Medical 'safe' definition
Profits before Safety 

[Vaccines aren't safe but they get away with calling them safe by creating a new definition of safe to include death and all the vaccine created diseases!  Of course, the average vaccine user has no idea they changed the definition to 'benefits outweigh risks' (leaving aside the fact there are no benefits).]

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"I think without question the smallpox vaccine has severe adverse events that occur at a rate far greater than any of the other vaccines that we use today. Which means that the smallpox vaccine, is I think, without question, our least safe vaccine. But it is absolutely safe if one defines 'safe' as benefits outweigh risks in a situation where the disease is present. When the disease isn't present, then one only is frankly aware of the risks, because there are no benefits." (PBS, 2002) Offit safe quote

[2011 May] It's all about money by Hilary Butler  Here is another piece of food for thought. When you as a parent, want to know if a vaccine is “safe”, you are thinking in terms of “This vaccine better not cause trouble in my kid!", right?... aka... is this vaccine safe? Your understanding of that question, is not the way the system thinks about safety.  The definition which the “system” puts of “safe” when it comes to vaccines is radically different. Have a read. So, the bottom line is that the definition of “safe” differs depending on how “sick” or “healthy” you are. So if you have a condition which would predispose you to problems from any compound, it’s not the compound’s fault. It’s yours. Get used to taking the blame

Suzanne Humphries, MD