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"For about one generation several theories of interpretation of SIDS causes have been suggested. My research and conclusions point out, that STRESS may be the key word: receiving formula instead of breastmilk, sleeping alone, breathing tobacco laden air and vaccinations (especially pertussis alone or combined with diphtheria and tetanus in the DPT vaccine) are the main culprits. If a tendency to allergies is given (due to inadequate feeding, which causes the intestial wall to let pass too many allergens, and provoques a pathologic flora) or if the baby has been premature, immature, or in multiple births, all these factors of stress weigh heavier. We parents, mothers especially, can do our share to reduce these multiple stress to almost zero! As long as VACCINATIONS are not included in official SIDS research, there will be no progress and as many as 50-70% of cases will never be explained."---Colette Leick-Welter, Ph.D. (N. H.)  http://users.erols.com/drrobert.sids/

[June 2006] Just A Little Prick by Peter and Hilary Butler


Bacterial Endotoxins in Pathogenesis of Toxemia of Pregnancy, Neonatal Encephalopathies, and Cot Death---Robert C. Reisinger (1993)

Sudden Death Syndrome of Young Mamals; A Unifying Concept ---Robert C. Reisinger (1992)



Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: A Final Mechanism of Cardiac and Respiratory Failure ROBERT C. REISINGER* Bethesda, Md., U.S.A (1974)

Pathogenesis and Prevention of Infectious Diarrhea (Scours) of Newborn Calves --Robert C. Reisinger, D.V.M., M.S.(1965)

THE JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES • VOL. 128, SUPPLEMENT • JULY 1973 Summary of Discussion. Remarks of Dr. Robert C Reisinger

"A ‘cold’, a viral infection, or anything that disturbs immune responses can result in subtle changes in the gram negative bacterial flora of the the gut, stimulating them to produce endotoxin. This is absorbed into the blood stream, not adequately detoxified, and results in inflammatory responses in the mucous membrane linings of the middle ear............ that endotoxin is the initial cause of the inflammatory response in acute otitis media............ Dr Robert Reisinger in America had first alerted me to this group of substances and their relationship to SIDS......The reason why proper breast-feeding provides a known and large amount of protection against otitis media becomes obvious. Breast-feeding tends to prevent the overgrowth of abnormal forms of intestinal organisms that tend, under certain conditions, to produce endotoxin........Finally, there are two substances that are known to be effective as rapid detoxifiers of endotoxin - Vitamin C and erythromycin -they are both in ‘Archie’s triple injection’.  The relationship between SIDS, sudden unexplained shock, sudden unexplained unconsciousness, and otitis media is worthy of consideration. If endotoxin is the ‘cause’ of otitis and also the ‘cause’ of SIDS, sudden unexplained unconsciousness and unexplained shock — as I now know (at least there is a association), then otitis media should be found in a significant number of SIDS cases. That this is so is clearly demonstrated in a number of reported studies. "---Dr Kalokerinos MD (p311 Medical Pioneer)

"One bottle of formula is enough to change a baby’s gut dramatically, and it takes two weeks of breastfeeding to return the gut back to normal. (Personal communication, Dr Robert Reisinger) How can this happen? E Coli is the main culprit. This bacteria is a putrefactive protein loving bacteria. The protein content of human breast milk is lower than in any other mammal, and the protein content of formula or any other milk supplement has a direct influence on the numbers of E Coli in the gut . Not only does the acid gut and very low protein content of breastmilk provide a more hostile environment for E Coli, but breastmilk also contain neutralising factors against E Coli.
    Several studies have shown that babies who died of SIDS have a high prevalence of E Coli in the flora of the gut. Some suggest that the E coli "have acquired a plasmid which confers toxigenicity" (Med J Aust, 1989, Vol 151, pg 538) But E. Coli is intrinsically toxic. The outer coating (lipopolysaccharide) is the toxic component, but the key to the toxicity level is the speed with which it can multiply, given the right circumstances. These factors include bottle feeding (which results inmore gram negative bacteria, and a protein and alkaline level favouring E Coli), stress, overheating, viruses, vitamin deficiencies AND the suppressive actions of vaccines on the reticuloendothelial system.
    In 1974, Dr Robert Reisinger presented a paper at an International SIDS conference. He quoted many authors who found SIDS predominantly among bottle-fed babies. Included in the authors quoted (but not referenced) was Shirley Tonkin from New Zealand:
"Tonkin reported that in her series of 86 SIDS cases, only two were breast-fed. Since twenty-five percent of her control population were breast fed, she should have had 21 cases of SIDS in breast-fed infants if the risk were the same in both breast-fed and bottle-fed."
"Coombs stated that if SIDS were relatively as common in the breast-fed as in the bottle-fed infant he should have had 17 breast-fed cases in his series, whereas at that time he had not one."---
Hilary Butler

The Robert Reisinger Memorial Trust

 Dr Robert Reisinger was a medical researcher and veterinarian.  For about 15 years Hilary often went to him as a resource person, mentor and tutor, and they worked together on a number of occasions helping parents understand the importance of gut flora, breast-feeding and the effect of vaccines on babies.

 On his death in 2003, Dr Reisinger made provision in his will for the purposes of funding future research and writing, into sudden infant death syndrome, vaccines and various aspects of endotoxemia and shaken baby syndrome, recognizing that Hilary had been closely associated with him in these areas of his expertise, and that she would be the only one able to promote and continue the research.

 One example of their collaboration is attached separately to this letter.

 At the beginning of 2004, the RRMT was established for the charitable purposes of such medical research giving the trustees complete and exclusive authority to determine the medical fields and research which are related to vaccines, sudden infant death syndrome, shaken baby syndrome and endotoxemia, particularly as they relate to the health of mothers and children.

 In particular Dr Reisinger wanted the focus to be a grass roots education with an emphasis on helping parents better understand  important issues and enabling them to be  in a more knowledgeable position to make informed choices about how they chose to parent their children.

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