaccinating them. They backed off. I worry about what happened in Maryland recently and we will move out of the United States before I allow my children to be vaccinated. Thank you for the work you're doing and I hope this is of some help to you.

I should also add that Christian was diagnosed with autism this past summer. He also has asthma and severe allergies and Wyatt had so many recurrent ear infections that he required tubes before he was a year old. The infections only started after he got his DTaP shot. Up to that point, he was a very healthy child and didn't have so much as a cold. I know it was the shots because after he got his tubes (his hearing was affected by all of the fluid sitting in his ears), he started repeating everything we said and talking up a storm. Then, within a few days after his shot, he stopped talking. It was so obvious to me that there just is no other explanation. Thanks again and please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.  

  Jennifer C., Marietta Ohio  

On January 18, 2008 at 8:58am, after a long labor of 28 hours I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Ava Marie Phillips.  We chose to have a Midwife from Eastside Gynecology named Debra Rossie who was absolutely wonderful.  Unfortunately our baby changed her position late in my labor and an emergency C-section became necessary.  The baby’s heart rate dropped my blood pressure also dropped so they had no choice with help from Deborah our Midwife a doctor from her practice named Dr. Hall performed the C-section.  We delivered at Gross Pointe Beaumont formerly know as Bon Secours. 

At about nine months Deborah and I went over our birth plan a couple of times we discussed in full length the pro and cons of the choices we made in our birth plan.  Among other choices we made some that apply to this letter I am writing were our choices to not give our Baby the Hepatitis B Vaccine, the antibiotic ointment for the babies’ eyes or the vitamin K shot.

After they wheel me down to the OR with little explanation as to what was going due to the obvious circumstances that they had to move so our baby would be ok.  I am being strapped down to the table and hooked up to several IV’s and starting to feel the effect of the current pain medicine, along with the epidural I had already had and the Nubaine which was still a little in my system.  They are pulling the curtain up in front of my face and I am so scared crying and waiting patiently for them to let my husband in the room, he had to wait until they were ready to make the incision.  Just seconds before they cut me open and seconds before my husband enters the room now fully under the effects of all the pain medication the acting pediatrician for the hospital, Dr. Mininov of North Pointe Pediatrics, comes over to me and says “Mrs. Phillips can I please talk to you about your birth plan and why you don’t want Vitamin K shot, the antibiotic ointment for the babies eyes or the Hep B vaccine?”. 

  My husband walks in and sits down and just as I go to answer her.   Which I was obviously in no condition to, my husband tiring to figure out what we are talking about, watches them cut me open to start and bring our baby into the world.  My husband and I were tiring to have a moment him to keep me calm and me tiring to relax.  I say to the pediatrician that I already discussed my decisions with my doctor and that her timing was horrible.  She then proceeds to ask what doctor I talked with and again this all a little fogging but I remember crying and asking her to talk to me later that it was not a good time.  She walked away for a moment as I feel the pressure of them tiring to get my baby out, she returned and says look I can talk to you later about the Hep B vaccine but it’s really important that we give her the Vitamin K shot right when she comes out so please will you let me at least do that.  Again with tears in my eyes and I say please just stop talking to me, she again asks if she can give the vitamin K shot so at that point my husband and I were so scared I just said fine, just the vitamin K.  I don’t know why maybe the drugs or maybe the situation but my head was not clear enough nor was my husbands to make the decision this doctor was asking us to make so to make her leave us alone I think I just agreed with her. 

The following day my Midwife said she was very sorry for the way that doctor treated me and she had no business doing what she did and she intended reporting her the department head at the hospital.  I feel much betrayed after all my research and beliefs this doctor decided tat I needed to change my mind when I was so vulnerable and in no condition to go up against a medical professional with my argument on my beliefs.  I believe this doctor deserves to be repumandid and told by her supervisor what she did was wrong and is in now way acceptable behavior for a doctor.  To make matters worse while in the hospital the pediatricians that seen our baby for her first two weeks while we found the best doctor for our baby said to that her college doesn’t always do things exactly the best way but she was sure glad that she got me to get the vitamin K shot.      

