Just A Little Prick

a book by Peter and Hilary Butler

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[pdf] Chapter 18. Meningitis, then....

[pdf] Chapter 74.  How safe?  How toxic?

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See: [2008 Oct] From One Prick to Another

Back cover text:

You might not say that. It might be far more colourful!

A baby wouldn’t say that. More than likely it would be a heart-wrenching cry as those responsible for the outburst make the usual soothing noises.

The nurse says it will be just a little prick! Is it? Sometimes maybe, but the sting and soreness will linger.
A vaccination is not just a little prick. It is not something you can brush aside with a smile or a pat on the back.
For many children, just a little prick represents a lie. Those behind the
needle point — pharmaceutical companies, politicians, health departments,
medical advisers, doctors and nurses are the Persuaders! Vaccines and
immunization schedules have to be “sold”. There is a message to promote.
Vaccinations and good health are synonymous: “Believe us. You can trust us. Vaccines are safe and the schedules will be adjusted to accommodate further protection from more and more illnesses.” How many more little pricks will that be?
The majority of parents seem to have been persuaded — often against their better judgement.
Do the “Persuaders” always tell the truth? Are all the “facts” made known?
Do the “little pricks” equate to subtle deceptions, lying by omission, and creating an ever increasing captive market based on fear, and profit-driven motives?
Is informed choice possible when the dice are so heavily loaded?
How are people treated who choose not to vaccinate?
Can the public good be served by allowing irresponsible lifestyles coupled with the false assumption that dubious substances injected into the body will be a guaranteed cure all?
What about the long term side effects?
Before you or your children agree to becoming needle cushions for what lies ahead, consider carefully the contents of this book.

"Just a little Prick"

Published by the Robert Reisinger Memorial Trust. This 496 page book brings out into the open many of the finding of well-documented research, as well as the sobering experiences of many parents and their children, which need to be considered carefully, before anyone accepts without question the assurances of medical establishments and the powerful profit-driven messages from vested interests.

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The Robert Reisinger Memorial Trust

 Dr Robert Reisinger was a medical researcher and veterinarian.  For about 15 years Hilary often went to him as a resource person, mentor and tutor, and they worked together on a number of occasions helping parents understand the importance of gut flora, breast-feeding and the effect of vaccines on babies.

 On his death in 2003, Dr Reisinger made provision in his will for the purposes of funding future research and writing, into sudden infant death syndrome, vaccines and various aspects of endotoxemia and shaken baby syndrome, recognizing that Hilary had been closely associated with him in these areas of his expertise, and that she would be the only one able to promote and continue the research.

 One example of their collaboration is attached separately to this letter.

 At the beginning of 2004, the RRMT was established for the charitable purposes of such medical research giving the trustees complete and exclusive authority to determine the medical fields and research which are related to vaccines, sudden infant death syndrome, shaken baby syndrome and endotoxemia, particularly as they relate to the health of mothers and children.

 In particular Dr Reisinger wanted the focus to be a grass roots education with an emphasis on helping parents better understand  important issues and enabling them to be  in a more knowledgeable position to make informed choices about how they chose to parent their children.