Parent Harassment
Medical control ploys  Propaganda  Intimidation

[What better corporate ploy (under guise of benevolence like any dictator), than making your "medicines" compulsory and forcing them on children even against parental wishes.  Now some parents have lost their child when they say MMR is the cause of their child's illness, see: Question a doctor and lose your child usually under the guise of Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy, or even murder as happened to Sally Clark when she came up against the infamous Sir Roy Meadow ]

 See: Question a doctor and lose your child  Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy  Shaken Baby Syndrome  Persecuted doctors

[2012 Feb] Vaccination rights attorney Patricia Finn threatened with criminal charges; New York State demands she surrender names of all clients   charges against Patricia Finn included the demand that she immediately surrender her complete list of clients to the judiciary. When I saw this, it immediately set off alarm bells. This is not merely a gross violation of attorney/client privilege; it's also a thinly-veiled attempt for the New York judiciary to terrorize the parents who have sought legal help in opting out of dangerous vaccines.

"Government-operated, electronic vaccine-tracking systems already are in place in most states, using health-care identifier numbers to tag and track children without the parent’s informed consent in order to enforce use of all government-recommended vaccines now and in the future. Health-maintenance organizations are turning down children for health insurance and federal entitlement programs are economically punishing parents who cannot show proof their child got every state-recommended vaccine. Even children who have suffered severe vaccine reactions are being pressured to get revaccinated or be barred from getting an education."------Barbara Loe Fisher

But when local health authorities found out she was not planning to let her youngest daughter get the same vaccine, they threatened to charge her with child abuse and take her child away.--Feat     

"I was dragged around the country, miles away from my family. I was branded a child-killer and beaten up by other inmates. At one stage, the authorities even told me I would never be free unless I agreed to be sterilised to stop me having more children. I refused because I knew I was innocent. [Media August 09, 2004] Mother (Julie Ferris) is cleared of murdering her babies

CHRISTINE JOY MAGGIORE  After her daughter died in 2005 of an allergic reaction to an antibiotic for an ear infection, the LA County Coroner — ignoring evidence to the contrary — declared it a death from AIDS and Christine’s suffering increased horribly. She was vilified in the world media and harassed by outspoken opponents of her work who openly gloated that this was her just comeuppance. She and her family endured a yearlong criminal investigation that not only terrorized them, but also robbed them of an opportunity to mourn the loss of their daughter. That loss was twisted into sensationalized and mean spirited television episodes that portrayed Christine as a quack and a murderer and ultimately as dead. Christine never fully recovered from the unjust treatment that she received around the loss of Eliza Jane and that treatment ultimately exhausted her.

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