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My Name is Nicole Ann Phillips Chesterfield, MI

My husband and I went to a new pediatrician today. We have a 6 month old and we're looking for someone we're comfortable with. During the visit she asked us why we don't vaccinate. My husband mentioned the risk vs.benefits were not in favor of vaccinating and that vaccinations don't guarantee our child won't get the disease the vaccination is supposed to prevent. I mentioned the link to autism. She asked for my source and then said there is no link no scientific evidence and that it was a myth (my words) and dismissed it.  

  Each time we answered a question she would respond with something like our source wasn't valid (we couldn't quote verse and chapter)  or a forceful where did you get that information it can't be correct. She then materialzed a folderful of articles from a Skeptic magazine. She emphasized anecdotes of how she had seen children die of variuos diseases and how we wouldn't want to have to deal with that. She said that she couldn't in good conscience not emphasize the importance of vaccinations. When I asked her which vaccinations she might agree are not necessary she very hesitantly said guardasil and chuckled that our 6 month old woldn't need it. I asked which she recommended and she said all of them-even after my husband commented on the extreme number of them on the "schedule" and how more are in the pipeline. I felt very uneasy and scared listening to her go on. I was glad that we had viewed your video and researched this topic many months ago but feel we need to be ready for future attacks.

  We borrowed a video from our midwife but will purchase our own for future reference. By the way, before I made the appointment I asked if this particular doctor was ok with folks who choose not to vaccinate. I was told she has more than a few patients like that and it would be no problem. We were told that if we didn't vaccinate we would no longer be welcomed as clients by the end of the year. She stressed also that she does not make any money from vaccinations.  I feel like it was a bait and switch-she was ready with her packet of pro-vaccination articles. She did say that she would be willing to read information I send to her on the down side of vaccinations.

Mirandy B. from Chandler Arizona

My pediatrician was Wesley Robertson, M.D. in Las Vegas Nevada.  He practices with two other physicians at Sunshine Valley Pediatrics.  My husband and I immediately liked him.  He took time to explain things thoroughly, and always made us feel like we were good parents, and taking good care of our child.  He also is voted one of the 100 best pediatricins in the country.  Our oldest (and only) son was born in September of 06.  I had never heard anything negative about vaccinations, and blindly accepted what he told us was necessary for vaccinations.  When our son was 8 months old I started hearing a lot of things in the media about the dangers of vaccinations, and it immediately struck a chord with me.  I started researching and reading books about vaccinations, and decided that I would delay his vaccinations until he was older and I had more time to understand what I was subjecting my child to.  I also decided that if I did vaccinate him any further, it would only be for "life-threatening" or severely crippling illnesses. 

At my sons 1 year checkup I told my physician that I didn't want to get the vaccinations.  He wanted to give him MMR, chicken-pox and flu all that day, and I refused them.  I have never seen a more changed personality than I did at that checkup.  I came with an open mind, wanting to have a conversation with him.  I knew that he wouldn't be happy with the decision, but I did respect him, and wanted his honest opinion.  He told me that I was crazy for not getting them, that the people who wrote the books that I had read were idiots, and that my little boy (who is extremely healthy) would probably die because I wouldn't get him vaccinated.  He also told me that I better not take him anywhere in public, including church, because I was putting his life at risk by doing so.  He then abruptly ended the appointment, and again told me that he was serious about me not taking him anywhere in public.  It was unbelievable, and only reinforced my belief that the medical community cares more about their pocket books, and the money that they gain from these vaccinations, than they care about the health and well-being of our children.  We will obviously be getting a different pediatrician. 

