Ever wonder why you often don't feel good, can't think, can't remember, can't sleep and don't feel like working either. If you want the answer, just read "Beating the Food Giants." Paul Stitt gives a first hand account of the inside workings of the giant food companies of America. He tells how they program you to crave certain foods, to overeat every day, to make you feel stuffed but hungry, and how this "mad energy" of the food industry is destroying you and what you can do about it.

Stitt tells how you can feel 10 years younger, how you can restart your life and slowly by example of his own life, how you might be able to start your own business and help other people at the same time. 


" A former corporate biochemist accuses the food industry of deliberately
deceiving the American people .. strong words!"
-Barbara Mullarkey, Oak Park
Wednesday Journal

"I feel better than I ever felt! This book is responsible for a lot of the changes
I've made... You don't have to change anything. You don't have to take my
word for it. But I dare you to read the book... and never think about it again!"
-Moxie Shaw, Valparaiso Scanner

"Paul Stitt is the most dangerous man in the U.S. to the American Food Industry."
-Ralph Whitehead, Jr., WLUK TV

"I can honestly say that no guest has stirred my audience to such action in years!"
-Roy Leonard, WGN Radio

"Paul has some pretty fascinating and shocking theories about commercial foods
and what they're doing to our bodies... His message is timely, on target, of great interest!"
-Fran Davis, WISN TV



According to the Wall Street Journal (April 21. 1993), the president of Coca-Cola makes $4,051,000 a year and the president of Pepsi-Cola makes $11,136,000 by making a fool of you. Topping that, the president of Nabisco makes $3,061,000 for making products like Oreo cookies that you can't stop eating and Ritz Crackers (more fat per ounce than pork chops). The man who gets the best grade of all in fooling people is the president of Budweiser. He makes over $16,000,000 for making products that relieve your inhibitions, then makes you fall asleep even while driving a car at high speeds. Do you really want to keep these men living in the style in which they are accustomed?  If not, read this book.




Paul A. Stitt was born on a farm near Verona, Illinois, Oct. 10, 1940, and has devoted his entire life to human nutrition. From gathering eggs and feeding pigs as a boy, to his four years as a food scientist for Tenneco Corporation and the Quaker Oats Company, to his development of three patented protein-synthes's techniques, and finally to the establishment of his nationally recognized bakery, Natural Ovens of Manitowoc, Paul has been working to produce better foods and to inform the world about the dangers of our processed diets.

He received his undergraduate degree in chemistry at Beloit College in 1962, and his Master of Science Degree in bio­chemistry from the University of Wiscon­sin at Madison in 1968. From 1968 to 1970 he worked in protein research for Tenneco. Paul then did exploratory re­search for Quaker until he was fired for insubordination in 1972. As a food scientist he learned that the American food industry was out to deceive the public. It was his constant insistence that the Food Giants produce nutritious, non-addictive foods that irritated his employer and led to his eventual termination.

Paul spent the following three and a half years in independent research, and in 1976 founded Natural Ovens of Manitowoc Bakery to prove that commercial production of nutritious foods is feasible. Today Natural Ovens is one of the nation's largest and fastest growing distributors of whole-grain breads and natural foods.