Thank you,

Jane H, Las Vegas, NV

I have two particular experiences with pediatricians that stand out in my memory. The fist was when my identical twin sons were born at Elkins Park hospital in Elkins Park, PA, on November 7, 1998. A doctor came in the day after they were born to question our written declaration that we would not be vaccinating the babies in the hospital. She said that she was from a Baltimore, MD hospital that sees babies die all the time who get illnesses which are "prevented" through vaccines. She was especially referring to the Hep B vaccine which we were refusing. She got very angry with us, and said that we were putting our children at great risk of danger. We talked with her for about 10 minutes, during which time my husband argued and debated with her over the timing of the vaccine, mentioning that it was ridiculous for infants to get a vaccine for something they did not even carry risk factors for the "benefits" of receiving it. She was very bothered by our decision, and not afraid to express her feelings. We did eventually end up vaccinating our twins, who unfortunately began to regress around age 14 months of age, and have been dx'd with PDD-NOS, and metal toxicity.
The other story took place in the ped's office, Valley Pediatrics, in Huntingdon Valley, PA. I took my 12 month old daughter in for her 1 year check up in 2003. I expressed my wishes that she not be vaccinated with the recommended vaccines for her age, and which ever one's I chose for her, they would be given unbundled and spread out. The doctor was perturbed by my statements, and responded by saying, "Well, if you KNEW how vaccines worked, you would follow the recommended schedule." I replied, "Actually, I know exactly how vaccines work, my husband is a molecular biologist." He then backed off.
I hope these stories add to your existing plethora of other bullying examples!
Megan A. Jenkintown, PA

I recently began questioning the vaccines that my son was receiving.  He is now 15 months, but at each "well baby visit" I became more and more distressed about the shots he was receiving (and how many at once!).  He received all of his vaccinations up until six months of age.  At his ninth month visit, I refused his last of three in the Hep B series and a flu shot.  I'd been researching for about a month about vaccines and had decided to at the very least "hold off" for a while. 
At that point, the pediatrician said "Why?  Why wouldn't you just go ahead and finish the series?  Then he will have immunity.  It would be a shame."  I told her that I had read about the side effects and weighed the pro/cons of getting a vaccine for a disease that rarely plagues infants.  Then...this is my favorite part- she said "Everybody watches some ex-Playboy Bunny on Oprah and all of a sudden they don't want their children vaccinated!"  (she really said that)  I assume she was referring to Jenny McCarthy's interview.  It had aired a few days prior to my visit.  I proceeded to defend my decision as she "argued" with me citing all kinds of statistics and tidbits about children dying from diseases.  (I can just see the mass email now that the AAP probably sent out to all of their members..."Now when they say they don't want the vaccines, you can cite these statistics at them"...bullet points would follow....
Many exchanges were made the next twenty minutes and I won't bore you with the details but I wish I had known all I know now! When she realized she wouldn't convince me to vaccinate him that day, she just walked out the door as I was talking to her saying "Well, I don't agree with you but he's your kid." ALso during the exchange, she mentioned that she had MS and was taking experimental drugs for it and said "like I did, you need to use the best science we have available to us and make decisions from that about your child's health."  She continued: "I don't know if this drug for my MS will work, but I am using the best scientific information we have and I made the decision to use it."  I guess she thought mentioning her MS would shock me, and I asked her "well, what if you find out next month or something that the drug causes all kinds of side effects or is even fatal?"  She just said that was the risk she took. I thought that was an interesting argument worth mentioning to you.  It was not a risk I was willing to take...  So you see- these pediatricians (most of them I think) really believe what they are doing is okay.  THey really believe/want to believe that the CDC/FDA/AAP wouldn't just hide their heads in the sand about vaccines or intentionally manipulate the data.  They want to believe that we (those who choose not to vaccinate) are just a bunch of ignorant, weak-minded, radical parents who are choosing not to protect our children!  
THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING!   (you may use my name...) The doctor was Joanne Jackson from Dacula, Georgia....

Jill Klink, CCC-SLP, Flowery Branch, GA.